What Terminal Is United Airlines At Newark?

United Airlines uses Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport. United Airlines operates its departing flights from Terminal C at Newark Airport (EWR). Nevertheless, in some cases where the flight terminal gets changed, the passengers are informed prior to the arrivals and departure. 

Let’s discuss in detail about Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C at Newark Airport (EWR).

Newark Liberty International Airport (EVR) Terminal A Guide with Map

Terminal A at EWR refers to Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport, one of the airport’s three passenger terminals. Terminal A is located on the airport’s northern side and primarily serves domestic flights.

Levels at Terminal A EWR

The Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport consists of four levels: 

  • Level 1: Passengers can access parking facilities at this level. 
  • Level 2: It is the arrivals and baggage claim area where the passengers can access the transportation system and some other basic services. 
  • Level 3: This is the check-in area where the passengers can access several security check-points. And, access the boarding gates. 
  • Gates Level: Gates level leads the passengers to boarding gates A1, A2, and A3. 
  • Concourse A1: Gates A10 to A18.
  • Concourses A2: Gates A20, A25, A26A, A26B, A27, A28.
  • Concourses A3: Gates A30 to A39. 

Services at Terminal A EWR

1. Restaurants and cafeterias, Shops, and Duty Free. 

2. Charging Stations, Shoe shine service, and Accessible services

3. Medical Offices, Pet Relief Area, and TSA Pre-Check Office

4. Welcome Center, ATM, Currency Exchange, and Concierge Services

Terminal B at EWR Airport

Terminal B at Newark Airport is the only passenger terminal that is directly operated by the Port Authority. It is close to Short-Term parking and the other two terminals, A and C.

Levels at Terminal B EWR

  • Level 1: Level 1 consists of three bus stops for passengers to access transportation.
  • Level 2: Level 2 is the arrivals area where the baggage claim is located. It houses several services including ground transportation. 
  • Level 3: Level 3 is the check-in area where several check-in counters are located. It allows access to Gates level. 
  • Gates Level: Gates level is home to Concourse B1, Concourse B2, and Concourse B3. 
  • Concourse B1: Gates B40, B41A, B41B, B43 to B45, B46A, B46B, B47.
  • Concourse B2: Gates B51 to B57.
  • Concourse B3: Gates B60-B63, B65-B68.

Services at Terminal B EWR

1. Concierge Services, Elevators, and Escalators/Stairs.

2. Restaurants and cafeterias, Shops, Duty Free, and Charging Stations

3. Shoe shine service, Accessible services, Medical Offices, Pet Relief Area

4. TSA Pre-Check Office, Welcome Center, ATM, and Currency Exchange

Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport

Newark Airport Terminal C is the United Airlines terminal at Newark Airport, and it only serves flights operated by this airline. Some United or United Express flights operate from both Terminal A and Terminal B.

Levels at Terminal C EWR

  • Level 1: Level 1 is the baggage claim area for arriving passengers, which houses several facilities as well. 
  • Level 2: International Ticketing and Economy Class, Premier Access and Business First check-in, and a number of basic services are also available at this level.
  • Mezzanine Level: At this level, the passengers can access airlines clubs plus US immigration counters, along with currency exchange services. 
  • Level 3: Level 3 is the check-in and ticketing area for domestic passengers. This level allows the passengers to access Concourse C1, C2, and C3. 
  • Gates Level: Gates level is home to concourse C1, C2, and C3. 
  • Concourse C1: It houses gates C70 to C75, C80 to C88, C90 to C99.
  • Concourse C2: Gates C101A, C102A, C103A-B, C104A-B, C106A, C107A-B, C108A-B, C109A, C110A-B, C111A, C112A-B, C113A-B, C114A-B and C115A-B.
  • Concourse C3: From C120 to C128 and C130 to C139. Terminal C has 68 gates, with the last one being C139.

Services at Terminal C EWR

  • Restaurants and cafeterias, duty free, and shops. 
  • Duty-free shops for international travelers
  • Baggage services, including lost and found.
  • Charging Stations, Shoe shine service, and – TSA Pre-Check Office
  • Accessible services, Pet Relief Area, Medical Offices, and ATM
  • Welcome Center, Elevators, Escalators/Stairs, and Currency Exchange

Newark Airport Information

Airport NameNewark Liberty International Airport
Airport Address3 Brewster Road, Newark, NJ 07114, United States
Airport IATA CodeEWR
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/EWRairport
Twitter https://twitter.com/EWRairport

How do you Transfer Between Terminals at Newark Airport? 

Passengers could transfer between terminals using the AirTrain, a free automated mover.

In addition, a shuttle service connects Terminal A and Terminal C. You can board it near gate A28 in Terminal A and near gate C71 in Terminal C. The AirTrain allows people to connect to other terminals and locations within the airport itself. 

Bottom Line

Overall, United Airlines operates from Terminal C from Newark Liberty International Airport. So, if you are wondering what terminal is United Airlines at Newark, then you can look up the above information to know the arriving and departing terminals for your reserved flights. Passengers should remain in touch with United at Newark to extract the needful information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Terminal is United Departures at Newark?

United Airlines departs from Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport. 

What Terminal is United Airlines Arrivals at Newark?

United Airlines arrivals take place at Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport. 

What Terminal is United at Newark Airport?

United Airlines utilizes Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport. 

Can you walk between Terminals at Newark Liberty International Airport?

Passengers can either take the AirTrain or shuttle bus as a means of transportation between the terminals or walk between the Terminals at EWR. 
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