What Terminal is United At ORD

O Hare International Airport is the primary international airport in Chicago. Nonstop and direct flights depart from this airport. It has four terminals numbered 1,2,3 and 5. All these are equipped with facilities to offer a convenient and hassle-free experience to visiting travelers. 

After a quick short summary of the airport, let’s shift our focus to what terminal is United at ORD. Passengers who have a scheduled flight with the airline must be finding answers to this question as it leads to a waste of time and confusion in finding out the right terminal at the airport. So, let’s move to the next section for a detailed answer to your query. 

Complete Description Of United ORD Airport Terminal 

Airport NameChicago O’Hare International Airport(ORD)
Airport CodeORD Airport
Address10000 W O’Hare Ave, Chicago, IL 60666, United States

United Airlines uses two terminals at Chicago ORD Airport. Terminal 1 is dedicated to departures and Terminal 5 is for International arrivals. Passengers can check the present-day airline schedules on the display board for final confirmation. 

Moreover, the lounge service of United Airlines is also located at Terminal 2 along with Terminal 1. So, a few facilities of the airline are dispersed at the airport. Here is combined information for all the United services at the airport with their exact location. Additionally, this content will inform you about the airport amenities available to you. 

United Airlines Departures and Arrivals at ORD 

United Airlines departures are scheduled at the terminal of ORD international airport. But, its international flights arrive at terminal 5 of the airport. The baggage and other airline-related services are located at both these terminals for a smooth end or beginning of the journey. The passengers who are flying from this airport must check the details for the gate and the terminal from their boarding pass or ask the staff in case of any confusion. 

United Club at ORD Terminal  

United Airlines offers its lounge service at terminals 1 and 2 of ORD International Airport. The passengers who have a reserved flight can relax here before the boarding announcement. Given, they qualify the eligibility criteria for United Lounge access. Elite status, lounge membership, or passengers flying from business or first class are allowed to enter the United Lounge and use the facilities offered here. 

At Terminal 1, Concourse B, gates B6 and 18, there are United lounges at the airport. Also, you will find the facility at Terminal 2, concourse F, and gates F9. Passengers must first check the Terminal 1 lounge as it is at the same place as the departing flight gate. Rest, ask the staff what lounge is available at that time and use it accordingly. Use a shuttle bus or train to reach the other terminal. 

Check-In for United Airlines 

Check-In for United Airlines 

United Airlines check-in is at terminal 1 of the ORD airport. Since all its flights depart from this terminal, the check-in counter is also available here. The passengers can get their boarding pass from the self-serve kiosk or ticket counters after finishing the check-in. any of the two facilities. 

Airport Transit System for United Airlines Passengers 

The Airport Transit System is a train facility that drops passengers from one terminal to another and other stations like parking lots, pace buses, Metra, etc. Its arrival timings at each stop is within every 3-5 minutes and works 24 hours a day.  It is a very useful feature for United Airlines travelers due to its dispersed operations at different terminals. 

Terminal Transfer Bus at ORD

United Passengers who need to move from terminal 1 to 5 or vice versa can also catch the terminal bus from the respective stations at these two terminals.

Terminal 1: Gate B1 

Terminal 5: Gate M13 

The bus picks up and drops at these terminals from these gates. Make sure to reach there and catch the bus for a quick and smooth transit to the other terminal. 

The active work timings for the bus are from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. It reaches each terminal after every 15 minutes. 

Rental Cars and Parking Stations at ORD Chicago Airport

Rental Cars and Parking Stations at ORD Chicago Airport

Departing or arriving passengers can book a rental car or cab service from the Chicago ORD airport. Currently, there are 12 private car companies registered with the airport that passengers can use to leave or arrive here. You can check the details on the official website of ORD airport.

Economy Parking, long-term or short-term parking valet parking, and a variety of parking lots are available at O’Hare International Airport. These are to fulfill the different requirements of people arriving at the airport. Some might come to drop off or pick up, while the rest must be the passengers. The prices vary as per the features and ease of access. 

United Airlines passengers can use the terminal 5-Lot D service to easily reach the terminal after parking their vehicle. While you can also use the Economy parking and later catch the train to reach the desired terminal. 

Overview of O’Hare International Airport Terminal


United Passengers must be careful as the airline operations are at different terminals of the airport.It is a must to confirm what terminal is United at ORD airport from the boarding pass as the operations are subject to change from one terminal to another. Other facilities are also provided by the airline which are located at terminals 1,2 and 5. You can even relax in their lounge service available at locations mentioned in the above content. Make sure to reach the airport at the prescribed time to avoid denied entry or missing a flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Terminal is United at ORD International Airport?

United Airlines uses terminals 1,2 and 5 at ORD International Airport. Departures are reserved at Terminal 2. 

What does ORD Airport stand for?

O’Hare international airport is the full form for ORD Airport in Chicago.  

How many terminals does United Airlines use at O’Hare Airport? 

United Airlines operations are scheduled at three different terminals of ORD Airport, namely, 1,2, and 5. 

Which airport does United Airlines used in Chicago? 

United Airlines uses O’Hare International Airport in Chicago to operate international and national flights. 
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