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United Airlines functions from Las Vegas McCarran Airport. Formerly, it was known as Harry Reid International airport. The Las Vegas Airport is a hub for all International airlines arriving in the country. 

United Airlines use terminal 3 of Las Vegas Airport. The passengers will be able to find United Services situated at this terminal. It is very essential for travelers of upcoming flights to know what terminal is United in Las Vegas, reducing the hassle of finding service locations after arriving at the airport. 

What Gate Does United Airlines Use at LA Harry Reid International Airport? 

dedicated guide mapping the airport locations

United Passengers are advised to pre-check all the details to board the scheduled flight. Las Vegas Harry Reid Airport has 110 aircraft gates. Also, there is no  interconnectivity between the terminals.  Resultantly, It is very common for the passengers to lose sight of the services due to the mass size of the airport. If the terminal and specific location is known beforehand, then it is a cakewalk to finish the check-in and board the plane from the departure gateway. 

The next section is a dedicated guide mapping the airport locations used by United Airlines to serve its passengers. 

What terminal Does United Fly out of in Las Vegas? 

United Airlines flies to domestic and international routes from Las Vegas Mccarran Airport. The aircrafts of the airline use the terminal 3, D gates of LA airport. Passengers can board the plane after clearing the security and  completing the check-in. United Airlines uses numerous D gates of Harry Reid Terminal. The boarding pass and the flight info section contains the present day schedules of the airline along with the Departure gate. The above attached image shows the flight name and gate of departure at Terminal United Las Vegas. 

Where Does United Airlines Arrive at Las Vegas Airport? 

Where Does United Airlines Arrive at Las Vegas Airport? 

Similar to the above information, the Arrivals of United Airlines are also scheduled at Terminal 3, D gates. The gate specific for your ticket will be mentioned in the boarding pass and the flight info section available on the airport official site. The arriving passengers of United Airlines must explore the food and beverages section before leaving the airport. On terminal 3, you will find popular stores like Dunkin’ Express, Starbucks, Sammy’s Beach Bar and Grill. 

United Airlines Check-In Counter at LA, Harry Reid Int’l Airport 

United Airlines offers four  check-in facilities at the Harry Reid airport, including three curbside check-in. Importantly, United uses  E gates for its check-in facility. Check the following table to find where United check-ins are present with their respective location. 

United Check-in Level and nearest gate 
Check-in Level 2, E gates 
United Curbside Check-inClose to gate E 40, level 2
Terminal 3 E gates, near gate 41 
Level 2, Door E 40 

 Passengers must arrive early to finish the check-in without worrying about the long queues  waiting for their check-in at the airport. The kiosks sharing the load of heavy traffic is also an easy way to finish check-in  and print the boarding pass. Remember the booking reference number to login and verify the passenger details to get the boarding pass. The checked bag tags can also be availed from the kiosk machine. United Premier access check-in is also available at level 2 of terminal 7 offering a short cut channel to clear the check-in and get a boarding pass.

Relax at United Airlines Lounges Las Vegas Terminal

The United Club lounge is present at level 1, D gate of Las Vegas Airport terminal. The lounge  access is determined according to the airline eligibility policy. The business class and membership members can surely enter the United lounge and enjoy benefits like showers, WiFi, snacks and food. On the same level, you will also find restaurants and cafes offering a  much larger variety to choose from. While within the lounge, the services are free of cost or included in the ticket fee. So, travelers prefer sitting in the lounge,using the facilities offered by the airline. 

United Airlines Terminal 3 Parking Area

Apart from the main boarding related service, the airport is equipped with several other abilities to offer a smooth, convenient experience to its guests. Park your private vehicles at level 2, and move further for the boarding process. Use the airport map for directions leading to the desired location. While there are other rental and car booking services offered by the Las Vegas Airport that are available for reservations on the official website. 

Las Vegas United Airlines Terminal Additional Services 

Las Vegas Airport has a bulk of amenities and facilities suitable to the passengers needs. The terminal 3 United Airlines uses is divided into three terminals equipped with a wide variety of services. There are food to gift shops at this terminal which United Passengers can visit and buy products available for sale as per their preferences. 

One important feature  is the Las Vegas Tram that picks and drops from level 0 offering connectivity to stops defined by the airline. The current routes of the Tram are detailed in the Transportation section of Harry Reid Airport website. There are airport shuttles that also drive their way from one gate to another. First locate the restaurant or cafe you wish to visit and then check the tram that will drop you to the specific gate and level where the facility is present. 

Highlights of The Content 

Reaching to the conclusion,let’s review the highlights of what terminal is United in Las Vegas. The passengers will be able to find all the Unites services at Terminal 3. D and E gates are used by the airline to serve its passengers from Las Vegas airport. The departures are reserved near the D gates, while the check-in counters are near the E gates of terminal 3. It is must to remember that the terminal used by United Airlines is the same, only the gates used are different for various services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is The Difference Between Harry Reid International Airport and McCarran International Airport?

Harry Reid is the new name of McCarran International Airport. Both names belong to the same airport. 

Which Terminal is United in Las Vegas? 

Terminal 3, D gates are used by United Airlines in Las Vegas.

What Airlines are in Terminal 3 in Las Vegas?

Aeromexico, WestHet, Viva, Volaris, Virgin Atlantic, Swoop, Lynx, Korean Air, KLM, Flair, Copa, Swiss, Condor, Jetlines, British Airways, Air Canada, Alaska, Breeze, Frontier, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue, Sun Country, and United are 24 airlines that operate from Terminal 3 of Las Vegas Airport. 

What Terminal is United Airlines in Las Vegas for check-in?

United Airlines uses E 40 and 41 gates of Terminal 3 at Las Vegas Airport.
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