What Terminal Is JetBlue At LAX

JetBlue is a low-cost airline of the United States. It majorly covers areas of Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Central, and South America. JetBlue is centered in Long Island City which has neighboring borders with New York.

Passengers who are searching for what terminal is JetBlue at LAX can refer to the following content for a detailed description of the terminal location and the services that the airline deploys at the airport for its passengers. Los Angeles is among the highly-voted destinations in the United States. LAX Airport supports the operations of many International and domestic flights visiting LA.

Overview of Jetblue Los Angeles Terminal (LAX) Terminal 

Overview of Jetblue Los Angeles Terminal (LAX) Terminal 

JetBlue uses terminal 5 at LAX Airport. While for International arrivals it uses another terminal that is mentioned in the later section. In total, there are nine terminals at LAX. Eight of them are numbered in sequence, like, Terminal 1 to 8. The ninth terminal of LAX is known as Tom Bardley or TBIT. 

The majority of the services are at LAX JetBlue terminal 5. Read the further few points introducing you to the gates and passage where the services are at JetBlue Terminal LAX. 

JetBlue Departures at LAX

The flights of JetBlue Airways depart from Terminal 5 of Los Angeles Airport. Passengers waiting at the Departure level will find various food and beverages stores. The list of all the stores available at JetBlue LAX terminal departure.

  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 
  • Lemonade
  • Rock & Brew 
  • Farmers Market To Go
  • Coffee Bar Loteria 
  • Donburi Bistro 
  • Ford’s Filling Station
  • Monsieur Market Gourmet Market 

Arrivals of JetBlue Airlines at LAX Airport 

The JetBlue domestic flights arrive at terminal 5 of JFK airport. Though, the passengers and others waiting to pick up their fellow mates must remember that the JetBlue LAX terminal for International Arrivals is at T-B. It is also known as Tom Bradley or TBIT. The map on the official website offers directions to the terminal and services stationed at it. After arriving, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf store awaits to relax your jet lag with their beverages. 

Baggage Service at Terminal 5 LAX Airport 

The baggage service is close to TSA security which is present at Gate 51 A. The ground transportation is at the same place as the baggage claim. Other services like ATMs, and Currency Exchange are also close by. 

JetBlue passengers must reach at least 90 minutes before for domestic flights and 2 hours early for International flights. Before boarding, security, check-in, migration, and other necessary formalities must be cleared. Otherwise, any delay could lead to rejection to board the plane. 

The above three points are details of what JetBlue passengers can find on Terminal 5 LAX. There is no mention of a lounge by the airline. It might offer a resting area in partnership with some airline or will deploy its own in the near future. Nevertheless, now you know which terminal is JetBlue at LAX. Those arriving at Tom Bardley terminal due to the International arrivals schedule should review once what are the available facilities at the terminal.

Tom Bardley Terminal, LAX

Tom Bardely or T-B is dedicated to International flights. JetBlue and many other airlines’ flights arrive at this terminal. While the main services with departures and domestic arrivals are another terminal.

Those who will be landing at this terminal should not feel like walking in a foreign land. This terminal-B is huge and can be quite confusing at first.  The image above depicts the services and levels at the Tom Bardley terminal. Similarly, there are services that the airport offers for travelers visiting the LAX Airport. Continue reading to know details of the transportation facility 

FlyAway Bus by LAX Airport 

To arrive at the airport, there are rental car and taxi services offered by the airport. Also, the FlyAway bus by LAX picks and drops from each terminal, LA Union Station, and Van Nyus. The passengers of JetBlue Airways will be able to catch the bus from the entrance or above mentioned stations. While the ones leaving the airport will find the bus waiting at the lower level/ Ground Transportation area. There are dedicated blue  FlyAway column stops at each terminal. The bookings are available in the offline and online medium. The prices will be visible alongside when booking the service via the preferred mode. 

The services are infinite at LAX Airport. Since there is no current information about the lounge, passengers can look out for other restaurants and cafes to rest for a while. Even Terminal 5 and Terminal B from where JetBlue Airlines operate are equipped with many shops and stores. An array of services are situated at the airport. As per the need, passengers can pick from a variety of options. 

LAX Airport Information

Airport NameLos Angeles International Airport
Airport CodeLAX
Airport Address1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States
Website www.flylax.com
Facebook URL
Twitter URL

Review of LAX Airport?

Bottom Line 

The airline uses two different terminals at JFK Airport. Hence, JetBlue passengers must check what terminal is jetBlue at LAX for their flight. Reach early as per the recommended time. Late entries are not allowed by the airlines and lead to a lot of chaos. That is why, it is better to reach a bit early. The remaining time can be spent at the airport exploring shops and stores present at the LAX airport. All the services and amenities available at the LAX JetBlue terminal have been covered in detail. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the full form of LAX Airport? 

Los Angeles Airport is the full form of LAX Airport.

Where is the JetBlue terminal at LAX for International Arrivals? 

JetBlue Airlines International flight arrivals are scheduled at terminal B or Tom Bradley of LAX Airport. 

Is there a JetBlue lounge at LAX?

As of now, there is no terminal jetBlue lounge at LAX terminal. 

Is Tom Bradley terminal 4?

Tom Bradely (T-B) and Terminal 4 are two different terminals. The T-B is the main port for International flights. Many airlines including JetBlue use it as a hub for all International arrivals. 

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