What Terminal is United Airlines at LAX? Los Angeles Airport What Terminal is United Airlines at LAX? Los Angeles Airport
What Terminal is United Airlines at LAX

United Airlines uses Terminal 7-8  to fly its passengers from Los Angeles International Airport. The majority of the operations of United are reserved on terminal 7. United Express or United is a popular airline in the U.S. which flies to several locations, nationally and internationally. 

One of the domestic locations it flies to is Los Angeles. This city witnesses a wave of tourists every year. Passengers who have a flight scheduled from Los Angeles Airport must have a lot of questions rising about where and how to reach the United Airlines Terminal, LAX. 

Everything You Need To Know About United Airlines Terminal At LAX Airport? 

About United Airlines Terminal At LAX Airport

United Airlines uses two terminals, namely 7 and 8 at  (LAX) Los Angeles Airport. The check-in, lounge, and other major services are located at terminal 7. Whereas a few departures are planned at terminal 8 of LAX terminal 8. That is why it is very important for passengers to confirm what terminal is United at LAX before arriving at the airport. 

The heavy traffic of different airlines will lead to confusion as to where to move ahead after entering the LAX airport. There are eight terminals that are inter-connected from each other via a U-shaped structure. This is another reason why you should be aware of every fine detail related to United Airlines and its services. 

Airport NameLos Angeles International Airport(LAX)
Airport CodeLAX
Airport Address1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, United States

United Arrivals at LAX Terminal 

The boarding pass contains all information related to the booked flight including what terminal is United Arrivals at LAX. After landing, the travelers can walk to the baggage service and pick up their luggage from the conveyor belt. On LAX, United Airlines’ arrivals are at terminal 7. Always keep the Airport map open to find your way to the airport. 

United Departure LAX Terminal 

For departures, United Airlines uses both the terminal, 7 and 8. The aircrafts take off from the level of the two terminals. Use the boarding pass or flight status checker to determine what terminal is United at LAX departure for your reserved ticket. Remember to appear at least 30- 90 minutes prior to the departure time. When to arrive at the airport varies on the destination, route, and ticket type. 

United Lounge of Los Angeles Airport 

United Lounge of Los Angeles Airport 

 United Airlines awaits passengers with its two major lounges at LAX. Polaris and United Club Lounges are open for passengers a few hours before the flight take-off time. Business, elite class, and club membership owners will have access to lounges with additional benefits like WiFi, food, comfortable wide seats, and many others. 

Lounge Location 
United Club Gate 73, terminal 7,Level 3
Polaris Lounge 71 A, terminal, level 3 of terminal 7

The members can also avail of the partner lounge at Terminal B or Tom Bardley. 

United Offline Check-in at LAX Airport 

United Offline Check-in at LAX Airport 

United Airlines passengers can access the self-serve kiosk or check-in counters to print the boarding pass. For online passengers, check-in begins 24 hours before the flight. Whereas, for offline medium, the time ranges between 60 to 90 minutes for domestic and international routes. The time is informed by United beforehand. The listed timetable for when to arrive at LAX is available on the airline’s official website. Following are the locations of the United check-ins at LAX Airport.

Baggage Services at LAX United Terminal 

After check-in, United guests should drop their bags at Level 3 of Terminal 8. Contrarily, the arriving passengers should pick up their bags from Level 1, terminal 7 of United. Passengers concerned due to lost luggage should register their complaints immediately to the staff. The baggage service of United is present and functional at terminals 7 and 8. Depending on the terminal of arrival or departure, visit the service location accordingly. 

Level 2, near the curbside at Terminal 7Terminal 8, level 3 
United Baggage Drop Level 2, close to check-in and other at Level 
Lost and Found Level 2, near the curbside at terminal 7
Bag Drop Shortcut Level 1, Terminal 7
Baggage Service Level 1, terminal 7
Odd Size Baggage Service Near Check-In • Outside Security, level 2 

United Customer Service Office 

United Customer Service Office 

Finally, despite following the information as defined by the airline, passengers can connect with staff for any unresolved queries. United Airlines’ customer service center is at level 3 of terminal 7. The service center is situated close to gate 70 A. 

All the above-mentioned and additional service counters at level 2 of terminal 7 are available to serve the customers during active hours. Apart from the services offered by United, the Terminal 7 or 8 of LAX airport is loaded with an array of shopping and dining options. Passengers before boarding the plane can spend their remaining time spending some bucks at the airport. Else, the Aviation Museum is another attraction of Los Angeles where travelers like to spend the rest of their time. 

Overview of Los Angeles International Airport Terminal 7

Key Takeaways 

The content clearly defines what terminal is United at LAX and covers other relevant information that is a must to know for all the passengers. Complete know-how about the terminal where the airline operates saves a lot of time and helps in continuing a hassle-free boarding process. Specifically, United uses two terminals for departures in Los Angeles, the details must be clearly understood to avoid confusion and chaos at the end moment. The focus should be on filing the right information during the check-in to get the boarding pass with zero errors and interruptions. 

What Terminal is United Airlines at LAX (FAQs)

How many airlines use Los Angeles Airport (LAX)?

The airlines using the Los Angeles airport are 69 passenger and 23 cargo airlines. 

What Terminal does United Airlines use at LAX?

 United Airlines uses Terminal 7 of LAX airport for the majority of its operations.

Who can access the United Lounge at LAX airport?

Business class passengers, elite status, and United club or alliance membership holders qualify for the eligibility criteria of United Airlines.

What time does United Airlines open at LAX?

The airline’s opening hours are subject to airport timings and the flight schedule of United Airlines. The passengers are expected to arrive 60-90 minutes prior to departure. 
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