How to Change a Flight on VivaAerobus

Change a flight on VivaAerobus simply by opening the official website and visiting the “My Booking” section. You will now be able to change the details on your booked flights. Sometimes unexpected events happen in life and affect your travel plans. At that moment, the question arises How to Change My Flight VivaAerobus? Worry no more! The airline is set to adapt to thor changes with you. This can happen with anyone and the airline has a quick remedy for this. With VivaAerobus Change Flight Policy, passengers get quick solutions and make changes to their travel itinerary. The airline offers a policy that is moldable to according to passenger’s needs. Thus, making the VivaAerobus Flight Change process easier. Scroll through this page to learn more about the attached guidelines.

VivaAerobus Change Flight Policy

VivaAerobus Change Flight Policy

VivaAerobus Change Flight Policy levies no penalty changes on its passengers. The modifications can be done on the itinerary date, time, and selected route and a new flight will be updated. Passengers are required to make VivaAerobus Flight Change at least four hours before the scheduled departure. However, no changes will be permitted if the passenger has already completed the check-in process and got the boarding pass. The changes can be made either online or via calling or at Viva Tiendas. This depends upon the change request. For instance, passengers wanting to change booked routes have to contact the customer care agent or visit Viva Store. We have listed some important points below according to the VivaAerobus Flight Change Policy

  • Changing your reservation is not allowed once the approved time frame exceeds i.e. 4 hours. 
  • Passengers can choose either online or offline method to change a flight on VivaAerobus. Some changes only be done online while others can be modified offline. 
  • Before making changes, check whether the fare you purchased allows travel itinerary change or not. 
  • The airline do not charge VivaAerobus Change Flight Fee. However, if you request to change the flight information at the Viva Store or through the call center then it is possible that you may have to pay additional charges. 
  • Unlike other airlines, VivaAerobus provides passengers with multiple chances to change flight details. 

Fares That Allow Viva Aerobus Flight Change

Fares that Allow VivaAerobus Flight Change

Although there is no penalty charges but there are selected Fares that Allow VivaAerobus Flight Change. But, passengers have to pay the difference in old and new fare, if any. Individuals must be fully aware of whether this service is available on their purchased fare. Let’s start discussing how to change the flight of VivaAerobus according to the fare type.

  • Zero Fare

Passengers who have purchased zero fares cannot make changes to their travel itinerary. However, it can be achieved with VivaAerobus 24 hours Cancellation Policy. Zero Fare passengers can cancel their flight within a day after the original booking and get a full refund. Afterward, they can book a new flight with updated details. 

  • Light 

Light fare offers passengers to change flight details like VivaAerobus Change Flight Date, route, and departure time. Individuals can make these changes 3 times without paying penalty charges.

  • Extra

Similar to the earlier fare, the changes can be made up to three times without any penalty but the fare difference is applicable, if any. 

  • Smart

The Viva Smart Fare offers unlimited VivaAerobus Flight Change to passengers without incurring any fee. Fare difference still applicable, if any. 

How to Change Flight VivaAerobus?

How to Change Flight VivaAerobus

Now, there are various ways to Change Flight on VivaAerobus. Individuals can choose to change travel itinerary via the official site, by visiting VivaAerobus Store, or by calling the customer care agent. Mind you, if your concern is “How do I change the name on my flight?” Then you can only use the calling method. How to Change Flight VivaAerobus methods are described below

1. Change Flight by Visiting Official Website

The process is completely simple, you need to open the official website on your browser and follow these simple steps:

  • Open ‘Manage Booking” present at the top most section of the homepage.
  • Now, enter six digit reservation code and provide your surname then click the “search” button.
  • The page will load all the upcoming itineraries. You have to choose the one that requires modifications and click on relevant option to change the flight.
  • Once you make the changes, the page will display the available options as per your modifications. 
  • Select the one that best fits your requirement and update that flight.
  • Finally, you will receive a confirmation email of the new flight

2. Customer Care Service

Customer Care Service

Passengers can also contact the customer care service for changing the booked ticket details, especially for changing the name on the reservation. Use the shared contact details in the table below and communicate all your concerns. The dedicated staff will provide you with complete assistance in changing the VivaAerobus flight. 

LocationToll Free Number
Mexico81 82 150 150
United StatesToll-Free Number
Colombia+ 57 800 5189402

3. Visit Viva Store

Another way to modify a VivaAerobus flight ticket is by visiting the Viva Store. The staff will provide you with personalized service and provide solutions to your queries. Request for changing the name on the reservation can be made at the store. Just visit the nearby Viva Store with your reservation details like ticket number and the rest process will be handled smoothly. 

VivaAerobus Change Flight Fee

The airline provides flight modification service for free and thus, no VivaAerobus Change Flight Fee is levied. However, if the passenger request to change the name of the flight then he/she will have to pay VivaAerobus Change Flight Fee. However, the facility to change the name is not applicable to Zero fare holders. Similarly, if the request is made either at the store or on a call with customer care then a fee may be levy.

VivaAerobus Name Correction Fee is subject to change according to the fare type and the time when the request is made. The airline does offer free change for minute changes in the name but charges VivaAerobus Change Flight Fee when critical modifications are required.

Can I Change VivaAerobus Flight after Check-in?

Can I Change VivaAerobus Flight after Check-in

Yes, with Flex Pass you can change VivaAerobus flight as long as you have not checked any luggage. Flex Pass is a service that can be requested at the time of check-in to make modifications to the flight information. These services are available on the Light, Extra, & Smart Fare. Zero-fare holders are not eligible to take advantage of this pass. With this, you can choose to fly on an earlier or later flight. This is possible if the route is the same and there is availability of seats on the new flight. The following are some important points to remember:

  • The new flight must depart within 1 to 11 hours before your original departure. 
  • You can activate this service by visiting the official website and opening the “My Booking” section. If this facility is available then an option will be displayed somewhere near the flight information. Afterward, choose the flight that best fits your requirement.
  • You can use this pass for flights to or from these destinations: Mexico City International Airport, Felipe Ángeles, Toluca, Monterrey, Cancun, Guadalajara, Merida, and Tijuana. 
  • There is no limit on the usage of this facility but it depends on the availability of flights. 

Involuntary VivaAerobus Changes 

Involuntary VivaAerobus Changes are those modifications that are done by the airline itself. This can happen due to two possible situations; controllable and uncontrollable. Situations like bad weather conditions, natural disasters, medical emergencies, etc can force airlines to change your flight. Whereas, commercial activities like aircraft cleaning, maintenance, etc can also cause variations in your flight details. In both cases, VivaAerobus will make sure to provide compensation and protection as per the Civil Aviation Law provisions and compensation policy of the airline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change my flight time on Viva Aerobus?

Yes, you can change flights on Viva Aerobus up until hours before the scheduled departure time.

How to change my flight Vivaaerobus?

Change VivaAerobus by visiting the official website through the “My Booking” section. Enter the reservation code and surname to initiate the process.

Is there any VivaAerobus Change Flight Fee?

No, the VivaAerobus provide this service to its passengers without any penalty charges.

When can I make changes to my VivaAerobus flight?

You can make changes to VivaAerobus up to four hours before the scheduled departure time. Make sure you have not completed the check-in process and got your boarding pass. 

Is it possible to change passengers/names on flights purchased with a Viva Fan membership?

No, changes are not permitted to members of Viva Fan because perks are only exclusive to account holders. 

Can I change VivaAerobus flight after checking in?

You can do so with VivaAerobus Flex Pass, which allows you to change flights after you check-in. However, it is not available to zero-fare holders. 

Can I change the name on my VivaAerobus reservations?

Yes, you can but you must contact the customer care service and there is a possibility that a fee will be charged. 
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