What Terminal Does Spirit Airlines Use at MSP

MSP or Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport is centered around St. Paul, cities of Bloomington, Eagan, and a few other cities. It is a hub for various national and international Airlines. 

If you are checking this page to know what terminal Spirit Airlines uses at MSP, then you are at the right place. Below you will find a detailed description of the terminal and the services offered by Spirit Airlines. 

Detailed Description of Spirit Airlines MSP Terminal

Spirit Airlines uses Terminal 1 of MSP Airport.  Within the terminal, it occupies Concourse E offers its services to passengers. At this terminal, you will be able to find and use the check-in, and baggage claim-like services of Spirit Airlines.

 The services are not located at the same place, instead, these are spread all across the Spirit MSP terminal. Hence, it is important for people to map out locations beforehand to reach them easily after arriving at the airport. 

Spirit Airlines MSP Terminal Departure 

The MSP Concourse E is the place for Spirit departures. Although the airline uses Terminal 1 at MSP airport, Spirit Airlines Minneapolis terminal is subdivided into concourses.  There is more than one concourse at each terminal named in alphabetical order of A to E.

Arrivals of Spirit Airlines at MSP Terminal 

The Arrivals of Spirit Airlines are also reserved at the MSP Airport, Concourse E. The passengers after landing will find their way from this concourse to the parking lot or the exit gate using the airport sign boards.

Spirit Airlines Minneapolis Terminal for Check-in  

Spirit Airlines Minneapolis Terminal for Check-in  

The Spirit Airlines check-in is located at level 2 of Terminal 1. This is a dedicated area for tickets and check-in known as Ticketing Lobby. Emphasizing, this service of Spirit is not at Concourse E. It is separately located on level 2 of the Spirit MSP terminal. Passengers can visit this location and get a boarding pass either using the kiosk or requesting the staff at the Spirit counter or office.  

MSP Airport Information

Airport Name Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)
Airport IATA MSP
Airport AddressTerminal 1: 4300 Glumack Dr., St. Paul, MN 55111
Terminal 2: 7150 Humphrey Dr., Minneapolis, MN 55450
Terminals2 terminals (1 and 2) with 8 concourses (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H)
Destinations Served125 domestic and 29 international
Facebook URL
Twitter URL

Overview of Spirit Airlines MSP Terminal 1

Services At Minneapolis Spirit Terminal

As mentioned, Spirit Airlines uses the Terminal 1 of Minneapolis Airport. The airport makes sure that the infrastructure and facilities support and enhance the experience of the visitors. For this, it deploys and serves with a bunch of amenities that are for passengers’ convenience. Here is a guide to what you can find on Spirit Terminal at MSP. 

Parking: At Minneapolis, there is a pre-booked parking option. The prices vary based on the type of parking and additional service required. For instance, if you are getting late or want to use the valet service along with using the parking space, the prices are different. You can refer to the official site and check the prices as per the service. The airport has segregated types of parking services and has marked prices for the same. You will be able to book the parking space from the same section on the official page. In case of any query, you can mail onlineparking.mspairport.com and ask for possible solutions. 

Contactless Order:  Contactless is a feature indeed for the post-pandemic era. Spirit passengers can order from a variety of food and beverages outlets without making direct or physical contact while purchasing and accepting the order. While vending machines are equivalent to this. But you can order a fresh-hot coffee with the contactless order feature. 

Shops And Restaurants:  This is one of the common features that each airport has, the shops. At Minneapolis or MSP, you will find food from clothing and accessories shops. All these are not located at different sections of Spirit Terminal 1. Find the details of where the following shops or restaurants are located at MSP. 

JetSet News Level T, Terminal 1, close to the tram level
Prince Level 2
MSP Duty Free Near MSP Mall, level 2
Sunglass Hut Level 2, close to MSP Mall 
Adventure North Terminal 1, level 2 
Hudson NewsLevel 2 at Terminal 1
Atelier Terminal 1, level 2
Open Book Near MSP mall, level 2 
Minnesota State of NiceMSP Duty-Free 
Hammer Made Close to MSP mall, terminal 1, level 2 
Aveda Level 2, near the MSP mall
North Loop Market At level 2, MSP Mall is the closest 
Johnston & Murphy Level 2, near MSP mall
Kiehl’s Terminal 1, level 2
Tumi Near MSP Mall, terminal 1, level 2
Sky Connect Close to gate F4, level 2 of terminal 1
istore Near the MSP Mall, level 2, Terminal 1
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory MSP mall is the closest at level 2 of terminal 1
Cibo Express Close to gate 15, terminal 1, level 2 
Restaurant Location 
Caribou CoffeeClose to Baggage claim, at level 1 of terminal 1 
Stone Arch Level 2, near the  MSP Mall
Cibo Express Food Hall Near gate G5, level 2, Terminal 1
Shoyu Level 2, Terminal 1
Smack Shack Near the MSP mall, level 2
Mimosa Near gate G3, level 2, Terminal 1
Starbucks Close to MSP Mlwl, level 2
Minibar Gate G5 is the nearest, level 2
Settebello Near Airport Mall, level 2
Firehouse Subs Near MSP Mall, level 2
Chick-fil-ANewer Gate F5, Level 2
Wendy’s Newr Gate F5, Level 2
The Cook & the Ox Level 2, Terminal 1
People’s Organic Level 2, near MSP Mall
Panda Express Close to Gate F5, Level 2, Terminal 1
Mc Donald’sClose to Gate D1, Level 2 

Key Takeaways

After referring to the above information, passengers can easily know what terminal Spirit Airlines uses at MSP. This airport is always occupied by passengers from various cities because of its location. That is why it is advised to use the airport map to find locations at the airport. Also, if one wishes to travel from one terminal to another, then there is a light rail available that drives back and forth to the terminals. There is no path for walking available. So, check the timings to catch the light rail easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Terminal is Spirit Airlines at MSP?

Spirit Airlines is at Terminal 1, Concourse E of Minneapolis Airport.

Where can I check in at Spirit Airlines MSP Terminal?

You can check in at Concourse E for Spirit Airlines’ scheduled flights.

How many Terminals are there at MSP Airport?

There are 2 terminals at MSP airport, namely, terminals 1 and 2.

Can I walk from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 of MSP Airport? 

No, Passengers can not walk from one terminal to another. A light rail offers rides to and from both terminals.
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