What Terminal is Spirit Airlines at Detroit Metro Airport

Detroit Airport is a hub for airlines operating from Michigan. Daily, 1100 flights fly to and from this airport. Spirit Airlines use it to offer flights to various national and international destinations. Passengers who have upcoming flights scheduled with the airline can look forward to this content to determine what terminal Spirit Airlines is at Detroit Metro Airport. 

It is very essential to check beforehand about the terminal the airline uses because it is hard to find the terminal and the respective location after arriving at the airport. The airports are very big in terms of size and many airlines are operating from the airport making it difficult to find the necessary information. 

Complete Information About Spirit Airlines Detroit Terminal

Spirit Airlines functions from Evans terminal of Detroit airport. This Terminal is also referred to as WE by many airlines. Spirit passengers must carefully verify their boarding pass as Evans and WE are the same terminal. 

All Spirit services are located at this terminal. Arriving and departing passengers as per their requirements can visit the offices, counters, baggage, and check-in services. Other than this, there are amenities that can be used by the public of any airline. The entire airport is equipped with such services. Since you will be visiting the Spirit Detroit Terminal, check the services available here.

TSA Security Checkpoint At Spirit Detroit Terminal

The security checkpoints are located between gates D-1 to D-32. Spirit passengers can save some time by using the Shortcut security offered by the airline and reach the departing gateway early with no extra effort to stand in long queues.

Overview of Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport 

Detroit Metro Airport Information

Airport Name Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport 
Address:l-94 exit 198 William Rogell Drive #602, Detroit, MI 48242, United States of America
Terminals2 terminals — Evans Terminal and McNamara Terminal
Facebook URL
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Services and Amenities offered by Detroit at Spirit Evans Terminal 

The Detroit Airport ensures that the passenger or visitor of the airport does not face any inconveniences by offering a range of amenities. The services are listed below for your reference. 

  1. Airport Volunteer Station
  2. Escalators
  3. ATM
  4. Elevator
  5. Freedom Center
  6. Kids Play Area
  7. Lost & Found
  8. Michigan Lottery 
  9. Religious Areas 
  10. Smarte Carte 
  11. Smoking Area
  12. Pet Relief Area
  13. Nursing Area
  14. Shoe Shine 
  15. Vending Machines 

The Detroit Airport is one of the leading airports and gained worldwide recognition because of the quality experience it delivers to its visitors. Spirit passengers can use the information and benefit from the services offered by the airport.

Parking At Detroit Terminal: Green Lots, Big Blue Deck, and McNamara are the three parking areas for long-term parking. While short term parking for a few hours is available here and at other parking lots of Detroit Terminal. The charges for the parking service are calculated on an hourly basis. Check the image above to get an idea of the price you will have to pay. Also, you can call Detroit Parking Query Center at   (800) 642-1978 to verify the space availability and pricing-related queries.


The content in detail describes what terminal is Spirit Airlines at Detroit Airport. Passengers are advised to use their boarding passes as the terminals change at times due to various reasons. After confirming the terminal, use the airport shuttle to reach the respective terminal. Further, finish the formalities and head to the departure gateway to board the plane. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Terminal is Spirit Airlines in Detroit?

Spirit Airlines uses Terminal N (North Evans) at DTW Airport for departures and arrivals.

What does DTW Airport stand for?

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is the full form of DTW Airport.

What airport is Spirit Airlines based in Michigan?

Spirit Airlines operates its flights from DTW or Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Michigan.

What time does Spirit Airlines open at DTW?

Spirit Airlines opens between 9 am to 8 pm at DTW Airport. 
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