Do Minors Need ID to Fly United Airlines

United Airlines minors ID card requirement varies on the route type and age. Domestic flights  do not need ID cards for passengers below the age of 18 years. They come under the children category and only require their passport for international routes or flights. 

Minor or children category of United Airlines do not need to carry ID at TSA. Apart from one exception  when the kids between 15-17 are flying alone must show their identity card to the staff or security person. Adults who are booking flights for  them must check beforehand whether or not minors require ID to fly United Airlines. Any ignorance in following the prescribed laws could lead to denied entry and canceled flight, so make sure to read this content specially dedicated for passengers who will soon be traveling with the airline. 

Can Minors Fly Alone on United Airlines?

Can Minors Fly Alone

According to United Airlines policy, the unaccompanied children who lie between the age group of 4-17 are permitted to fly only on limited non-stop flights of United and United Express Flight. Minors below this age must be accompanied by an 18 year or above age adult.

United Airlines is a carrier originating from the United States. It offers low cost fares to make the air journey more affordable. Its rules shall differ depending on the region it is flying to. Since the local authorities have their specific guidelines which must be followed by an airline in order to operate in that region. In terms of rules and regulations for minors, there are tons of questions in parents or guardian’s minds. Especially, when the child is traveling alone. Use this as a summarized guide to confirm all your queries related to your kids’ travel. 

United Airlines Dedicated Program For Unaccompanied Minors 

United Airlines has a complete program formed to offer a safe and engaging flight experience to the minor passengers. Those below the age of four are not allowed to travel alone. While kids above this age group are permitted to fly alone with the airline on specific flights.

Additional charges are payable for unaccompanied passengers to fly alone. These vary based on the number of kids flying and the trip type (Round or One-way) as they might need support or help anytime during the journey. Check the extra fee and the flight applicable to know at what price does United Airlines let Minors fly alone. 

Number of Kids Each Way Fee 
1-2 $150 
5-6 $450 

These prices are applicable to all age groups. Calculate the total cost depending on the number of children and the per way rates. Kids falling in the age bar of 15-17 have the option to fly as a regular adult. If the guardian books the flight as a minor, then the rules related to it shall apply. But, they might need to carry their ID card as a valid proof of age. It can be anything including school or library ID, birth certificate, social security card,etc. 

Important Guidelines for Unaccompanied Minors 

Unaccompanied Minors 

Here are a few points that guardians must surely follow, guiding each step beginning from rules on how to book the child’s flight to check-in, boarding and departure. 

  • International Flight minors are supposed to fill this form.  It is required before the customs and all details must be well written as they will be carrying it in the flight. 
  • Don’t drop your kid alone at the airport. Instead wait for a staff member who will accompany your kid on the journey. 
  • Prepare a small list of essentials for the child. In case of any special requirement like medical or other, remember to inform the staff. 
  • Explain to your child about the trip and tell them to ask for help only from the airline staff. 
  • Last but not the least, complete the check-in with the child before leaving the airport. 


Does United Airlines let minors fly Alone? Yes, passengers who are above 4 and below the age of 18 can fly alone with the airline. But, it is only permitted only on a few non-stop flights of United and United Express. The parents or guardians must follow their kids till the check-in and teach them some essential precautionary measures to assure a safe journey along with guidance of the airline staff. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does United Airlines let minors fly Alone?

United Airlines allows minors above the age of 4 to fly alone on specific flights.

Do Minors need ID to fly United Airlines?

United Airlines need ID only for kids between 15-17 who opt to fly as an adult. 

What is the price for United Airlines unaccompanied minor fee?

United Airlines unaccompanied minor fee starts from $150 dollars for 1-2 kids  and increases based on the number of children. This fee is charged for each way or one direction.
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