How to get a Boarding Pass on Spirit Airlines

Boarding Pass for Spirit Airlines can be printed online and offline, both. The online check-ins are suggested to be a more feasible option even by the airlines. As there are offers and discounts to purchase the extra benefits. However, the offline option is equally available and can be used by the passengers. 

The online and offline mediums are further subdivided into two categories each.

Kiosks, standard offline, are for the offline one.

Whereas, App check-in or website check-in are options available for online check-ins.

Check-ins are very easy and extra benefits can be purchased before confirming the check-in process. With the final confirmation, the passenger can download or directly print the boarding pass based on the medium of check-in. 

Further, Spirit Airlines does charge to print boarding passes at kiosks. The amount for printing the boarding pass is 25 dollars. 

How Do I Get My Boarding Pass For Spirit Airlines?

How Do I Get My Boarding Pass For Spirit Airlines

To get your boarding pass on Spirit Airlines follow the check-in process based on the preferred medium. Later while confirming the check-in process, it offers the option to download or print the boarding pass. For passengers using Kiosks, payment is an additional step to get a printed boarding pass on Spirit Airlines. 

Online passengers already finish their check-in process when they reach the airport. 

(There is no need to know how to print a Spirit Airlines boarding pass, the print option will be clearly visible, just click it.

When Do I Get My Boarding Pass Spirit Airlines?

Boarding pass is available as soon as the confirmation procedure is completed. This is applicable for both the offline and online check-ins. The only difference is there shall be charges for printing through offline mode. 

Spirit Airlines check in starts 24 hours prior to the departure and ends a few hours before the departure.  The benefit is that even before 60 minutes the check-in is possible.  Yet, there could be last minute hassle that can lead to missing the flight. Hence, passengers must complete the check-in within the mentioned time frame. 

Ending Note

Spirit Airlines offers online check-in for passengers’ convenience. While the offline mode of check-in is equally essential. As certain passengers who cannot access the online check-in due to their additional travel requirements. Unaccompanied minors, passengers with pets, military personnel using their ID, non-us citizens from international airports, etc. are to  name a few. 

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