What Terminal is Lufthansa at ORD?

Lufthansa airlines operates from Terminal 5 at Chicago O Hare Airport. Some of the Lufthansa-owned flights are codeshare flights which are operated by other airlines and not Lufthansa. In those cases, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are used for operations. However, the terminals are subject to change at any given time, for which the passengers should contact Lufthansa at ORD for updated information. 

Lufthansa Terminal ORD Arrivals and Departures 

Lufthansa Airlines arrives from terminal 5 and departs from terminal 1 at ORD.

ORD Terminal Lufthansa Arrivals 

O hare Lufthansa Terminal 5 is the base terminal for Lufthansa Airlines at Chicago O Hare Airport (ORD). All the arriving flights of Lufthansa Airlines take place at Terminal E only. The passengers should note that the assigned terminal is always mentioned on their tickets. However, the terminal for arriving flights can also be terminal 1 and 2 in some cases. 

Lufthansa Terminal O Hare Departures 

Lufthansa Terminal O hare departing flights departs from Terminal 1 at ORD. The passengers are informed prior to the departures about their assigned terminals. However, in some cases, terminal 2 is also used for departures of Lufthansa flights at ORD 

Levels At Lufthansa Terminal O Hare 5

Terminal 5 at ORD is the only international terminal, which serves a number of international flights to and from its destination. Terminal 5 consists of the two following levels: 

  • Baggage level: This is the arrivals area for the passengers which is home to ATS train station. The transportation is connected to other terminals at the airport, offering passengers an easy access to other locations within the airport. 
  • Ticketing level: At this level, the passengers can access their boarding passes by completing the check-ins. Concourse M, which houses gates M10-M21 (left) and M9-M11 (right), is accessible from this level (right). The distance between the check-in counters and the gates is enormous; expect long walks.

Services At Terminal 5 ORD

Services At Terminal 5 ORD

Terminal 5 at O’Hare International Airport (ORD) in Chicago provides a variety of services to passengers. Here are some of the services you can expect to find at Terminal 5:

1. Dining options:

Terminal 5 has a variety of dining options, ranging from fast food to sit-down restaurants, including McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Wicker Park Sushi.

2. Shopping:

There are several shops in Terminal 5 where you can buy souvenirs, gifts, and travel necessities. These include Duty Free Americas and InMotion Entertainment. 

3. Currency Exchange:

If you need to exchange currency, go to the Travelex Currency Exchange in Terminal 5 for exchanging your currency. 

4. Lounges:

Terminal 5 has several lounges where you can relax, work, or grab a bite to eat.. These include Swissport Lounge, Delta Sky Club, and United Club Lounge.

5. Wi-Fi:

There is free Wi-Fi throughout Terminal 5, so you can stay connected while waiting for your flight.

6. Baggage Storage:

If you need to store your luggage, you can do so at Terminal 5’s baggage storage facility, which is located on the lower level.

7. Pet Relief Area:

Terminal 5 has a designated pet relief area where your four-legged friend can relax before or after your flight.

8. Medical Clinic:

If you require medical attention while at Terminal 5, you can go to the Airport Medical Clinic, which is located on the upper level near Concourse M.

Please keep in mind that some services and amenities may be limited or unavailable. It’s always a good idea to confirm availability with the airport or individual service providers before your trip.

Terminal 1 at O’Hare Airport (ORD)

Terminal 1 at ORD is used for the departing flights of Lufthansa Airlines. Terminal 1 at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (ORD) is one of four passenger terminals. It primarily serves domestic airlines like United and its regional affiliates, as well as some international carriers. The passengers who have an arriving flight with Lufthansa Airlines at ORD, can expect to arrive at Terminal 1. 

Terminal 1 provides travelers with a variety of services and amenities, including a variety of dining and shopping options. Passengers can eat at popular restaurants like McDonald’s and Potbelly Sandwich Shop. Convenience stores and duty-free shops are also located here.

There are several lounges in Terminal 1, including the United Club, which provides amenities such as comfortable seating, complimentary snacks and beverages, and Wi-Fi access. The terminal also has baggage storage, currency exchange services, and medical services for passengers in need. Furthermore, Terminal 1 houses a number of art installations and exhibits, including permanent and rotating exhibits by local and national artists.

O’Hare International Airport Information

Airport Name Chicago O’Hare International Airport
Airport Code ORD
Airport Address10000 W O’Hare Ave, Chicago, IL 60666, United States
Airport Website www.flychicago.com
Twitter URL
Facebook Page URL

Overview of O’Hare Airport

How can you transfer between Terminals at Chicago O’Hare Airport?

Transferring between terminals at the pre-security areas is possible via the ATS train. It occurs every few minutes. Parking Lot F and the domestic terminals (1, 2, and 3) are linked by a shuttle bus to Terminal 5. So, the passengers need not worry about moving to and from the terminals or other locations at the O’Hare Airport. 

Alternatively, it is possible to transfer between domestic terminals via the Pedestrian Tunnel Level, as well as to the main parking garage, which is located in the centre of the airport grounds, the Hilton Hotel, and the Bus/Shuttle Centre on Level 1. Terminal 1 has a pedestrian tunnel connecting it to Terminals 2 and 3.

Bottom Line

To conclude, Lufthansa Airlines uses Terminal 1 and Terminal 5 for its arriving and departing flights at the Chicago O’Hare Airport. Both Terminals are equipped with essential features to benefit the passengers. Additionally, the transfer between terminals is made easy with the help of a ground transportation system, so the passengers can easily access the areas within the airport, without any delays. 

Nevertheless, if the passengers still want to confirm with the airlines, what Terminal is Lufthansa at ORD, then they can contact the customer care executive to get updated information about their arriving or departing flights with Lufthansa. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Terminal is Lufthansa at O’Hare arrivals?

Lufthansa Airlines arrivals take place at terminal 5 at Chicago O’Hare Airport. 

What Terminal is Lufthansa at O’Hare departures?

Lufthansa Airlines departs from Terminal 1 at Chicago O’Hare Airport. 

How early should I arrive at Chicago O’Hare for my Lufthansa flight?

The passengers can expect to arrive at least three hours prior to their international flights and two hours prior to their domestic flights at O’Hare International Airport. 
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