Does VivaAerobus have WiFi

While traveling with any of the airlines, passengers often look for some inflight services for them on priority, and Wi-Fi service is one of them. Most travelers ask this same question repeatedly whether VivaAerobus has Wi-Fi service available or not. The answer is a big “No”, VivaAerobus is not providing any Wi-Fi service on any of the flights. Alternatively, it provides Viva Play service in all their aircraft in which one can directly connect their phones to the Viva Play and enjoy the Inflight Entertainment service. In this blog post, we will explore and find out if VivaAerobus has wifi or not.

Viva Play – The Wi-fi Alternative

About Viva Play

Many people ask for the services and charges like VivaAerobus Charge for Baggage and charges for VivaAerobus Wifi. This information might shock some of the passengers but Instead of providing Wi-Fi service inside the planes, the Airlines installed some devices inside the aircraft and named them “Viva Play.” These devices work like a Wi-Fi system but are not actually Wi-Fi. These devices can be used for inflight entertainment services for the passengers where they can connect their phones directly with the device like Wi-Fi works, and can enjoy the entertainment they are providing.

Access Viva Play

Access Viva Play

To access the Viva Play inside the VivaAerobu Flights, passengers have to turn on their mobile phone Wi-Fi and connect with the Viva Play network. After connecting, visit the official website of Viva Play and enter the code given at the time of making the reservation if selected. This is a simple and easy process to enjoy the inflight entertainment service inside the flight.

Viva Play Cost

Viva Play is free for most of the flight. For those whose Viva Play service is not free, VivaAerobus charges a minimal amount to use it. It might cost equal to or less than 2 dollars and can be changed depending on the class selected.

Inflight Entertainment

Inflight Entertainment

VivaAerobus provides this Viva Play inflight entertainment service in 2 ways; through personal device/streaming, and on Setback screens. Passengers can access the service on their personal laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Alternatively, they can also do the same thing on the setback screens installed in the flight seats. Travelers can watch their favorite movies, TV Shows, music, and web series, and can also play games. 



VivaAerobus Airlines provides some of the best services in the industry. But if we talk about wifi, then it’s quite depressing that it’s not providing any Wi-Fi service inside the flights. But alternatively, they offer the Viva Play option to the passengers for unlimited inflight entertainment. This option works like a wifi and lets the passenger stream their favorite movies, web series, TV shows, and even games on their personal laptops, phones, or any other gadgets. Similarly, they can also do the same on the setback/onboard screens. This blog post includes all the related information and passengers will get the answer; Does VivaAerobus have wifi or not? Read the complete article to tackle all the VivaAerobus flight-related issues and plan your next trip smartly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is VivaAerobus Wi-Fi free?

VivaAerobus doesn’t have Wi-Fi service available and is providing Viva Play service instead of wifi inside their flight.

Is there Wi-Fi on VivaAerobus?

No, there is no Wi-Fi on VivaAerobus.
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