Does Scandinavian Airlines Have WiFi

Traveling on a flight from 1 place to another and spending hours of time without the Internet is a very boring task for most people. That’s why Scandinavian Airlines provides high-speed Internet wifi service inside the aircraft. This SAS Airlines high-speed Wi-Fi Internet service was launched in May 2018. Scandinavian Airlines is a flag carrier for 3 of the countries including Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. 

The Airline was founded on 1st August 1946 which is almost 77 years ago. Scandinavian Airlines is also a founding member of Star Alliance to provide a global reach to almost all the destinations around the world. Airlines reduced most of the expenses. This is one of the reasons why SAS Airlines is so cheap. This article covers all the required information including Does Scandinavian Airlines have wifi or not, their services, Free Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi Internet Packages.

Free SAS Airlines Wifi Access

Free SAS Airlines Wifi Access

SAS Airlines provides high-speed Internet Wi-Fi service depending on the booking class. If the wifi is not included in the passenger’s ticket, then by paying the additional cost, one can get the service without any hassle. Your reservation will have free Wi-Fi Included if

  • You are traveling with SAS Business Ticket
  • You are a EuroBonus Diamond and Gold member when traveling in SAS Go and SAS Plus

Scandinavian Airlines Wifi Service

Scandinavian Airlines Wifi Service

Below is detailed information on the Scandinavian Airlines WiFi Service. Please go through the complete article to understand how SAS Airlines wifi works, services, and other related information.

Domestic and European Flights

Domestic and European Flights

Scandinavian Airlines provides Wi-Fi service on both Domestic and International Flights. All the Passengers of SAS Airlines can enjoy the Inflight Wi-Fi Service. 

  • Anyone can easily enjoy their favorite movies, series, check emails, Use Social Media, and another service by connecting with high-speed wifi in a single click.
  • Customers will receive a text message prior to boarding that their flight has Wi-Fi Service available. 
  • In most cases, SAS Airlines is usually activated when leaving the gate and turned off upon arrival at the destination.
  • According to SAS Airlines, some countries do not permit Wifi transmission. So, the system automatically turns off the wifi in these areas.

Asia, Canada, and The US Flights

For those flights which are flying to/from Asia, Canada, and the US have Wifi service which activates after 20 minutes of takeoff. Below are some of the key points to remember:

  • Long-haul aircraft like A321LR are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi Internet services. Also, these are the latest addition to long-haul fleets.
  • The rest of the long-haul fleet aircraft like A330 and A350 aircraft are equipped but with a lower speed wifi service as compared to A321LR
  • These low wifi internet service aircraft systems are not strong enough to stream movies or series and can be used only for chat, emails, surfing, and social media.
  • Those passengers who make the payment by credit card, EuroBonus points, SAS Business, and EuroBonus Diamond and Gold members will get free Wi-Fi access.

3G Mobile Network (Asia/US) in SAS Airlines

AeroMobile network users are able to use the Roaming network mobile services in Asia or USA flights. Passengers’ data roaming usage bill receives by the service provider once they turn off the flight mode which will then be added to the passenger’s regular phone bill.

Scandinavian Airlines Internet Packages | Inflight Wifi Cost

Below are the Inflight Wifi Service cost for different SAS flights:

FlightsEuroUSDEuroBonus Points
Domestic Flights4.9071000
European Flights4.9071000
Asia, Canada, and US Flights15193000

Scandinavian Wi-Fi Service Refund

If in any case, any passenger faces an issue with the wifi (the Wi-Fi key doesn’t work), then the passenger can directly apply for a refund. One has to attach the receipt of the SAS Wifi key purchase.

How to Connect to SAS Wifi?

How to Connect to SAS Wifi

For Domestic and European flights, passengers are able to connect to wifi just after takeoff. Passengers have to wait for 20 minutes after the takeoff to connect to the Inflight wifi. Below are the steps to connect to the Scandinavian Inflight WiFi service:

  • Enable the device’s flight mode
  • Turn on your phone’s wifi and network settings
  • Connect to SASWIFI
  • If not redirected after opening the browser, then visit “”
  • Select the plan and make the payment
  • Start using the Wi-Fi service 

SAS Airlines Inflight Entertainment Services

SAS Airlines also provide entertainment services inside the aircraft while in the air. In USA and Asia flights as in front of each seat, touch screens are available with one pin outlet including the headphones as well. Passengers can use the touch screen to watch their favorite web series, movies, play games, or even listening music. Additionally, SAS Airlines have a different section for kids as well in which Cartoons, Movies, games, etc.


Scandinavian Airlines provides high-speed Wi-Fi Service for Domestic and European Flights. Also, normal Wi-Fi service is available for the rest of the flights such as Asia, Canada, and the US Flights. These services are available for all travelers. The service is free for Business, EuroBonus Diamond, and Gold members. For other travelers, SAS Airlines charges fees to provide the wifi key. This article includes all the information about Scandinavian Airlines Wifi service, and charges, and also answers the query Does Scandinavian Airlines have wifi or not? Take a look at the complete article to understand everything about Scandinavian Airlines’ wifi service before planning for your next travel.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

Does SAS have WiFi on the plane?

Yes, SAS Airlines have WiFi on most of the aircraft and is available for all travelers.

Can I buy WiFi on SAS?

SAS Go and SAS Plus customers can purchase the Wi-Fi service based on their packages. SAS Business, EuroBonus Diamond and Gold members have free access to Wi-Fi.

How good is SAS WiFi?

SAS Airlines provides a speed of up to 12 Mbps/traveler on most of the flights which is good enough to stream and access the Internet.

How do I connect to SAS Wi-Fi?

To connect with SAS Wi-Fi, open your phone’s Wi-Fi and connect it with SASWIFI. Then, open the browser and visit It will be redirected to the Wi-Fi page. Then, follow the instructions mentioned over there to use the high-speed wifi.
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