How to Cancel Thai Airways Flight

Passengers can cancel Thai Airways Flight online by clicking the booking number sent through email confirmation and follow the cancellation procedure. Please note that the airline will also levy cancellation charges according to the cancellation date. Therefore, it is important to recheck the Thai Airways cancellation policy while you purchase the ticket. We will guide you on how to cancel Thai Airways flight through several methods accessible to the passengers. Travel plans can change unexpectedly, and sometimes you are left in a situation to cancel your Thai Airways flight. The reason could be an unforeseen event, a change in itinerary, or a personal reason, Thai Airways understands that flight cancellation can happen. Let’s delve more into the process of canceling a Thai Airways flight, cancellation policies, and essential tips to make the procedure as smooth as possible. 

The airline flies over four million passengers every year, so it’s very common to face flight cancellations as it can happen to anyone traveling. Thus, the airline formed the Thai Airways cancellation policy to cater to the passenger’s requirements in certain circumstances. 

Thai Airways Cancellation Policy

Thai Airways Cancellation Policy

Thai Cancellation Policy defines certain guidelines related to canceling a flight. Thus, It is important to understand the policy before diving into the cancellation procedure. The policy is very much influenced by the type of purchased ticket and the following points mentioned below:

  • The refundable nature of tickets can play an important role in flight cancellation. A refundable ticket allows you to cancel a flight and receive a refund after deducting the applicable charges. Whereas, non-refundable tickets are usually cheaper but do not offer such refund options. 
  • In addition, the airline does not offer flight cancellation on all tickets. There are select tickets that have the feature of canceling a flight. If you cancel the ticket with no cancellation feature then the flight will forfeit the flight amount.
  • Please note that online cancellation of Thai Airways flights is only possible for tickets bought from or by contacting the airline directly. If the purchasing is done with a third party then you must contact that agency for flight cancellation. 
  • Partially used Economy Saver fares are not eligible for flight cancellation. However, it the ticket has not been used then it can be cancelled for a fee. 
  • The closer you are to the flight departure, the heavier penalty charges are levied on the passenger. Therefore, it is recommended to make flight cancellation earlier if possible.
  • It is advisable to cancel Thai Airways Ticket online by using the mobile application or by logging into the official website. This way you can save a lot of time and go through the procedure in the comfort of your home without stepping a foot outside.

Thai Airways 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Thai Airways provide 24 hours grace period to all passengers irrespective of ticket type. Thai Airways 24 Hour Cancellation Policy states that passengers can cancel tickets for free if canceled within 24 hours of buying the ticket. This also includes flights booked to or from the United States.  Regardless if the ticket is refundable or non-refundable, passengers are either given a full refund or travel credit for future travel depending on fare conditions. Tickets must be bought at least 168 hours or seven days before the flight departure under Thai Airways 24-hour cancellation policy. Otherwise, the passenger is not liable to take advantage of the policy. Once the cancellation is made after the grace period, the penalty charges are levied on the passenger. This policy benefits those passengers who are able to identify unforeseen events within 24 hours of reservation or want to change flight in Thai Airways

How to Cancel Thai Airways Ticket Online

How to Cancel Thai Airways Ticket Online

Passengers have to cancel Thai Airways Online through their confirmation email. The airline provides the option to cancel the ticket on the confirmation email sent after booking the flight. After clicking on the relevant option, the next page will guide you on how to cancel Thai Airways ticket online. Follow the on-screen instructions and cancel the flight in a few easy steps. Remember, the airline will charge you the Thai Airways cancel flight fee according to the cancellation date. Pay the fee and confirm the flight cancellation online.

Passengers can also try this method. Thai Airway Ticket Online Cancellation can also be done by visiting the official homepage or through a mobile application. The procedure is somewhat similar in both methods. Follow these simple steps to cancel Thai Airways Ticket Online:

  • Open the official homepage by visiting this URL-
  • Select the preferred language and head to the main page of the website. 
  • Now, click on the “My Booking” option given in the middle of the flight status and more services option.
  • Provide your Thai booking reference number and last name then click on the “Find my booking” button.
  • Click on the “cancel flight” option on the next page. It will be given in the front of your upcoming flights.
  • The page will then take you to the payment section where you will have to pay the Thai Airways Cancel Flight Fee. 
  • Afterwards, if you are eligible for a refund the airline will ask for account details. 
  • Finally, the airline will send you the flight cancellation confirmation to your registered email address. 

Cancel Thai Airways Flight via Customer Care

Cancel Thai Airways Flight via Customer Care

Passengers can also consult with customer care agents regarding Thai Airways flight cancellations. You can either dial (66-2) 356-1111 or drop a message at pertaining to the flight cancellation concern. Remember to provide your flight details like booking number and passenger’s last name for a smooth procedure. The customer representative will then connect with you and assist you in cancelling the Thai Airways flight. 

Thai Airways Cancel Flight Fee

Thai Airways Cancel Flight Fee

Thai Airways Cancel Flight Fee is influenced by the fare type and selected route. The fee is not applied to flights canceled within 24 hours of booking the ticket, however, if the grace is over and the cancellation request is made then the Thai Airways Cancellation Fee is levied. The airline has not posted a fixed amount on the website. To give you an idea, the Thai Airways cancellation fee can vary from USD 100 – 300. Passengers will be given a definite amount during the cancellation procedure.        

Thai Airways Compensation Policy for Canceled Flights

Thai Airways Compensation Policy for Canceled Flights

If Thai Airways cancels the flight of a passenger holding a valid booking and flight ticket then the airline provides options for re-routing, assistance, reimbursement, or monetary compensation. Please note that if the cancellation is due to unavoidable reasons or uncontrollable events then the airline is not entitled to provide any compensation. Examples of such conditions include political instability, strikes, security risks, bad weather conditions, and issues related to flight safety. Similarly, no compensation will be given if the cancellation information is provided:

  • A minimum of 14 days before the scheduled flight departure. 
  • Between 14 to 7 days before the departure date and with an alternate flight option departing not more than 2 hours before the original departing time. The alternate flight arrives at the final destination within 4 hours of the original time.
  • Within 7 days of departure date with an alternate flight departing not more than one hour from the original departing time and arriving at the final destination within 2 hours of scheduled arrival. 

Passengers are entitled to certain rights when flights are canceled or are long delayed from the airline’s side. The airline provides the compensation amount listed below if the passenger has a valid reservation for the ticket. These compensation are offered and paid to the passenger by cheque or bank transfer. The amount of compensation varies according to the distance of the booked flight i.e. as follows:

Flight DistanceCompensation Amount
1,500 kmEUR 250 
for flights between 1,500 km and 3,500 and
Intra-community flights of more than 1,500 km
EUR 400
More than 3,500 kmEUR 600

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I cancel Thai Air
ways ticket?

Yes, the Thai Airways Cancellation Policy permits passengers to cancel flight and apply penalty charges. 

How do I cancel my Thai booking?

You can cancel Thai Airways flights by clicking on the cancel option given through email confirmation and following the cancellation procedure according to the policy.

Does Thai Airways refund?

Yes, Thai Airways provides a refund for cancellation if the purchased ticket is refundable in nature. It also gives compensation if the flight is canceled from the airline’s side. 

Why Thai Airways cancelled flights?

Thai Airways previously canceled flights in large amounts due to coronavirus breakdown. 

How do I contact Thai Airways customer service?

You can contact Thai Airways customer service by dialing (66-2) 356-1111 or dropping a message at 

Can I cancel my Thai Airways flight online?

Yes, passengers can visit the official website and click on the “manage booking” option to cancel Thai Airways flights online on any device. 

Does Thai Airways provide compensation for canceled flights?

Thai Airways provides monetary compensation if the flight is canceled or delayed by the airline. Passengers will also get the earliest alternate flight options.
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