Spirit Airlines Require a Birth Certificate for Minors

Spirit Airline does require essential documents for age verification. Birth certificates and Passports  for infants below the age of 2 are compulsory. Adults above the age of 18 require photo identification issued by the government. 

Spirit allows infants to travel on the adults lap for zero additional fee. Infants that are 2 or below the age are considered as infants. There are other definitions that describe infants who are allowed to travel for free. Check the list below which infants require a birth certificate to travel in Spirit Airlines. 

Who are Considered as Infants by Spirit Airlines?

Spirit follows  the federal regulations. It states that post an infant’s second birthday, he/ she is not allowed to travel for free in an  adult’s lap. A separate seat has to be booked for them. 

Infant must be at least 7 days old and less than 2 years old to fit in the Spirit Airlines Infant travel free policy. 

If the child fits in the above stated lines, he/ she can travel for free with their adults who are 15 years or above. To carry infants on the Spirit aircrafts, there are certain conditions  issued by Spirit Airlines. 

Conditions To Travel With Infants on Spirit Airlines 

Spirit allows adults who are 15 years or above to travel with an infant. 

Although no seat charges are there for infants but taxes are applied based on the distance traveled. 

One stroller and one car seat is allowed to be carried with one child. No additional fee is charged for carrying these. 

To use  FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration) allowed car seats and child restraint systems, passengers  need to purchase a  separate seat.

Spirit Airline will try to offer an open seat for passengers traveling  with FAA approved car seats. However, it will not be available for the Big Front Seats. 

Adults traveling with lap infants  or carrying them in children’s car seats can not sit on an inflatable seat. 

There are defined sizes for these children’s car seats that must be strictly followed for the ease of passengers and the staff. The size allowed differs on the basis of seats installed in the aircraft. 

Enjoy the Journey 

Traveling with an infant can be quite tiring. That is why this content is a comprehensive guide for all the adults to travel without any confusion. It details a range of topics beginning from does Spirit Airlines require birth certificates to the travel norms. Adults with children travel with a lot of essential items which they must carry in their personal bag to avoid baggage fees. Rest planning should be precisely done based on the baggage policy for a budget friendly trip. Read carefully the conditions and board the flight with ease. 

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