How Do I Change My WestJet Flight

You can change WestJet flights through the “Manage Trips” option and log in to your account. Simply, enter the new details and get an updated flight ticket. WestJet flights can be changed up to two hours before the scheduled departure. In addition, changes may lead to the application of WestJet change flight fees and fare differences, if any. Passengers can change WestJet flights through the official website, at the airport, or by contacting the airlines. Any method can be used to change the flight details depending on the current situation and policies. 

Canada’s second-largest airline operates over 700 flights carrying more than 60,000 passengers daily. Many times passengers drop off travel plans due to uncertain events and have to make modifications to their itinerary details. Hence, the airline has formulated a WestJet flight change policy that directly caters to the needs of passengers. Check several terms and conditions related to changing WestJet flights. 

WestJet Flight Change Policy

WestJet Flight Change Policy

Passengers can change flight details at least two hours before the flight takeoff time as per the WestJet Flight Change Policy. Passengers who booked flights with a travel agency may contact the concerned authority for changing flight details. WestJet Change Flight Policy lets passengers modify their travel date, time, destination, and routes. You have several options to change flights: through the official website, by contacting the customer care service, or by visiting the ticket counter at the airport. The policy is divided into three categories that are explained further on this page. Check the following points to better understand the policies. 

1. WestJet Flight Change Within 24 Hours

WestJet Flight Change Within 24 Hours

The passenger can change flight details for free within 24 hours of booking the ticket however, fare difference may still be applicable. This is similar to the WestJet 24-Hour Cancellation Policy. The ticket must be booked at least seven days before the scheduled departure. Thus, this condition is not applicable to tickets booked 24 hours before the departure time. This option is best for those passengers who happen to put the wrong details during the reservation. 

2. WestJet Flight Change After 24 Hours

WestJet Flight Change after 24 hours of booking applies fees, fare difference, and increased taxes & fees imposed by the government. Such changes are not permitted on Basic Fares. Passengers will have to pay fees according to their purchased ticket to complete the procedure. In case the new flight is costlier than the original booking then the passenger is liable to pay the fare difference as well. If it is less then the airline will either refund the excess amount or add it to travel credits. 

3. Same-day Change Policy of WestJet Airlines

Same-day Change Policy of WestJet Airlines

Passengers can also change their flight on the day of departure with the help of the same-day change policy of WestJet Airlines. Under this, the airline provides seats on an earlier or later flight, whichever is available. Passengers can request to change their flight on the same day if the following conditions are met:

  • The available flight is taking off from the same origin and flying to the same destinations. 
  • The flight must be taking off on the same calendar day similar to the original booking.
  • The flight must be operated by WestJet Airlines or partnered airline including WestJet Encore and WestJet Link by Pacific Coastal.
  • Passengers must have bought any of these tickets to be eligible for WestJet Same-day changes; Econo, EconoFlex, Premium, PremiumFlex, Business, BusinessFlex, or Member Exclusive (Economy, Premium or Business).
  • There must be availability of seats in the same cabin as the original booking. 

Passengers are not eligible for WestJet Same-Day changes if they come under the following categories:

  • Basic fare ticket holder,
  • A passenger is flying on a charter flight,
  • Your flight is the last flight of the day.
  • There is only one departure on that day.

How to Change WestJet Flight Online?

How to Change WestJet Flight Online

Passengers can change their WestFlight online by following these easy steps online. Make sure to keep your reservation code handy before starting the procedure. 

  • Visit the official website by using this URL –
  • Navigate the homepage and click on the “Manage Trips” section. After that, click on the “Manage Flights” option from the drop-down menu bar.
  • Afterward, the page will load your upcoming reservation, click on the one you wish to change.
  • Now, click on the relevant option to change the flight. Provide new details and confirm the changes.
  • The page will take you to the payment section, where you will pay the WestJet Change Flight Fee and fare difference, if any. 
  • Once the payment is done, the airline will send a confirmation email to the passengers with the updated flight details. 

Change WestJet Flight via Phone Call

Change WestJet Flight via Phone Call

Reach out to the airline by dialing 1-888-937-8538 and change WestJet flight via phone call. Now, follow the instructions provided on the call and connect with the representative. You can now put forward your concern about changing flights. The representative will then ask for your flight details to complete the procedure. Afterwards, you will be made aware of applicable fees and fare differences. The representative will then change the flight on your behalf and provide instructions to complete the payment procedure.  If this confuses you then simply visit the airport and request to change flight at the help desk. 

WestJet Change Flight Fee

WestJet Change Flight Fee

Passengers are liable to pay the WestJet Change Flight Fee to modify the itinerary details. The fee is applied to each direction and per passenger. The following table depicts the 

WestJet Change Flight Fee for tickets bought directly from the official website or by contacting the airline. 

RoutesEconoEcono FlexPremiumBusiness
Flight within Canada100-118 CADNo fee100-118 CAD100-118 CAD
Flight from/to Canada and all destinations
(excluding Europe & Asia)
100-118 CADNo fee100-118 CAD100-118 CAD
Flight from/to Canada and Europe150-177 CAD
99 EUR
83 GBP
No fee300-354 CAD
228 EUR
192 GBP
500-590 CAD
381 EUR
321 GBP
Flight from/to Canada and Asia150-177 CAD
15,794 JPY
No fee300-354 CAD
31,587 JPY
500-590 CAD
52,645 JPY

Passengers who request to change their WestJet flight on the same day will have to pay a separate fee amount. WestJet Same-day Change Fee is as follows:

RoutesEconoEcono FlexPremiumBusiness
Flight within Canada150-177 CADNo fee100-118 CADNo fee
Flight to/from Canada and all destinations (excluding Europe)150-177 CAD/USDNo fee100-118 CAD/USDNo fee
Flight to/from Canada and Europe150-177 CADNo fee150-177 CADNo fee
Flight to/from Canada and Asia150-177 CADNo fee150-177 CADNo fee

WestJet Change Policy for Travel Affected by a Travel Warning

Sometimes a travel warning can affect travel plans due to unexpected and uncontrollable events like disease outbreaks, bad weather conditions, airport closures, etc. This may lead to a change in the passenger’s booked flight. When such a situation arises, the airline follows the WestJet change policy for travel affected by a Travel Warning. Passengers will no longer have to pay the change fee and can choose the following options:

  • Change the departing or arriving flight date and you will not be charged any fare difference, if any. 
  • Change the original destination either with the travel date or without changing the date. If you are landing at an airport that is geographically close then no fare difference will be charged. If it is far, then a fare difference will be applicable. In case, the new fare is cheaper then the refund policy will apply. 
  • Cancel your flight and get a refund according to fare type and policies. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I change the date on my WestJet flight?

Change the WestJet flight by visiting the official website and clicking on the “Manage Flight” option. You can also contact the customer care team or visit the ticket counter at the airport.

How long do you have to change a flight to WestJet?

Passengers can change WestJet flights within 24 hours after booking and up to two hours before the scheduled departure. 

How much does it cost to change a WestJet flight?

The WestJet Flight Change Fee varies according to the type of fare purchased. It can cost from 100 to 500 CAD. 

How do I contact Westjet customer service?

You can connect with the WestJet Customer Care Team by dialing 1-888-937-8538. The on call instructions are provided to solve your queries. 

How can I change my WestJet flight date for free?

You can change your WestJet flight date for free within 24 hours after booking the ticket. During this time window, no fee is charged to the passenger. 

Can I change my WestJet flight if I have bought a basic fare?

No, changes on basic fare are not permitted after 24 hours of booking the ticket. Passengers can change the basic fare flight within 24 hours of reservation.
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