Does Qatar Airways Serve Alcohol?

Qatar Airways does serve Alcohol and other beverages.  Dining and Drinks are amongst the most anticipated services by passengers. Since the Airways is centered in Doha, Qatar where alcohol is restricted passengers are curious if Qatar Airways serves alcohol. 

Does Qatar Airways Serve Alcohol?

Qatar Airways alone flies to more than 150 destinations. If calculated with its partner airlines, the number rises to 900 and more. Through its impeccable service, it has gained recognition in a very short span of time. Indeed, it has an International customer base for whom it allows alcohol in Qatar flights. The prohibition to alcohol is limited to Qatar and doesn’t extend for passengers flying in the Airways. 

Qatar Airways Dining and Complimentary Drinks 

Qatar Airways offers a wide variety of alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages. Juices, tea, coffee, wine, beer, are to name a few. These drinks are complimentary with the meals served in the flight. Check the details about what drinks Qatar Airways serves in the following section. Also know about more services to decide is Qatar Airways good.

 Does Qatar Serve Alcohol on International Flights?

Qatar Airways serves alcohol on International flights. It is the international passengers for whom the alcohol is allowed on Qatar Airways. Otherwise, Alcohol is restricted on a regional level in Doha Qatar. Even in Qatar the alcohol is available for the tourists only.  Fully focused on ensuring a premium experience to its passengers, it owns aircrafts that have open bars deployed in it. 

Does Qatar Airways Serve Alcohol in Economy Class? 

Economy to first class, all cabins’ passengers can enjoy the alcohol served by Qatar Airways. The number of servings and options in the menu vary due to ticket pricing and distance covered. 

Although there are several beverages that are offered to Qatar passengers, not all  options are available at each flight. 

Surely, it is impossible to offer the entire variety for a shorter distance flight. However, the meals and beverages, both are offered with more than enough options. 

Qatar passengers can check the menu pre and post boarding the flight. Check details of the Qatar menu.

What is the Qatar Airways Drinks Menu? 

Qatar Airways offers dozens of beverage options in its menu. Cups of tea and coffee are served after every meal. To order other complimentary refreshments, passengers can scroll through the menu and order their favorite drinks.

What is the Qatar Airways Drinks menu? 

These complimentary refreshments can be ordered before, after or during the meals.  Alike tea and coffee these are not served with the meals only. These beverages are alcoholic and non- alcoholic. The alcoholic drinks served in Qatar Airways flights are:

  • Wine
  • Beer 
  • Champagne
  • Brandy 
  • Whiskey 
  • Cocktails

Economy passengers can order and enjoy the drinks from the various options available on the menu.  For Business and First class passengers, there is an open bar in Qatar Airways aircraft.

Qatar Passengers can decide the meal and drinks before boarding the flight through their online menu. Follow the steps to check what is on the Qatar Airways Drinks menu

  1. Head to the Dinning page of Qatar Airways and click on the ‘Preview your meal‘ section. 
  2. It will redirect you to a new page. 
  3. Enter your Booking Reference number or E- ticket number. 
  4. Next enter your last name in the column just beside it. 
  5. Confirm the details and click on ‘Find Booking’. 

Finally, you will be able to preview and choose your drinks and meal before boarding the flight. Moreover, you can pre select and order the flight with another feature offered by Qatar Airways.

  1. Stay on the Dining page on Qatar Airways official website. 
  2. Scroll down to the bottom section of the page. There will be a ‘Select Your Meal’ option. 
  3. Select the option and it will redirect to a new page.
  4. Similar to the preview section, enter your Booking reference and last name details in the respective boxes. 
  5. Further, click on the  ‘Find Booking’ option.

The page will reflect the entire menu for the flight and offers the flexibility to select the meal beforehand. 

It is a must to Remember that the aviation ministry limits the number of alcohol servings. Henceforth, abiding by the guidelines, Qatar serves drinks within the prescribed limit.

In which Aircraft does Qatar Airways Serve Alcohol in Business class? 

Qatar Airways increases the premium services on its business and first class cabin.  There is an open bar  attached behind the business class cabin and is a common pathway for the first and business class cabins’ passengers. Passengers can travel freely and pick their favorite alcoholic drink and enjoy the ambience. However this open bar is limited to one type of Aircrafts. 

Bar on Qatar A380

Airbus A380 aircrafts have spacious and luxurious open bars. Presently, Qatar Airways operates ten A380 aircrafts with 517 seating capacity.

The in flight bar has arrangements with huge comfortable seats. The overall ambience is worth every extra dollar charged for the premium cabins. The staff is always on board to serve your favorite alcohol. However, a limited quantity of alcohol is served by  Qatar Airways. Check the details in the next section. 

How much  Alcohol can I drink on Qatar Airways? 

There is no specified quantity as to how much Alcohol is served on Qatar Airways per individual. However, the general notion is to serve only two drinks in a small glass  for a 4 hour flight. 

The number might increase or decrease  based on the number of hours and the total distance. Drinks with a specified percentage are only allowed to be served by the Airlines. 

Qatar Airways being an International carrier shall follow the standard guidelines to ensure safety of the passengers. The assured part is Qatar Airways does serve alcohol catering to its large international passengers. The next concern that draws a lot of attention is if Qatar Airways serve alcohol during Ramadan. 

Do Qatar Airways Serve Alcohol During Ramadan?

Qatar Airways does serve Alcohol during Ramadan. However, passengers traveling to or from the Hamad International Airport won’t be served alcohol at the airport and lounges. 

The pre drinks served to the business and first class won’t be available only at the Doha Airport. This restriction doesn’t apply to other ports from where the Qatar Airways flights operate.

Key Takeaways 

Firstly, Qatar Airways does serve alcohol to its passengers. It is an international Airline and understands the needs of its diverse passengers. The entire content is aimed to clear all Qatar Airways alcohol related queries. There are  a wide variety of beverages offered understanding the needs of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinkers boarded on the flight. 

Qatar Airways owns Airbus aircrafts that have an open bar which is available throughout the journey. This service is especially for the business and first class passengers. The menu is available online for preview before boarding the flight. Furthermore, the entire meal can be pre selected from the ease of home.  If the open bar and complimentary drinks excites you, then know about the Wifi quality that Qatar Airways offers. It is another service that is loved by its passengers. 


Is alcohol free on Qatar Airways? 

Yes, the alcohol is free on Qatar Airways. The meal and drink charges are included in the ticket prices. No additional fee is charged for alcohol served on Qatar Airways. 
Moreover, there is an open bar in the Qatar A380 aircrafts for business and first class passengers. 

Is Alcohol Consumption Illegal in Qatar? 

No, Alcohol consumption is not illegal in Qatar but it is restricted. Evenmore, anyone caught drinking alcohol publicly shall be subject to 6 months prison. Fine can also be charged by the concerned authorities. 
However, the ban should not be confused with Qatar Airways alcohol policy. Qatar Airways does serve alcohol in all its aircrafts and to all its passengers.

Can I carry Alcohol on Qatar Airways? 

Yes, you can carry alcoholic drinks on Qatar Airways as checked in or carry-on bags. The bottle or alcoholic drink container must be properly sealed. In no way it should be used for consumption during the journey in the flight. Five liters of alcoholic beverages are allowed per passenger. The alcohol composition in the drink cannot exceed the 70% mark. While, 24% is the ideal composition of alcohol in the beverage that can be certified as non- dangerous. 

Can I buy Alcohol in Doha Airport? 

Alcohol can be purchased from the Qatar Duty Free shop at Hamad international Airport (HIA). However, alcohol consumption is prohibited at the HIA located in Qatar Doha. 

Can Tourists Drink Alcohol in Doha? 

It is not completely prohibited but restricted to drink alcohol in Doha.  There are licensed hotels and bars where tourists can visit and drink alcohol. However, passengers must maintain discipline and should not drink publicly.  Any attempt to drink publicly can lead to imprisonment of 6 months or fine of 3000 Qatar currency. 
Bars at Qatar Airways verify the age of the potential buyer before offering the drink. The legal drinking age in Qatar is 21 and alcohol is served to people who are 21 and above.

What non-alcoholic drinks can I have on Qatar Airways? 

There are several options available in the non- alcoholic beverages section offered by Qatar Airways. Fruit juices, mocktails, zests, tea, coffee, cocktails and many other options are available. Passengers can use the online menu on the official website to pre-check the drinks offered in k,m their cabin. Else, an in flight menu is also provided to order the complimentary drinks anytime during the trip. 
Tea and coffee are served along with the meal. The exact number of  meals Qatar Airways will serve depend on the distance and the number of hours of the flight. 
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