What Terminal is United at DFW? 

United Airlines reserves terminal E for its operations at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. The services of the airline are located between E-4 to E-9. Clear the security line to avail the United services at the airport. 

United is an American airline spreading its network across various national and international destinations. It largely covers the regions of the United States. When flying to and from Texas, the airline uses DFW airport. Its check-in, baggage, and other services can be found here. Continue reading to determine information of the gates United uses at DFW. 

Which Gates United Airlines Uses at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport? 

United Airlines use gates E-4 to E-9 at Dallas Fort Worth airport. The flight tracker on the official website informs about the arrival and departure gates of United Airlines upcoming flights. Type the airline name in the search bar to know about the gate and terminal that the airline is using currently. 

If you clicked on this page to determine what terminal is United at DFW, do check some other essential details that will help locate the United services, reducing the time wasted wondering where to go next. 

United Services Location 
Check-In Level 0 and Level 1 
Baggage Level 1, terminal E 
Departure Level 1 
Lounge Close to gate E-6, at level 1 

The above table states the terminal and gates which the United airline uses to serve its passengers at DFW. Moving forward, below you will find the additional services and the utilities situated at different levels of DFW United Terminal. 

United DFW Terminal  Curbside Check-In at Level 0 

United DFW Terminal  Curbside Check-In at Level 0 

The United passengers can use the curbside check-in at level 0. Additionally, from this lowermost level of the terminal United,DFW, the airport shuttle bus picks and drops the passengers. Enter from Level 0 and move to the United Curbside check-in to get the boarding pass to board the flight.

Explore Shops and Services at Level 2 of DFW, United Terminal 

Firstly there are two check-ins for United Airlines at Terminal E. One of them is located at Level 1. Here you will also find food counters like Chick-Fil-A, Auntie’s Anne, and others. This level of the DFW airport is loaded with a bunch of amenities that passengers require often. To print a boarding pass, United airline passengers can use the self-serve kiosk present at this level.  The last and the most important service is the United Club lounge at Level 1, near gate E-6 of Terminal E DFW. 

Skylink at Level 3 of Dallas Terminal E 

The terminal 3 is reserved by United Airline for flying to and from Texas. At level 3 of this terminal, there is no service specific to the airline, but there is a Skylink rail track that drives passengers from one terminal to another. This is one of the airport transportation facilities that also offers the shortest route possible between the terminals. 

Concluding,these and many other services are present at the terminal of DFW United Airlines that the passengers will be able to use when visiting the airport for their next departure or arrival.  Like every airport, DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) Airport has a variety of shops stationed at a distance of numbered steps. To make your trip more convenient at the airport, here is where you can find the most popular shops and stores of Terminal E, DFW Airport. 

Shops Gate and Landmark 
Lone Star Attitude Close to Gate E34 at Level 1
NBC_5 Travel Store On level 1 nearest to Gate 36  
VAS Level 1, near to gate E38 
In Motion Entertainment Close to Gate E38 and another at E16
Marshall Russo Gate E 12, Level 1 
Hudson Near Gate 8 at Level 1
7-Eleven Level 1, close to Gate 13 
Electronics Vending At level 1, near Gate E7 
Texas Marketplace Gate E15, Level 1
Sound Balance Near Gate 33 of Level 1
NBC_5 Travel Store Terminal E, Close to Gate 31, Level 1 
Lick Candy Store Gate number E33, Level 1 

Majority of the food and beverages options are on Level 1 of the terminal. Passengers using the United Club lounge can look out for some snacks options present right at this terminal. The passengers arriving at Terminal E of DFW airport can also review the shops list to find food counters as per their taste preferences. As the shops keep adding to expand the variety of options, it will be good to check the entire list of cafes, restaurants and other shops at DFW Airport. 

Wrap up

International Airports are huge in size covering acres of land. Hence, it is always suggested to check about the locations that a traveler will have to visit before arriving at the airport. This content has been prepared with the similar intent to inform all the passengers about what terminal is United at DFW. Apart from this, the shops and services that you will encounter at the airport are also clearly mentioned for reference. As the waiting hours are long for international departures, it is best to plan the ways to spend at the airport. United passengers can first finish the check-in process and then do some window shopping in the remaining time. Often, it is the best place to buy gifts for the families, and dear ones who you will be meeting soon. 

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is the full form of DFW airport? 

Dallas Fort Worth is the full form of DFW. 

What terminal is United Airlines at DFW for International flights?

United Airlines at DFW functions from terminal E for its international and domestic flights. 

Is United Airlines at DFW?

Yes, United Airlines flies to various destinations from DFW Airport. 

How many terminals are there at DFW Airport? 

There are five terminals at DFW Airport, namely, Terminal A,B,C,D,E
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