How to Cancel a Flight on VivaAerobus

Passengers can cancel a flight on VivaAerobus by contacting the Customer Service Center directly. Uncertainty arrives without a knock on the door leaving many plans in life affected. Hence, the airline introduced Viva Aerobus Cancellation Policy for passengers. You can cancel VivaAerobus flight within 24 hours for free and claim a full refund. So, if you encountered an unforeseen situation then you must be wondering How to Cancel Viva Aerobus Flight? Well, the steps are rather easy and quick. You can refer to the information shared on this page to Cancel VivaAerobus Flight. We would like to remind you that Zero fare holders cannot cancel or change their flights. 

Viva Aerobus Cancellation Policy

Viva Aerobus Cancellation Policy

Viva Aerobus Flight Cancellation Policy says that if something urgent has come up and the passenger is unable to take flight then the flight can be canceled free of cost within 24 hours of booking. Under VivaAerobus 24hrs Cancellation Policy, the passenger is given a full refund of ticket payment. However, no refund is allotted if the cancellation is done after a day of purchase.

Viva Aerobus Cancellation Policy does not provide any refund option if cancellation is made after 24 hours. Only The Airport Use Fee (TUA) will be refunded in such cases. In addition, passengers can request for TUA fee refund up to 30 days after not taking the scheduled flight. Individuals must go through the terms and conditions to gather more information on TUA refunds. 

Furthermore, if your reason to cancel VivaAerobus flight is serious then you must contact the customer service center. According to your condition and the airline’s compensation policy, a passenger may cancel their flight. Additionally, it is recommended to buy the airline’s travel protection, Full Refund, to avoid such conditions. Scroll through to know more about Viva Aerobus Flight Cancellation Policy. 

How to Cancel a Flight on VivaAerobus?

Now the question must be arising, how do I cancel my VivaAerobus flight? Passenger can cancel their flight by dialing the customer care number. Check the below-mentioned steps on How to Cancel a Flight on VivaAerobus?

1. Contact Viva Aerobus Customer Care Service

Contact Viva Aerobus Customer Care Service

The Viva Aerobus Customer Care Service will assist you in canceling the flight without any hurdles. So, there are several ways to reach the customer care agent, you can choose any option that is convenient to you.
*Passengers may also Change Flight Viva Aerobus, in case canceling a flight is not convenient. 

Calling From Mexico81 82 150 150
The United States+1 866 FLY VIVA(+1 866 359 8482) 
Columbia+ 57 800 5189402
AddressMonterrey International Airport. Terminal C, Miguel Aleman highway Km 24, Apodaca, NL, Mexico, C.P. 66600 

2. Cancel Viva Aerobus Flight Online

Cancel Viva Aerobus Flight Online

Follow these steps to check if cancellation can be done online on the official website:

  • Start off by opening the official website –
  • Now, click on the “My Booking” option given at the top of the homepage.
  • Under the “find your reservation” column, enter your reservation code and surname then click on the “Search” button. 
  • The page will load your upcoming reservations. You can choose the one you wish to cancel by clicking on the relevant option. 
  • You may now cancel your VivaAerobus flight.

Can You Cancel Your VivaAerobus Flight and Get a Refund?

Can You Cancel Your VivaAerobus Flight and Get a Refund

Yes, it is possible with VivaAerobus Full Refund travel protection. Passengers can claim a full refund for canceling a flight due to unforeseen events. This is a type of travel insurance provided by the airline which can be added at the time of reservation. You can purchase this coverage simply by selecting the “Full Refund” option when booking a flight with VivaAerobus. This will protect your reservation when life happens. Passengers just have to cancel the Viva Aerobus flight before the scheduled departure and request for refund. The following are the circumstances that are covered under VivaAerobus Full Refund Travel Insurance

Coronavirus diagnosisBan on travel by the Government
Getting ill unexpectedlyThe Demise of Ticket Holder
Wedding Ceremony CancellationsComplications in pregnancy
Sudden UnemploymentForcefully relocating job
Job ChangeFailure of scheduled airline
House Fire IncidentFailure of the vehicle on the way
Occurrence of accidents that affected travel plansTicket holder examination date change 
Injury to Ticket HolderVictim of Robbery
Pre-existing medical conditions getting worseLegal summon issued in the name of the ticket holder

How to Request Full Refund After Viva Aerobus Flight Cancellation?

How to Request Full Refund After Viva Aerobus Flight Cancellation

Passengers can contact MAS Services to request a full refund after Viva Aerobus Flight Cancellation. If you have bought the Full Refund travel protection plan then you can follow these quick and easy steps:

1. Reach out to MAS Services. You can contact them any time of the day as it is available 24*7. Refer to the below-mentioned contact details

  • Contact Number: +52 55 84 21 04 57 
  • Email Address: 
  • Facebook: MASasistencias 
  • Instagram Account: @mas_servicios_ 
  • Linkedin Account: MAS Servicios

2. Now, you have to verify the Viva Aerobus Cancellation Criteria and provide the necessary documents. 

3. After successful interaction on the phone, the concerned authority will contact you regarding the status of the cancellation request. 

Viva Aerobus Compensation Policy for Canceled Flights

Viva Aerobus Compensation Policy for Canceled Flights

The airline refers to its Viva Aerobus Compensation Policy for canceled and delayed flights. Passengers are compensated according to their situation on the day of the flight, delayed hours, and the cause of delay and cancellation. 

Delayed TimeCompensation
One to two hours75$ worth of electronic vouchers that can be used to purchase another flight on the Viva Aerobus website.
Two to three hoursVouchers are worth 8% of the delayed flight total cost.
Three to four hoursElectronic voucher worth 8% of the delayed flight total cost.
Food & Beverages Or Redeemable Coupons
Delayed for more than four hours or flight cancellationElectronic voucher worth 25% of the delayed flight cost and providing a ticket to the next Viva Aerobus flight Or Option to change flight date within the next 30-day period plus a voucher that is equivalent to 25% of the delayed flight total cost.Or A Refund of the ticket or the amount of the untaken flight with a voucher that is equal to 25% of the delayed flight cost. 

FAQs on How to Cancel & Viva Aerobus Cancellation Policy

How to cancel flight VivaAerobus?

Passengers can cancel a VivaAerobus flight by visiting the “My Booking” section on the homepage.

How can I cancel my flight without a cancellation fee on Viva Aerobus?

You can cancel your flight for free with VivaAerobus’s 24hr Cancellation Policy or purchase a full refund for travel protection at the time of reservation. 

Can I get a full refund for canceling my Viva Aerobus flight after 24hr?

No, the airline does not provide a full refund on cancellations done after 24hrs of booking, only TUA fees are refunded. However, you can get a refund if you purchased the full refund option at the time of booking. 

Does VivaAerobus charge for flight cancellation?

No, Viva Aerobus does not charge any fee for flight cancellations done within 24hrs of the original booking. Passengers may have to pay a certain fee amount after 24hrs depending upon the current situation.
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