Is Scandinavian Airlines Safe

Scandinavian Airlines or SAS Airlines is safe as its safety rating is 7 out of 7 rated by the world’s aviation governing bodies. For every Airline, this is a mandatory process and without this, no airlines will proceed further to start their operations. This safety rating includes the combined data of audits for crash analysis and issues related to pilots.

Scandinavian Airlines is a low-fare airline with decent-quality services they are offering, places they are operating, and other amenities. In this article, we will explore how is Scandinavian Airlines, Is Scandinavian Airlines Safe, its operations, services, etc.

SAS Airlines Safety Rating Criteria

SAS Airlines Safety Rating Criteria

As we already discussed above, Safety Rating Criteria are the top most priority for any airline whether big or small. These safety ratings are rated and controlled by the world’s aviation governing bodies and leading associations like IOSA, and IATA where IOSA is the governing body and IATA is the leading association. Covid-19 complication data is another important aspect in it which was recently added. Let’s take a look at these criteria to understand them in a more clear way.

Airline Crash Experience in the Last 5 Years

These are important aspects and no airline can proceed further without clearing these tests. To fulfill the safety rating criteria, Airlines should be taken care of the below-mentioned points:

  • 3 Stars can directly be added or deleted for this criterion depending on the accidents that occurred in the prior 5 years.
  • Check for the serious casualties that happened with the crew and/or passengers in 5 years
  • These casualties or fatalities will be considered in case of death due to accident only
  • These losses are excluding the following: Terrorism, High jacking, Pilot Suicide, Runway Issues, or Manufacturing problem with parts

Pilot Related Incidents

Pilot Related Incidents

Pilot-related incidents refer to incidents that happened due to the pilot’s negligence or mistake. If there are no pilot-related incidents found, 2 stars are awarded to the Airline. No or only 1 star is awarded if anything happened.

Passing Major Audits for Airline and Country

This criterion has one star to be awarded only if everything goes right. There is an IOSA exception as well, if there is not a single fatal crash or accident that occurred in 20 years, one star can be given even if no audit is done.

Following International Covid-19 Standards

Following International Covid-19 Standards

One star is awarded to follow pass Covid-19 standards. To get this one star, any airline needs 4 of these 6 criteria: Covid-19 information on the website; social distancing while onboarding, on the plane, and de-planning process; aircraft deep cleaning every night; providing face masks; cabin crew wearing face masks; and changing meal service.

Audit-Related Information

IOSA: IOSA also known as IATA Operational Safety Audit. The evaluation system for airlines is designed to assess the operational management and control systems that are accepted and recognized Internationally. Every 2 years, the airlines are re-evaluated. Also, it is designed to conduct audits in a very consistent and standardized manner. It is not mandatory for Airlines to register for IOSA certification and auditing.

IATA: IATA is also known as International Airport Transport Association. IATA has an EU Blacklist (The European Union tax haven blacklist), a list which includes the airlines banned from flying into European Airspace because of safety concerns. Some of the aspects of these safety concerns are aircraft maintenance and/or regulatory oversight. For all those who ranked top for potential risk to passengers’ safety, the EU put the bank on them.

FAA: FAA also called The US Federal Aviation Authority works as a banning authority for countries and not the airlines from flying into American airspace. These authorities are one of the leading authorities in the aviation world. These bans are imposed when any airline does not follow the International Aviation Standards of Aircraft Operations and Maintenance. An official statement was published on the FAA website: “Those who do not meet these international standards cannot start off new service and are restricted to current levels of any existing service to the United States while corrective actions are underway”

ICAO: ICAO or The International Civil Aviation Organization was created to forward safe and well-ordered development of civil aviation throughout the world. ICAO usually set standards and regulates those which are necessary for aviation safety, security, efficiency, and regularity, as well as for aviation environmental protection. 

How Safe Scandinavian Airlines?

How is Scandinavian Airlines

SAS Airlines or Scandinavian Airlines was founded in August 1946 and started its operations in September 1946. SAS is the abbreviation for Scandinavian Airlines System, which is the company’s full name. Back in 2017, Scandinavian Airlines generated a revenue of 40 million in Swedish currency and carried 28.6 million passengers.

Scandinavian Airlines Operations Overview 

SAS Airlines is operating its services for almost 77 years. Some of the lesser-known facts about SAS Airlines are:

  • Scandinavian Airlines System is the full name of the company 
  • SAS is the flag carrier of 3 countries
  • The company is headquartered at the SAS Frosundavik Office Building in Sweden
  • 180 Aircraft to 90 destinations are operated by SAS Airlines 

3 Main Bases of Airlines

SAS Airlines is a budget-friendly airline that operates with 3 main bases

  1. Stockholm
  2. Copenhagen
  3. Oslo

SAS 3 Home Countries

Below are the 3 countries for which SAS is operating as their home countries

  1. Sweden
  2. Denmark
  3. Norway

SAS Airline Cheap and Low-fares

There are some of the main reasons behind SAS Airlines’ cheap prices on most of the flights. SAS or Scandinavian Airlines has 3 Short-haul Classes and 2 Long-haul Classes. They reduced so many Inflight amenities, and workforce to compete with low-fare flight industries.

If you are traveling for a private or even business purpose, SAS Airlines offers a low-fare range of classes and seats for both short-haul and long-haul flights. 

It doesn’t matter which class you choose, Scandinavian Airlines always gives their best to provide a comfortable and enjoyable journey for all passengers. 

With its range of classes and seats, SAS ensures that every customer’s needs and preferences are fulfilled, making every flight the best experience for all customers.

Future Fleet

Back in 2018, an official statement was released from SAS Airlines end to replace all the old 737NGs and A320ceos with a new A320neos all-Airbus fleet by 2023.

Classes and Cabin

Classes and Cabin

SAS Airlines provides the facilities & benefits according to the fare and classes selected by the customers. Let’s look at the classes they offer:

SAS Go Light

SAS Go Light is the cheapest and low-fare class on SAS Airlines. Many services are reduced from the airline’s end but still, there are enough services they are providing. Facilities SAS Airlines provides in SAS Go Light are

  • The Lesser fare and cheapest variant of the SAS Airlines
  • No Checked Luggage is included
  • Sell tickets in the same booking class as SAS Go
  • Availability for European and Long-Haul Flights


Below are the Inflight services, SAS Airlines provides for SAS Go Classes

  • Go is the Economy class Airlines
  • Provides 3-3 Seating on intercontinental flights
  • For A330s, its 2-4-2
  • For A350s, its 3-3-3
  • Free Tea and Coffee on short-haul services excluding very short flights
  • Meals for all on long-haul flights

SAS Plus

SAS Airlines provide the below-mentioned services with SAS Plus reservations

  • SAS Plus is a Premium economy class in SAS Airlines
  • Seating on A330s is 2-3-2
  • Seating on A350s is 2-4-2
  • A321LR Seating in 2-2
  • Wider seats as compared to SAS Go
  • Meals and refunds can be provided on European flights
  • Fast Track Security at Airport
  • Access to lounges
  • Double-checked baggage allowance

SAS Business

SAS Business

SAS Business is one of the finest cabin classes in Airline Industries. Below are the amenities provided by SAS Airlines for SAS Business Cabin Class

  • SAS Business is the long-haul flights business class
  • Wider sleeper seats
  • Convertible Seats to flat beds with power socket
  • Seating on A330s and A350s is 1-2-1
  • A321LRs with 2-2 and 1-1 seating convertible to flat beds
  • Broad entertainment screen

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Services

SAS Airlines is getting better with the services they are providing. Inflight meals, baggage facilities, convertible seating, wifi, and entertainment are some of the services they provide.

Wifi Service

Wifi Service

Many people often ask this question and are still confused about whether SAS Airlines provides wifi service or not.

Scandinavian Airlines provides high-speed Internet wifi service which was launched in May 2018. This Wifi service is available for all the passengers depending on the classes they choose. If it’s not included in your tickets then you have to pay a small amount to access the high-speed wifi service.

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable seating is the 1st priority for everyone while traveling. SAS Airlines is providing comfortable seating to all customers. The cabin space and the seats might differ in different classes.

Convertible Seats

SAS Airlines provides a convertible seat facility with a power socket for the business-class customer in which seats can convert into flat beds for the customer’s convenience.

Frequent Flyers Program

SAS Airlines also runs a promotional program for members called EuroBonus. Airlines generated 50 percent of overall revenue from EuroBonus. EuroBonus members can earn points on all SAS flights including Star Alliance Flights.

SAS Airlines Review

Scandinavian Airlines is good and value-for-money as the overall average rating for SAS Airlines is 6.9 out of 10 provided by customers who already used the airline’s services. The graph of the service has been trending upward which is a good sign for both, the customers and the airline as well. SAS Airlines is improving its services day by day and trying to provide its best with the most valued cabin crew.


SAS or Scandinavian Airlines is providing good quality service even though it’s a low-fare airline. Airlines started their operations in September 1946 just after 1 month of founding in August 1946. The airline is focusing on improving its services and trying to it the best low-fare service with safety as its priority for its customers in the world. These are some of the points highlighting Scandinavian Safety, how is Scandinavian Airlines, how it’s working, provides services, and operates flights. You can take a look at the above-mentioned point before traveling or planning for your next trip. Comment below if you have any queries. Happy Journey!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is SAS the best airline?

SAS Airlines is a 3-Star certified Airline for the overall quality, cleanliness, food & beverages, cabin crew, and other Inflight service.

Is SAS a budget Airline?

SAS Airlines is a low-fare and budget-friendly airline. The airline cut down many services to make the fare prices low, so that, budget-conscious customers can also travel with them.
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