Does Sun Country Charge For Carry On

Yes, Sun Country charges for standard carry on bags which ranges from $30 to $45. The charges depend on the time and method of purchasing the luggage allowance. There are certain restrictions on baggage; weight, size, and quantity. It is mandatory to meet these limits otherwise additional charges are applied on the baggage fee. Passengers are permitted to have a one personal item onboard for free. This includes items like duffel bags, purses, or other similar items fitting right at your front seat. It must have a dimension of 17 x 13 x 9in (43 x 33 x 22.9 cm) and there is no weight limit. Basically, Sun Country charges for every baggage. Further with baggage restrictions we will get to know how much Sun Country charges for carry-on bags.

Sun Country Baggage Policy

Sun Country Baggage Policy

Sun Country Baggage Policy lets passenger bring one carry-on bag on the plane  and two checked bags. The policy states that any luggage that is brought onboard with passenger is considered as carry-on baggage. In addition, some fee may be applicable as well. Passengers are instructed to store their bag underneath the front seat or in ther overhead cabin. The following are the additional conditions included under Sun Country Baggage Allowance:

  • The airlines permit only 2 checked baggages for a fee. The dimension of the bag should be under 62 inches and weight not more than 50 pounds. In case the number of checked bags increases, the additional fee will be applied. 
  • Passengers are allowe to carry only one piece of carry on bag which must meet the required dimension (27 x 16 x 11in). If the size of the baggage is different then it will not fit the given space for storage. It should fit perfectly inside the sizer box situated besides Sun Country’s check-in counter. 
  • Sun Country Carry On Bag should weigh under 35 pounds. If it exceeds the weight limit then the airport authority will consider it as checked bag. 
  • Passenger can bring one personal item for free, its dimension should be 17 x 13 x 9in. One can bring purse, laptop computer, infant bag, etc as personal items. It should fit the space under the front seat otherwise the bag will have to be checked for a fee. 
  • Sun Country does not hold any responsibility for carry-on baggage and personal item on domestic flights. However, the airlines will be liable for any loss or damage to the baggage brought on international flights. 

Sun Country Carry On Size & Other Restrictions

Sun Country Carry On Size

Passengers who would like to have a carry-on baggage on their Sun Country flight would like to the following important points:

  • Baggage prices are applied per passenger, per bag, and per flight. These charges are non-refundable.
  • The price will be expensive if you purchase baggage at the airport. 
  • Lap infant carry-on is counted towards the adult carry-on baggage. 
  • If you purchase the baggage at the gate then $10 additional fee will be applied to the airport fee.
  • Sun Country Carry On Size and weight limitation are tabulated below:
Size24 x 16 x 11in 
Weight35 pounds
  • If the bag exceed the provided size limit then thw following additional charges are levied:
OversizedAdditional Charges
51-60 pounds+$20
61-99 pounds+$60
63+ linear inches$100
Special sporting equipment$100

Sun Country Carry-On Baggage Fees

As stated before, the airline charge fee for carry-on baggage according to the time and purchasing method. Sun Country Carry-on Cost changes if its purchased at the time of booking, at the airport, or at gate. The following table depicts the baggage cost and additional charges it it exceeds the limit:

Purchasing ConditionsCharges
At the time of making online reservation.$30
Prior to Online Check-in $45
During Online Check-in$45
Phone Call Reservation$45
At the airport$50

How To Estimate Sun Country Carry on Charges?

Your carry-on pricing might be different depending on destinations where Sun Country flies. In this regard you can try the flight tracker tool for helping you plan the travel before you get a final charge. Passengers can search for their flight on the flight pricing tracker for the most updated pricing. Listed prices are per person per direction. The bag pricing estimator on the Sun Country airlines official website will help you get a price estimate on one-way and round trip flights. You’ll need to apply the following steps to get estimated flight prices for one-way and round trip flights. To know the price estimate:

  • Visit the official Sun Country airlines website, and navigate to the option “bags and optional services”.
  • Fill the passenger’s last name with the reservation code in the required spaces on the bag price estimator. The reservation code is a 17 digit voucher code. You’ll get the code in email while you were issued a flight voucher.
  • You’ll get a varying price estimate depending on the flight distance, booking class, reservation type, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Sun Country Airlines charge for carry on bags?

Yes, Sun Country charge fee for carry on bags as per the baggage allowance policy. 

Does sun country have free carry on?

No, Passengers have to purchase carry on baggage. Only one personal item is permitted on the plane for free. 

How many bags can you carry-on Sun Country?

Passengers can carry only one carry-on bag on Sun Country flights which should fit the provided space. 

What is the weight limit for bags on Sun Country?

Sun Country Carry-On baggage must be under 35 pounds.
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