What is Economy Plus on United Airlines

Economy Plus seating’s are the front seats in the Basic Economy cabin offering additional leg space up to 15 cms. Other additional benefits are assigned to these seats. Enjoy a better and convenient experience while flying in the Economy cabin. The prices are additionally charged for this. 

United Airlines commitment towards smooth travel is surely appreciable. Joining the trend to make the basic seatings more convenient and private, it also offers the Economy Plus seats. Extra space and the front row ensuring easy access to the door are the prime benefits of this seat. However, due to its limited number, there are provisions deciding who will get to buy it first. Continue reading more interesting facts and terms for the United Economy plus seats. 

A Detailed Introduction to Economy Plus Seats 

Economy Plus Seats 

United Airlines Economy Plus seats are available on all flights. These are present in the same basic cabin but with extra leg space and in the front row. It’s one of the preferred seats by the passengers. 

The MileagePlus Premier members and the Basic Economy passengers can book it only during the check-in. This restriction is applied due to the limited availability of the seats. The United Economy plus seat costs range between 599-699 Dollars depending on the destination and route. 

Now, the passengers can even buy subscriptions for gaining access to the seats for an entire year. There is one  model ensuring seats in the front row with validity up to year with additional customizable benefits. Before discussing the details for these, let us discuss the members who have the complimentary access to book the Economy seats first. It even additionally gives the permit to its few other known people. Read the description below to get a better idea. 

  1.  A Platinum premier member and its other additional 8 companions are entitled to Economy Plus seats access. 
  2. While the MileagePlus Gold members gain the complimentary access along with one other. 
  3. Lastly, the Mileage Silver members get the access for self and plus one to the Economy plus only after check-in. 

The Mileage plus premier passengers who will fly on Economy plus seats are eligible for premier points. These are the members of the loyalty program of United Airlines. That is why, not only this, many other additional benefits are accessible on their tickets. They are even permitted to carry extra bags. If you are also a member of this premier group, then check out what is United Airlines baggage allowance for your ticket and destination. 

Economy Plus Norms 

Economy  Basic ticket passengers will only be able to buy the Economy plus seat during check-in. 

The passengers who will cancel complete or partial reservations will lose the  assigned Economy plus seat. It can be purchased for the updated bookings based on availability. 

These seats are only available on United and United Express flights. The partner airlines do not offer it. 

The refunds are automatically credited for Economy Plus seats if the flight was canceled or changed due to various operational reasons. 

It generally takes 2 billing cycles since the date of scheduled departure to credit refunds. In case you did not receive it, then fill this form.

The Premier qualifying points are awarded to the MileagePlus members.

Buy Economy Plus Subscriptions 

United Airlines makes the process to book the Economy Plus seats more guaranteed with its subscription model. Here, it enables the passengers to get confirmed plus seats in the front row. You can also add these benefits for your companion up to 8 people. The price for this subscription begins at 599 Dollars. Upgrades and gifting this subscription is also possible. 

Other benefits that you can add with the assured availability to Economy plus are United Club, premier points, etc. These can be customized and the total cost of the pack will be shown on the screen. The validity for this last longs for an entire year and the prices vary as per the benefits and companions included. Read these terms and conditions before purchasing it. 

Terms and Conditions for Economy Plus bundled Subscriptions 

United Airlines Economy Plus
  1. Economy plus subscriptions can not be refunded or transferred. 
  2. Including the date of purchase, it will expire on the date specified. 
  3. In order to access its benefits, add the Mileage Plus number. 
  4. If a Subscription is sold to some other person then the airline has complete rights to nullify the benefits and take strict actions against the seller. While those purchasing must also be careful as third party sold subscriptions are not valid. 
  5. The Economy plus specific seat is not guaranteed under this model. Yet any seat among the available will surely be reserved. 
  6. United Airlines also holds the right to cancel,change the subscription policy. 
  7. The upgraded subscriptions are valid since the date of renewal for one complete year. 
  8. The left out balance is included in the continued updated subscriptions. 
  9. Those receiving Economy Plus subscriptions as a gift must make sure that it should be activated within 60 dates of issue. Else, it will automatically activate and expire on the due date. 
  10. Its renewal is possible anytime within 30 days before the departure. 
  11. Customers on automatic renewal programs will be charged for restarting the subscription. 


The content above is thoroughly researched to simplify the description and give an overview of what is Economy Plus on United Airlines. The Mileage plus Gold, Silver and Platinum members are eligible for the complimentary seat access along with benefits extending to their other few companions. Apart from this there are more service benefits that are assigned for these passengers. Read the content carefully to know about the advantages and the conditions applicable to it. 

United Airlines Economy Plus Seats (FAQs)

What is Economy Plus on United Airlines?

Economy Plus on United Airlines are seats with extra leg space and access to the front day allowing easy debearding. 

How much is the price for United Airlines Economy plus seats?

United Airlines Economy plus price costs vary for domestic and international flights, starting from 599 Dollars. 

Can Basic Economy ticket passengers book the Economy plus seats?

Economy class passengers can select and purchase the Economy plus seats only during check-in. 

What are the benefits of purchasing Economy Plus on United Airlines?

Economy Plus seats allow the passengers to fly with extra comfort even in the basic  cabin due to the position of the seat in the front with more leg space. 
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