How Much Does Spirit Airline Charge For Pets

Spirit Airlines charges $125 each way per pet container. Service dogs are carried for free, given the pet confirms with the definition of a service animal.

Moreover, Two service dogs are allowed given that they fit within the passengers’ lap or the leg space. 

Additional seats for the service dog even require payment as per the seat and cabin type. Also, emotional and service animals under training are under the payment criteria. 

As service animals are a special requirement, it is carried for free. Otherwise, Spirit Airlines does charge for pets. It is 125 dollars as mentioned in the beginning.

It allows all domestic animals under some  determined terms and conditions.

The departure and arrival destinations’ local government also terms another set of conditions that also must be followed by the pet owners flying with Spirit Airlines.

When Does Spirit Airlines Allow Pets?

When Does Spirit Airlines Allow Pets
  • Only 1 pet is allowed per passenger. Only for service dogs, the limit is extended to two.
  • Pet carrier is counted as carry-on and is chargeable for $ 125 each way.
  • The pet cabin has to be an ideal size that can be carried in passengers lap or within the foot space.
  • The pet weight along with the pet container should not exceed more than 18.14kgs ( 40 pounds).
  • Pet will only be approved if the pet is odorless and not offensive. It should not require any special assistance. 
  • Documents are allowed for emotional support and service animals. Additional formalities might also be required to travel with the pet.
  • Spirit Airline will remove the pet on the very first stop in case it becomes offensive or dangerous for other passengers. 
  • Passengers should agree to the condition that Spirit is not liable for the pet’s health or impairment.
  • There may be pets that will not be allowed on specific destinations, due to rules termed by local authorities. 
  • Unaccompanied minors are not allowed to carry pets.


$125 is the amount to summarize the entire query of how much Spirit Airlines charges for pets. Apart from this Spirit mandates form submission along with required certificates to allow domestic pets to fly with their owners. Certain species of pets do not qualify under the domestic pets category. Passengers before proceeding for the booking process must check all the requisite details. 

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