Fully Refundable mean on United Airlines

United Airlines offers full refunds on tickets that are canceled within 24 hours of booking and have 7 days or more of departure time left, since the date of issuance. While for the tickets canceled beyond this timeline are accounted as non-refundable and a cancellation fee applies on such.

A lot of times, plan changes and the need to cancel a ticket can create stress. If you have a scheduled ticket and are unsure about what fully refundable tickets mean on United Airlines, then keep reading to learn about the detailed policy. It will inform you about the circumstances under which passengers are eligible for a complete refund with no additional fee applied.

What is United Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy? 

United Airlines 24- hours policy states that tickets booked before 7 days or more of the scheduled departure date are allowed free cancellation with full refunds for bookings within 24 hours or less.

The passengers can request for a refund in the original form of payment or save it as Travel credit. These can be used to book flights with United Airlines in the future. The validity for such tickets is one year from the date of issuance. 

However, an additional exception for flights booked on or before 31, Dec 2022 allows validity duration to be extended to 24 months. The expiry date for these tickets will end on 31 Dec 2024. These changes were made to make flight travel more flexible after COVID. There are a few additional categories under which the tickets are termed as refundable or non-refundable. Check the following points to know the rules applicable to your ticket type. 

United Airlines tickets canceled due to genuine cases like the death or demise of a passenger or a family member are eligible for full refunds if authentic documents are submitted. 

Non-refundable fare of United Airlines 

Economy Tickets of United Airlines are non-refundable. Passengers of these tickets can receive full refund under two possible conditions that are aforementioned in the above two passages. 

How to Cancel and Claim Refund on United Airlines Ticket?

How to Cancel and Claim Refund on United Airlines Ticket

Individuals can log in to the My Trips section or call United Airlines customer support to cancel the flight ticket. Keep the confirmation number handy to share flight details with the staff on the call. 

United Airlines passengers who are looking for ways to cancel their tickets and receive refunds must follow the following steps. 

  1. Search for the United Airlines website or directly open the mobile app.
  2. On the first page, you will find the ‘My Trips‘ section.
  3. Log in with booking credentials including your name.
  4. The reservation details will open on a new page. 
  5. Choose the ‘Cancel’ option and follow the instructions.
  6. Finally, confirm the ticket cancelation after reviewing if there is any fees applied. 

The amount will be refunded within 7 business days for credit purchases. The Cash transactions can take up to 20 days. United Airlines suggests connecting with the airline representative for tickets not refunded on time. 

Not all tickets will be fully refunded. It depends on the ticket type and the policy specific to the destination and time of cancellation. Review the cancellation fee section to know more about the same.

United Airlines Cancellation Fee 

United Airlines Cancellation Fee 

United Airlines fully refundable fares receive the original amount in refund with no deductions of cancellation fee for specific conditions. The cancellation fee applicable on United tickets is tickets canceled outside the 24-hour policy. 

The difference is Economy tickets are not eligible for refunds. Whereas, other higher cabin tickets will receive refunds after deductions of the cancellation fee which is payable according to fare type and destination. 


The following content is prepared after thorough research to answer-What does Fully refundable means for United Airlines. Individuals with flights booked in 24 hours or less should quickly visit the site and cancel the reservation to redeem a full refund with no cancellation fee charged. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What are the types of refundable fares on United Airlines?

United Airlines tickets are non-refundable until canceled within 24 hours and those purchased within 7 days or more of departure time. 

What is the cancellation fee for United Airlines?

United Airlines’ cancellation fee varies on the destination and the fare type.

What is United Airlines’ 24-hours cancellation policy? 

United Airlines 24 hours cancellation policy defines that as long as the tickets were booked within 7 days or more departure time and are canceled within 24 hours of booking are eligible for full refunds.  

Does United Airlines offer refunds if a family member dies?

Yes, United Airlines offers complete refunds for flights canceled due to the demise of an immediate family member. Certified documents justifying the reason are mandatory. 
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