What Terminal Is Virgin Atlantic At JFK? 

Virgin Atlantic uses the JFK airport in New York. John F. Kennedy Airport is a hub to 90 plus airlines.

The international flights land at this port. It has a total of five terminals. This content defines in-depth about what terminal does Virgin Atlantic use at JFK airport and other relevant information.

The Terminal is subject to change due to reasons like heavy traffic, operational concerns etc. It is advised to confirm the terminal number from the boarding pass. While these changes are very rare and majorly Virgin Atlantic reserves the same terminal for all its operation.

Where are Virgin Atlantic Services Located at JFK Airport? 

Virgin Atlantic uses Terminal 4 at JFK Airport. Departures to the lounge, everything is situated at the same terminal of the Airport. 

Passengers well aware of which terminal at JFK for Virgin Atlantic to use must also know about the gates and levels the following services are located. You will have to walk a few less steps wondering where to go for Virgin Atlantic JFK terminal services. 

Virgin Atlantic Departure

JFK Airport Virgin  Atlantic departure is scheduled at terminal 4. The passengers can follow the signal board to reach the desired location. 

Virgin Atlantic Arrival 

The Virgin Atlantic Airline uses the same JFK terminal 4 for arrivals at the airport. All international and domestic flights arrive at the terminal 4 base.

JFK Terminal Virgin Atlantic Check-In 

Virgin Atlantic is at level 4 at JFK Terminal 4. The kiosks and the ticketing counters are the options available for the offline check-in. Carry necessary documents like the reference number which is required for the check-in and getting a boarding pass. 

Virgin Atlantic Ticket Sales 

People who wish to buy additional or new tickets for the next journey with Virgin Atalntic can visit the ticket sales office terminal 4 of the airport. Travelers can also contact the ticketing department for the seat upgrade. 

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

The Virgin Atlantic lounge is known as the Clubhouse. The eligibility criteria to use the lounge is subject to the ticket type and other few conditions. Those tickets that hold the access to relax and use the lounge facilities can visit the  Clubhouse located close to the Gate A5 on level 4 of Virgin Atlantic JFK Terminal.

Other Services at John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK)

The above mentioned services are what Virgin Atlantic offers at the JFK Airport. Dial (800) 862-8621 for any related queries or request for special assistance. Alongside, a plethora of facilities, shops maintained and served by the airport are available at JFK. Passengers patiently waiting for their flight departure can relax and entertain themselves using the following defined services. 

  • WiFi
  • Clothing Brand shops 
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Airport Art and Museums 
  • Kids Playing Section 
  • Fitness Zone 
  • News and Magazines reading areas 
  • Coffee shops 

Apart from these, there is Airport bus and Air Train that picks and drops from various locations outside and within the airport. The Airport bus specifically travels to and from terminals at the airport. JFK (John F. Kennedy) even has rental car and taxi facilities that people arriving or leaving the airport can book. The charges and availability specifications are present on the official website. 


Now passengers don’t need to waste time in searching for what terminal is Virgin Atlantic at JFK. After arriving at the airport, catch the airport bus from the gate and reach the terminal . Finish the process required and in the spare time, relax at the lounge or use the facilities at the JFK airport. As per your preference, you can spend time at JFK waiting to board the Virgin Atlantic plane.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Terminal does Virgin Atlantic use at JFK? 

Virgin Atlantic operates from the terminal 4 of the JFK Airport.

Is there a Lounge at JFK Airport for Virgin Atlantic Airlines?

The passengers can use the Clubhouse lounge offered by Virgin Atlantic airlines. 

Which Terminal at JFK for Virgin Atlantic for International flights?

Virgin Atlantic flights arrive at terminal 4 of the JFK airport.
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