What Terminal is Spirit Airlines at Newark Airport

Newark Liberty Airport is a hub to more than 30 airlines. Spirit Passengers who are looking for what terminal is Spirit Airlines at Newark can refer to this piece of content.

Spirit Airlines arrivals and departures are pre scheduled at terminal B of Newark Airport. Read the following passage to find interactive directions defining how to reach the terminal and services offered by the airline.

Where are Spirit Airlines Services at Newark Terminal? 

Spirit Airlines operates from Terminal B check-in and boarding services are also situated at this terminal B.

Airport NameNewark Liberty International Airport
Address3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114
Airport Official Websitewww.newarkairport.com
Airport CodeEVR
Facebook PageURL
Twitter PageURL

Spirit Airlines Newark Airport Terminal for Departures

Newark Airport Terminal for Departures 

Spirit Airlines Departures are reserved on Terminal B Newark. This is the same terminal for all International and domestic flights. It is important to remember that the airline changes terminals as per the operations requirements. So, read the terminal details on the boarding pass for final confirmation.

Spirit Arrivals from Terminal Newark Airport

The passengers of Spirit Airlines land at Terminal B of Newark Airport. Walk to the passage and reach the baggage service to pick your luggage from the Spirit Facility.

Spirit Airlines Check-In Service Location 

At level 2 of Terminal B Newark Airport, Spirit Passengers will find the check-in service for the airline. The kiosk and ticket counter, both are available for passengers to fill the flight details and get the boarding pass, once the check-in process is finished.

These above are the major services located at different levels of Terminal B that the Airline uses at Newark Airport. Also, Spirit does not have a private lounge due to its cheap ticket price policy. Yet, irrespective of the ticket type,  Priority Pass membership  owners can rest in the respective lounge. You can read about the Priority VIP lounge on Spirit’s website. 

Newark Airport Terminal Services For Visitors

Newark Airport Terminal Services

Apart from the specific services that only Spirit passengers can use, there are facilities and amenities deployed at Newark Airport for anyone visiting the airport. There are tons of restaurants and cafes to calm your hunger. While shops are there to offer a variety of products. 

Also, at Newark Airport, the passengers will be able to use and find free to use services that land in the essential category like ATM, Worship Areas, Pet Relief Areas, Kids section and others.

Newark Airport Spirit Terminal Services 

Terminal B Newark is used by airlines including Spirit. The services and infrastructure of the terminals at Newark Airport are designed to offer a world class experience to the visitors or travelers of the airport.

Spirit Passengers who will visit Terminal B will enjoy the following services.

Currency Exchange is close to the B AirTrain of Spirit Newark Terminal. Another currency exchange office is situated at B2 Concourse.

Charging stations are available at every few steps at the terminals for passengers to charge their devices for hours of journey.

At the Pre Security section, the Budweiser Brewhouse awaits to serve the viistors of Newark International Airport.

One more cafe known as Belgian Beer is located at B2 Rotunda of Newark Spirit Terminal.

Finally, walk to B1 Rotunda and Connector of Terminal B where you will find a bulk of services. Under All You Need Section, Gift shops, Grab &Go, travel essentials, child care supplies, reading section and others are available.


One last time, let’s revise all relevant information about what terminal is Spirit Airlines at Newark Airport. Passengers can board the plane from terminal B and use other Spirit services from the same terminal. Prepare or find a rest area beforehand as Spirit does not have a private lounge. You can relax and spend time eating or shopping. But remember to carefully listen for the Spirit flight announcements to fly the journey ahead. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Terminal is Spirit Airlines at Newark  International Airport?

Spirit Airlines Terminal B is used for International Departures and arrivals. 

Spirit Airlines flight code?

NK is the flight code for Spirit Airlines.

Which terminal is Spirit Airlines at Newark airport?

Spirit Airlines runs its operations from Terminal B of Newark Airport.

Does Spirit offer lounge access?

Spirit Passengers holding Priority Pass lounge membership can access it at any Airport. Any Ticket type of Spirit can use this lounge.
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