Plan cancellations are due to unprecedented reasons. Often you are skeptical about your plans and would want to ensure if there are ticket cancellation charges. Spirit Airlines is equally concerned about your query, ”What is Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy”. Therefore, the Airlines have very comprehensively explained the details regarding the cancellation charges. 

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

To your question ”What is Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy”, the answers are different. The charges you are supposed to pay depend on why and when you are canceling your ticket.

Importantly, there are chances for you to cancel your ticket  for free of charge. To avail this benefit, there are provisions mentioned by the airlines:

Terms and Conditions for Cancellation Charges 

  1. Firstly, the ticket must be canceled within 24 hours from the time of purchase.
  2. Secondly, the ticket cancellation must be done up till the  7th day of the ticket purchase. 

To qualify for zero charges ticket cancellation, one must qualify both the terms. Any Flight that has 7 or more days to be flown and has 24 hours or more of departure time can be canceled free of charge. 

Basically, from the time of purchase to the 7th day, the cancellation charges are absolutely free.

Unfortunately, if you cross even a minute more than the 7th day, then you are supposed to pay the cancellation charges by Spirit Airline. To calculate the total charges you will have to pay depends on the time, fare type, benefits purchased, etc. 

However, if your ticket doesn’t qualify for those benefits and it’s late for you to cancel tickets for free of charge. As mentioned in the above passage, both conditions must be green in order to avail zero cancellation charges.

Time DurationCharges 
0-6 prior  prior to departure $99
7-59 days prior to departure $49
60+ days prior to departureFree

If your ticket costs more than the charge fined, then the remaining amount will be credited back in the original form of payment. Else, the remaining amount can be used to reserve tickets or avail other benefits offered by the airline, like change charges, bag charges, etc.

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