What is Qsuite on Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Q-suites are the upgraded version of the business class. Launched in 2017, Q suites have redefined luxury in many aspects. This is the most voted statement of the passengers who have traveled and experienced the Qsuites. 

Business class is a premium extension from the Economy seats and is an option for passengers seeking extra leg space, comfortable seatings and other additional services. Enhancing the experience of business class, the Qsuites are introduced with the basic plus exclusive features that compete at many levels with first class of many airlines. 

While it is true that the Qatar Airways Qsuites are gaining recognition worldwide. 

The control remains with the buyer whether or not to buy the suite if it matches his/her expectations. To make the final call read all the features and benefits of the Qsuites. 

11 Impeccable Features of the Qatar Airways Qsuites

Features of the Qatar Airways Qsuites

1. Privacy with Sliding Doors

The seats in the Qatar Airways Qsuites are designed like compartments to offer privacy. Three edges are covered with tall wall-like structures. While the fourth edge is the sliding door that leaves no space and is tall enough to create a personal area for individuals sitting inside. A screen to keep the passenger entertained  is also attached to the front section of the seat. 

2. Entertainment

To wipe away the boredom, Qatar Airways has more than 4000 entertainment options installed in its TV screens. From Video, Audio, to gaming, all options are available to keep the entertainment going in the flight.  A diverse range of music from classic to trending pop can be heard while traveling in the air. 

To pre-review the available options of entertainment, passengers can check it in Qsuite’s page entertainment section listed on the official site. 

3. Super-Wifi

Passengers can use the Wifi to use their devices for work or entertainment purposes. The Super- Wifi is a 10 times faster internet network available in 100 aircrafts owned by Qatar Airways. Super WiFi is a paid additional service but some cabins does have access to Qatar Airways Wifi for free. 

4. Seats with Quad seating system:

The seats in Qsuites are comfortable, spacious. Its quad seating option offers a set of four passengers to sit comfortably while facing each other. It is a great option for a team discussing projects or families enjoying together. 

While there is a slider in between to offer privacy simultaneously. The shutter closes from the center separating the seats in sets of two.

5. Seat Designs and Surroundings

The Q suite’s seats are burgundy and gray colored with rose gold detailing over it. The fabrics used are of premium quality to enhance the level of comfort. These seats are surrounded with all- access power points  that have slots for HDMI,USB and NFC.  

6. Double Bed

The Qatar Airways Q suites are equipped with comfortable double beds for passengers to rest during the journey. It is perfect to sleep during long flight hours.  If any assistance is required in preparing the bed, the staff is there to assist. 

7. Pillows and Night Suits

Enabling the comfort of home, Qatar Airways offers pillows, mattress, and a duvet. Additionally, it offers night suits and sleepers to its Qsuite business class passengers. To ensure peaceful sleeping time, Do Not Disturb boards are available in Qatar Airways Qsuites that can be hung outside the door.

8. Complementary Kits

Signature’s face and Body care products nicely packed in luxurious kits and bags are offered to its business class passengers. However, these complimentary gifts are available on selective routes. 

9. Dining

Welcomed by a drink as soon as you relax on the Qsuite’s seats, passengers are offered several food and beverages options. Qatar Airways with its world class chefs curate a full course meal for the passengers. The menu for each flight varies to some category and the available options are listed on the official site. Also, a physical menu card is available in the flight.  In case of any allergy or doctor prescribed food, passengers can request for special dietary requirements by visiting the website.

10. Open Bars

Q suites passengers can enjoy alcoholic beverages in an open bar where there is a huge variety of wines, beers, vodka and many more alcoholic drinks. It is a common area which can be accessed by the first class and business class passengers. 

However, it is important to remember that this open bar is available on limited aircrafts. While alcohol is served in all the aircrafts, the open bar is limited to a few. Check in which aircrafts does Qatar Airways serves alcohol with open bars.

11. Lounges

Qatar Airways Q suite passengers have access to the lounges. When waiting before check-in or during layovers, lounges serve as resting or work areas with wifi, food and resting options for the passengers.

The above are the premium features and benefits of traveling with Qatar Airways in their Qsuite cabins. Take a 360 degree tour of the Q suite cabins from your desktop. 

After viewing the cabins, passengers who wish to purchase the seat in the Qsuite cabin must check if this cabin is available on their preferred route. As currently, these are launched on limited aircrafts. 

How to Check Qatar Airways Q-suites Routes?

Qatar Airways Q-suite routes

Qatar Airways passengers can check the availability of Q suites on their aircrafts while booking for their preferred destination. 

Fill the required details in the booking section and mark about the travel type. To get details specifically about the Q suite select the Business/First box. It will show all the available Qsuite options for your destination.  

If a passenger is interested in exploring  all  options from  all cabins, then do not select the Business/First option, initially. Instead First Click on Show Flights option. Further filter the options using the Economy and Business/First options to travel class specific information. 

Since there is no specified list of available Qatar Airways Q-suite routes, the booking option is the only source to check details about the same. Once you find the right flight timings matching your preferences, book the flight and pay the price. 

Check Qatar Airways Q-suites Routes

What is Qatar Airways Q-suite Price? 

The Prices for Qatar Airways Q-suites vary on the destination and distance covered. The prices are reflected alongside the list of all available flights. Just beside the list is a Currency feature. This feature lets passengers convert the amount in Dollars in their country’s currency. 

For instance, the image shows flight details for a trip from Canberra Airport to JFK Airport, New York. The Qatar Airways Qsuite price is also mentioned. In the image it shows the least amount around 18,000 AUD to a maximum amount of 20,000 AUD. 

Find your trip price for traveling in Qsuite and book the desired flight. If you have a promo code, enter the code in the Booking section for reduced prices.

A Quick Summary

Most probably after reviewing what is Qsuite on Qatar Airways and its benefits, it is the cabin you will be booking for your next trip. Its features are irresistible for anyone to deny. However, if it is unavailable or  doesn’t suit your budget, there are seating options on Qatar Airways.

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