What Terminal is WestJet at SFO

Westjet Airlines is one of the leading airlines operating from San Francisco International Airport. The assigned terminal for Westjet at SFO is Terminal 1, which is also known as “Harvey Milk Terminal 1”. The terminal helps operate inbound and outbound flights of Westjet within the United States. 

So, if the passengers aren’t sure about their assigned terminal with WestJet Airlines, they can contact the customer care executive for getting updated information about their departing or arriving flight at San Francisco International Airport. 

About Westjet SFO Terminal 

Westjet Airlines operates usually from Terminal 4 at the San Francisco International Airport. There are scenarios where the assigned terminals get changed, and the passengers are informed about their further assigned terminal for their Westjet flight. 

SFO Terminal Westjet Arrivals domestic 

Westjet airlines uses Terminal 1 at San Francisco Airport for all of its domestically arriving flights. However, the terminal may change under some circumstances, about which the passengers are informed prior. 

SFO Terminal Westjet Departures Domestic 

The departing flights of Westjet airlines departs from terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport. Nevertheless, the terminals are subject to change under some scenarios. In those cases, the airline never forgets to inform its passengers. 

What Terminal is Westjet at SFO International?

Westjet airlines uses the International terminal at San Francisco International Airport for all its arriving and departing international flights. This terminal helps operate some other major airlines with their international flights as well. If the passengers are still in confusion, and not clear about their assigned terminal, they are free to contact the airlines at any given time. 

Nevertheless, the passengers should know that their assigned terminal is already mentioned in their reserved tickets, and they can follow the instructions on the same.

Levels at SFO Terminal 1

Terminal 1 at San Francisco International airport consists of five levels including domestic boarding area B and Domestic boarding area C. The levels at SFO Terminal 1 are as follows: 

  • Level 1: it is the arrivals and baggage claim area for the passengers. It has several amenities as well including, restrooms, bag claim office, and lost & found.
  • Level 2: it is the departure and boarding level for the passengers, which consists of different boarding gates with each having particular check points.
  • Level 3 and Level 4: it is the AirTrain station which helps passengers to move to and from, within the airport. 
  • Level 5: it consists of a domestic parking garage for the domestic passengers. 

Westjet Services at SFO Terminal 1

Some of the services presented by Westjet at SFO terminal 1 are as follows: 

  • Hotel boards, information booths, and ATMs.
  • Baggage carts, mailboxes, meeting rooms, and Nursery.
  • Baggage assistance, public phones, and hydration stations.
  • Wifi connection, special assistance, and information counters. 
  • Public substations, workstations, and other services as well. 

Is there any Transport to Move Between the Terminals?

Yes, the means of transportation at San Francisco International Terminal is the AirTrain, which allows the passengers to reach their desired location within the terminal itself. The automated train is at 24 hour service for the passengers. 

Bottom line

Not only the passengers of WestJet can enjoy various services at San Francisco International Airport, but the passengers travelling from different airlines can also enjoy the benefits. However, the passengers of Westjet must note that in case of any queries and confusions, they can contact the customer care executive of the Westjet airlines directly. 

To conclude, Westjet airlines uses terminal 1 and the International terminal at San Francisco International Airport for operating its domestic and international flights. The terminals rarely get changed, but in case if it happens, the airline informs the passengers about the same. 

Westjet SFO Terminal Related (FAQs)

What terminal is Westjet in SFO International?

Westjet airlines uses the international terminal, popularly known as INTL at the San Francisco International Airport, for all its international flights. 

Which airlines are in terminal 1 at SFO?

Terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport houses many of the major airlines including Jetblue, Westjet, Southwest, and American Airlines. 

Which terminal is WestJet in SFO domestic?

WestJet usually operates from terminal 1 for its domestic arrivals and departures. However, in some cases the terminal may change. 
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