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Yes, Viva Aerobus is a safe airline for travel. It is an airline with no fatal accidents and faced only minor incidents in its 16 years of service. VivaAerobus puts the safety of its passengers and crew members on its priority list. It strictly adheres to the FAA regulations and safety standards set by the other aviation regulators. Viva Aerobus consistently invests in training programs to keep the safety of operations at high standards. Passengers can rest assured about their safety while flying with Viva Aerobus. The airline puts the safety of passengers in the hands of qualified pilots who are well-familiar with the aircraft operating system. In addition, the airline’s fleet has the best and safest aircraft family. Viva Aerobus Airlines Contact DetailsCheck it out below.  

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How is Viva Aerobus a Safe Airline for Travel?

How is Viva Aerobus a Safe Airline for Travel

Viva Aerobus is a good airline having a comprehensive security policy that states the safety standards followed by the airline. It is considered a profitable airline in America by being involved in best practices of Operational Safety Management, Safety Management, Civil Aviation Safety, Quality, Fatigue, Health, Health, Occupational Well-being, Environment, and Cybersecurity. By such practices, the airline is able to minimize any possible risks in the organization and keep it at acceptable levels. The following is the list of the airline’s commitments under the Viva Aerobus Comprehensive Security Policy:

  • VivaAerobus follows and implements laws, regulations, and safety standards at all levels of management of the organization.
  • Applies and continues to preserve the Integrated Management System (SMS), Security Program for the Prevention of Acts of Illicit Interference (PSPAII), Risk Management Program for Fatigue (FRMP), and Quality Management System (QMS). The airline makes sure to consistently improve these programs for overall performance enhancement. 
  • Raise awareness of enhancing the quality, meeting legal requirements, and reducing risks throughout the organization. Thus, the airline is able to achieve the expected results and improve customer satisfaction. 
  • The airline carries out a Comprehensive Safety Culture throughout the organization to maintain a Comprehensive Risk Management program. This helps in preventing accidents, damages, or economic losses. 
  • The airline promotes an environment of confidential, mandatory, and voluntary reporting. This helps employees communicate the event affecting safety and security to the concerned authority. It encourages Fair Culture Policy principles, which states that the errors caused by human are understandable and can be tolerated. However, negligence or deliberately violating the safety standards or process cannot be tolerated. 
  • Viva Aerobus ensures that the policy is well implemented and understood by everyone at all levels of the organization.
  • Give sufficient human and monetary resources for the implementation of and maintenance of this policy. 
  • In case of emergency, passengers also get a chance to make modifications to their itinerary through the Viva Aerobus Flight Change Policy.

Viva Aerobus Flies a Modern Fleet

Viva Aerobus Flies a Modern Fleet

Viva Aerobus operates flights with a modern fleet of Airbus aircraft. According to aviation websites, the Aerobus fleet’s average age is 5.2 years so the fleet is basically new and provides good performance during flight operations. 

AircraftIn ServicePassengers
Airbus A320-20023186
Airbus A320neo22186
Airbus A321-2009220
Airbus A321neo24240

Other airlines like Emirates and Qatar Airways have fleets with an average age of 8.4 years. Viva Aerobus is focused on investing in a young and modern fleet of aircraft. At present, the airline has a total of 78 aircraft consisting of Airbus A320 & A 320neo, and A321 & A321neo. 

The narrowbody of the Airbus fleet gives unique operational efficiencies to Viva Aerobus. The aircraft in the same family have the same parts as well which helps in aircraft maintenance. In fact, the operation and flight control systems are so identical that they are counted under the common type of rating. This implies that a pilot who can fly the A320 can also handle the A321. The airline consists fleet of Airbus A320 family which were the first ever civil aircraft to use fly-by-wire technology.  It is considered one of the safest and most efficient aircraft that are even advanced in technology. In addition, many renowned airlines like Air Canada, American Airlines, and British Airways, also use the same fleet of aircraft. 

Viva Aerobus Well Qualified Pilots

Viva Aerobus Well Qualified Pilots

The pilots of Viva Aerobus are well-qualified and trained to face every possible circumstance that can happen during flight operations. Pilots have a strong understanding of the airline’s fleet and are familiar with the aircraft controls and characteristics. This pilot ensures that the passenger’s safety is in the right hands. 

VivaAerobus Good Safety Rating

VivaAerobus Good Safety Rating

VivaAerobus has good safety ratings from the website that rates airlines’ safety standards. It has 6/7 safety ratings on The rating is given by analyzing the airline accidents and incidents data. This also includes regular audits by the regulatory and governing bodies. The ratings are given by checking if the airline has gone through fatal crashes in the last five years. Viva Aerobus has not experienced any fatal crashes in the last ten years. Moreover, the airline has relatively good safety ratings in its home country, Mexico. Viva Aerobus has got good scores in ICAO Safety Audits. 

Viva Aerobus Incidents and Accidents

Viva Aerobus Incidents and Accidents

Viva Aerobus has maintained a good safety record having only a few minor incident reports. As per our research, the airline has not faced any fatal crashes, however, there were a few incidents in previous years. While flying from Puerto Vallarta to Monterey in March 2021, the airline experienced a collapse of nose-landing gear while taking off. Passengers were evacuated immediately and no one was harmed. In August 2022, the airline had a failure of the right engine causing a fire as well. The plane was flying from Guadalajara to Los Angeles. The flight returned to its origin safely and no injuries were recorded.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Has Viva Aerobus faced any fatal crashes previously?

No, the airline has not experienced any fatal crashes in the last ten years according to our research. 

What fleet does Viva Aerobus use?

Viva Aerobus uses a fleet of Airbus aircraft which are very well known as the safest aircraft in the industry. 

Does VivaAerobus follow FAA regulations?

Yes, the airline strictly follows safety standards set by the FAA and other aviation regulatory bodies. 
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