What Size Bag Can You Carry-On Spirit Airlines for Free

Small bags are allowed as carry-on  for free. Spirit Airlines defines precisely what size bag can you carry for free. Further keeping the prices low, Spirit airline charges separately for other carry-on baggage. Passengers must read the policy thoroughly to avoid paying unnecessary penalties. 

When Does Spirit Airline Allow Backpacks for Free?

A small bag can be a purse, backpack or anything handy. The items within the bag should over exceed the prescribed limit. 

  • Purse 

Wheels, handles, everything included the dimensions should not exceed 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45 x 35 x 20 cm).

  • Backpack

The size limit of 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45 x 35 x 20 cm) remains exactly the same as the purses. As either of the two will be accepted as a personal item carry-on baggage. 

What Personal Items are Carried Free on Spirit Airlines?

When does Spirit Airline allow backpacks for free

Only one Personal item is free on spirit airlines if it fits in the purse or backpack. As personal items are essential, it is added within the ticket price. Given that the size of the bag fits the permissible limit described by Spirit Airline.

Also it is important to remember that only one bag is allowed, either backpack or the purse.

Spirit airline does not allow backpacks and purses for free if they don’t fit the specified limit. Also, for personal items to be free on Spirit Airline, they must fit the bag easily without any overfilling. 

Medical and other requisites: Medical requirements like wheelchairs, oxygen medicines and other requirements are under certain conditions allowed for free. Passengers must connect to the Airline for exact details.

Rest other items in their respective account for additional cost as per the baggage weight and limit prescribed by Spirit Airlines. 

How Much Does Spirit Airline Charge for Carry on Baggage?

Big baggages that are chargeable beyond the ticket price also have a permissible limit. The operational concerns cause airlines to restrict  individual passengers with a certain weight limit. Moreover, if the weight limit is extended it costs extra as it requires more gas for the plane. 

To enjoy extra benefits apart from the payable baggage limit. One is required to pay  more apart from the basic carry on bag price.  Check the permissible limit below.

Dimensional Limit

22 x 18  x10  inches (56 x 46 x 25 cm) dimension bags are permitted within the flight as  carry on baggage. Carry on Bags can be purchased while booking the flight. Else, while downloading the boarding pass, the airline offers an opportunity to purchase the bag.

Weight Limit

Maximum weight  limit for carry-on bags is 18 kgs. Spirit Airline charges additional prices  if anything heavier beyond  the limit is boarded with on the flight. 

Online bag purchase offers good discounts and can help save some extra bucks. To calculate the exact pricing, a feature is available on the Spirit Airlines page. 

Enter the necessary information asked to evaluate the exact price to be paid for the baggage. 

How Much Does Spirit Charge for Overweight Luggage?

You are liable to pay extra for additional kgs and inches overloading your baggage. Spirit Airlines defines a range that reflects the extra overhead charges to be paid. For over exceeding weight and size, the additional charges to be paid are clubbed with the basic carry on charges.

What Size Bag Can You Carry-On Spirit Airlines for Free


Overweight Additional Charges 
18-23 Kg69 dollars 
23-45 Kg99 Dollars 


OversizedAdditional Charges 
63-80 linear inches (158-203 cm)100 Dollars 
Special items over 80 linear inches (203 cm)150 Dollars 


It is important to remember these are additional charges for one way trips only. For round trip charges will increase. 

Spirit Airline passengers flying from international airports need to follow a few extra guidelines. These are mainly for the peak seasons or country specific for an entire year. 

Special Provision for Special Baggage 

At times passengers commute large sized and sophisticated items with them as carry-on. Sporting equipment, guitar and others, to name a few. Unable to categorize these within the normal suitcases and luggage, Spirit Airlines has designed special provisions to minimize the hassle and ensure safety of fellow passengers. 

Equipment Fee
Bicycle $75
Surf boards (Maximum 2 carried in one bag)$100

Also, these equipment can be carried as checked baggage, reducing the hustle. Still if the passengers want to carry them in the flight, referring to this list would be the least. It defines the terms and conditions about what is not accepted. 

Special Mention

Spirit Airlines has clearly defined what size bag you can carry on Spirit Airlines. There are surely many restrictions that can level up the cost. However, sticking to its ultra low cost airline promise, the airline allows a lot of items free baggage allowance at times under restricted conditions. Such alike is more than 3 free baggage policies for the active military personnel.

To respect the military personnel there are special provisions under the baggage policy. Refer here to know whether spirit airlines waive baggage fees for the military.  

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