What Terminal Is Jetblue At SFO

Jetblue Airways operates out of terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Jetblue is known for its focus on customer comfort and offers other amenities such as free wifi, in-seat entertainment, and snacks and drinks on all flights. The airline also has a strong commitment to sustainability and has set ambitious goals to reduce its carbon emissions. 

Jetblue Airways operates over one thousand flights daily to hundreds of destinations across the United States, providing the passengers non-stop flights at affordable fares. Let’s cut to the chase and give you some more information about what Terminal is Jetblue at SFO?

Jetblue SFO Terminal 1 Overview

Harvey Milk Terminal 1

Terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport is popularly known as the Harvey Milk Terminal 1. It is home to all the inbound and outbound flights within the United States, serving passengers with affordable airfares. Terminal 1 is located on the north side of the airport and is home to numerous airlines including Jetblue, Southwest, and Frontier. 

Jetblue Terminal SFO Arrivals

Jetblue Airways utilises SFO’s Terminal 1 for all of its arriving flights at the destination. However, some of Delta’s flights are codeshare flights operated by other airlines, for which the terminal used is Terminal IN-International. 

Jetblue Terminal SFO Departures 

All the departing flights of Jetblue Airways are operated from Terminal 1. For the passengers who are boarding on a codeshare flight labelled as “delta” then the terminal used for those flights will be Terminal IN-International. 

Overall, in both the cases the terminal may change due to some circumstances, which is why the passengers are recommended to get in touch with the customer representative of Jetblue Airways to get updated information about their arriving and departing flight at San Francisco International Airport. 

Levels at Terminal 1 (SFO) San Francisco International Airport

Levels at Terminal 1 SFO

Terminal 1 at SFO is located towards the north side of the airport. It consists of numerous levels serving individual purposes of the passengers. The levels are as follows: 

  • Level 1: level 1 consists of gates B and C section, with arrivals and baggage area for the passengers. Services such as restrooms, bag claim office, and lost and found are also available in Level 1, terminal 1, SFO. 
  • Level 2: level 2 is the departure area where the passengers can check-in for their departing flights from SFO. This point has several departing areas with security checkpoints in each one of them. 
  • Domestic B: domestic B is home to gates B6-B27, at this level the passengers can get access to both boarding area C and international Main Hall. The passengers can access various services available at this location including, info counters, restrooms, hotel boards, etc. 
  • Domestic C: domestic C is home to gates C2-C11, this level allows the passengers to connect to both the boarding areas, B and D. Additionally, this level has numerous facilities such as Cafes, Meeting points, lounge, shops, and restrooms. 
  • Level 3: the passengers can access AirTrain terminal station 1 at this level to reach different locations in the airport itself. 
  • Level 4: the passengers can access AirTrain terminal station 1 at this level to reach different locations in the airport itself. 
  • Level 5: level 5 is the domestic parking garage, open for domestic passengers to park their vehicles, if travelling within the city. 

Services at Terminal 1 SFO

Terminal 1 at SFO consists of numerous services available for the passengers to have a great at-airport experience. Some of the services include: 

  • Storage facilities
  • Restaurants and fast food options. 
  • Shops and stores, Wifi, and ATMs. 
  • Nursing room, medical clinic, and lost & found.
  • Animal relief area, smoking area, currency exchange.

How to Transfer between Terminals?

The passengers can transfer between terminals and to other locations at the airport with the help of AirTrain. The passengers can also access domestic and international terminals at the San Francisco Airport via AirTrain. Please note that the AirTrain isn’t suitable for moving to long-term parking facilities. 

Bottom Line

Jetblue operates out of terminal 1 at SFO. The passengers can access all the available facilities at the airport. Jetblue ensures that their passengers are having an enhanced experience and getting their boarding times without any hassle, which is why the jetblue customer representatives at the airport ensure to solve your queries on time. 

FAQs on JetBlue Airline SFO Terminal

What terminal does Jetblue use at SFO?

Jetblue uses terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport for all its arriving and departing flights at the destination. 

Can you walk between terminal 1 and 2 at San Francisco Airport?

The passengers can either choose to walk between the terminals or ride by AirTrain. 

What airlines use Terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport?

Terminal 1 at SFO is one of the three domestic terminals used by numerous airlines.

Is Terminal 1 the same as International Terminal?

Terminal 1 is for domestic flights, whereas the International terminal handles international flights. 
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