How to Change Flight in Thai Airways

Change Flight in Thai Airways through the manage flight booking feature available on the official website and on the mobile application. Passengers also have offline ways to modify their flight details by contacting the customer care team or visiting the airport. Flight modification includes changes in the date, time, route, and destination of a flight. Travelers who want to change their itinerary details due to unforeseen events can check the steps for How to Change Flight in Thai Airways on our page. The modification task can be daunting sometimes, however, with our guidelines you can easily change Thai Airways flight. 

The airline understands that travel plans can be flexible and change due to unforeseen events or sudden emergencies. Therefore it offers Thai Airways change flight policy that helps passengers understand the terms and conditions of modifying flight details. Whether you are changing flight details due to an emergency or simply want to adjust your travel details, Thai Airways provides you with flexible options. You can change flight details in the comfort of your home through a mobile application or by signing in on the official website. 

Thai Airways Change Flight Policy

Passengers can change flight dates & times, selected routes, and destinations with Thai Airways Change Flight Policy. In addition, you can also make adjustments in inflight services. The policies state that the ability to change flight details depends on the type of ticket the travelers have purchased. Different fares have varying flight change rules. Similarly, there are time limitations as well. Thai Flight Change Policy implies that the changes must be made up to a certain time limit before the flight takes off. The closer you are to the departure, the stricter or heavier charges are levied as a penalty for flight changes. Passengers have to face penalty charges for Thai Airways Change Flight Time. These can vary according to the fare type and the gap between the departure date & change request.

Lastly, passengers must stay prepared to pay the fare difference as well. If there is an increased difference in fare between the new flight and the original booking then passengers are liable to pay the fare difference as well. Otherwise, the amount is either refunded to the passenger or given as travel credit depending on the fare conditions. Check out some of the following important points for flight modifications:

  • Online flight changes are eligible for flights booked with or by contacting the airline directly. 
  • Passengers can also visit the nearby airport with the necessary flight details to get the modifications done. 
  • The changes are allowed according to the fare conditions.
  • In case you are flying with a companion then any changes made to the ticket will be applied to all passengers in a single booking. 
  • Passenger’s preferred seat will also change if any modifications are done that can influence the selected seat. In this case, the airline will refund you the amount if the seat has not been allotted. Passengers have to reselect/ purchase the preferred seat for the new flight. 
  • Passengers can also change seats on connecting flights operated by Thai Airways. 
  • You can also change or update your frequent flyers online.
  • Travelers are also allowed to make changes after Thai Airways Online Check In.
  • Passengers can avoid flight change fees by making changes within 24 hours of booking the ticket. During this period, passengers are allowed to make free changes. Once the time limit is passed, the airline charges penalty charges for flight modifications. 

How to Change Thai Airways Flight Online? 

How to Change Thai Airways Flight Online

Travelers can make online changes to domestic or international flights that originate from Thailand, Singapore, China, Japan, Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, and Bangladesh online six hours before the scheduled departure. Perform the following steps to Change Thai Airways Flight Online:

  • Start by visiting the airline’s official website through this link –
  • Now, click on the “My Booking” option provided on the homepage. 
  • Enter the Thai booking reference number and last name of the passenger to proceed further. Click on the “Find my booking’ to make modifications.
  • The new page will load your upcoming flight, click on the “modify flight” option provided in front of the flight. 
  • Provide new or updated flight details and select the displayed flight option accordingly. 
  • After you confirm the changes, head over to the payment section to complete the procedure. 
  • You can make payments through the available gateway options.
  • Finally, the airline will email the new flight and the flight change confirmation. 

Thai Airways Flight Change over the Phone

Thai Airways Flight Change over the Phone

Passengers can also contact customer care for Thai Airways Flight Change over the Phone. Refer to the contact details below and connect with the concerned representative. Provide flight details on the call and the reason for changing the flight details. Necessary action will be taken by the representative on behalf of passengers. He/she will then provide you with alternate flight options according to the provided changes. Afterward, the representative will guide you to the payment steps. The customer care service is accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

  • Phone: (66-2) 356-1111
  • Email:

Thai Airways Change Flight Fee

Thai Airways Change Flight Fee

Thai Airways Change Flight Fee depends on the purchased fare condition. It can vary according to the nature of the ticket and the selected route. The airline has not mentioned any fee amount on the website. However, once you begin the process of changing the flight, you will come to know the Thai Airways Change Flight Fee.  As per our research, there is no penalty charge for flights changed within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. Afterward, Thai Airways can charge from USD 100 to 400 per passenger for flight changes. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change my flight date Thai Airways?

Yes, Thai Airways Change Flight Policy permits passengers to change flight dates before the flight departure through the official website or at the airport. 

How to avoid Thai Airways flight change fee?

You can avoid the Thai Airways flight change fee by making the modifications within 24 hours of making the flight reservations. 

How do I contact Thai Airways customer service?

Contact the airways by dialing (66-2) 356-1111 or dropping an email at

What is the Thai Airways change flight date fee?

Thai Airways change fees can vary according to fare conditions and can range from $50 – $180 per passenger. 

Can I change my assigned seat on Thai Airways?

Yes, Thai Airways permits passengers to change assigned seats on connecting flights operated by the airline itself. 

Can I make online flight changes on Thai Airways?

Yes, passengers can make flight changes online with the help of a mobile application or through the official website’s “manage booking” feature. 
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