Why is SAS Airlines So Cheap

SAS Airlines, also known as Scandinavian Airlines, has provided air travel services to its customers for a long time. Many people often ask the question: why are SAS Airlines so cheap? After deciding to compete with the low-fare market giants in the industry, SAS Airlines reduced many Inflight services and offered cheap prices for most of the classes in its airlines. 

By offering some of the cheapest fares, SAS Airlines has made its presence felt as a budget-friendly Airline in the airline Industry. To become a low-cost Airlines and make it budget-friendly, SAS Airlines don’t offer Inflight services like:

  • Food, drinks, and beverages
  • Baggage
  • Seat Reservation
  • No or small inflight entertainment options

Reason Behind SAS Airlines Cheap Flights

SAS Airlines Cheap Flights

SAS Airlines implemented some more strategies to make it cheap by reducing operating expenses, and workforce. Also, using more fuel-efficient aircraft instead of less-efficient models. Some Important aspects are:

Reduced Expenses

SAS has reduced expenses in many areas by applying its cost-deduction strategy in a better way and has been able to survive in the low-fare market. 

The reduced workforce also reduces many expenses like staff salary, benefits & perks, etc.

Aircraft Upgradations

Aircraft Upgradations

Aircraft is a major factor in reducing or adding expenses because of fuel efficiency. If low-fuel efficient aircraft will be used, it will result in high costs to operate the fleet services for Airlines.

This is the main reason why Scandinavian Airlines highly invested in high-fuel efficient aircraft.


The focus has been on digitalization to reduce manual operations. The airline has invested a lot in technology so that the work can be automated. This can reduce the cost of operation at a very high level which results in saving a lot and lesser fare charges for customers.

Best Deals and Fare Prices

Deals and promotions are the best way to attract customers. SAS Airlines has also attracted a huge range of customers due to the strategy of some deals and promotions. These promotions and deals help in additional revenue and provide less-fare charges.

Providing Economy, Premium Economy, and Business Classes to the customers will provide them with options to choose from a range of classes based on their requirements and budget.

Global Airline Alliance

SAS Airlines partnerships and alliances with other airlines open doors of opportunities and also help in expanding their reach.

SAS Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance, which helps its customers to choose more and more travel destinations and provide a great experience.


SAS Airlines has also taken a step forward as compared to other airlines in terms of the environment. 

To keep the environment clean, the use of low carbon emissions and more fuel-efficient aircraft has been started.

The minimum use of plastic for Inflight services and other uses makes it more sustainable and environmentally friendly for Airlines and travelers as well.


SAS Airlines is providing so many options and benefits for their customers and charges very less-fares for their flights. Cutting down the Inflight services makes them possible to provide their flights even for customers who always search for budget-friendly flights. Check out all the reasons why SAS Airlines are so cheap before planning for your next trip. Happy Journey!!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Scandinavian Airlines have wifi?

Yes, Scandinavian Airlines have a high-speed wifi facility available for all classes.

Is SAS a reliable airline?

Yes, SAS Airlines is a very much reliable airline providing Economy, Economy Plus, and Business Class for customers.

Is SAS a low-cost airline?

Yes, SAS Airlines is a less-fare Airline operating in 3 bases and 3 home countries.

How many stars is SAS Airlines?

SAS Airlines is a 3-Star Certification for the quality of its Inflight services.
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