How to Cancel Westjet Flight

Westjet Flights can be canceled within two days before scheduled departure. Passengers can cancel a Westjet Flight by visiting the official website. For cancellation, details like confirmation or ticket number and last name are required to cancel a Westjet Flight. In addition, authorities have formed several WestJet Cancellation Policies for hassle-free assistance during such situations. There is another way to cancel a Westjet Flight i.e. by reaching out to the airline’s customer care service. Passengers may request Westjet Flight Cancellation and inquire about the refundable nature of the purchased ticket. 

WestJet is one of the major low-cost Canadian airlines that flies to over a hundred destinations. It offers services to over 26 million travelers as per a 2019 report. Hence, there comes a situation when travelers wish to drop off their trip and choose to cancel a Westjet Flight. Scroll through to learn more about the Cancellation Policy set by Westjet.

Westjet Cancellation Policy

Westjet Cancellation Policy

WestJet Cancellation Policy defines rules and guidelines to be followed when a passenger requests for cancellation. The Westjet Cancel Policy for flight considers important factors like the booked fare class, selected route and origin, as well as ongoing circumstances. Passengers wanting to drop off their itinerary have to strictly follow the Cancellation Policy of Westjet. In addition, there are certain conditions for which a specific WestJet Airlines Cancellation Policy is prepared. Herein, we discuss more on How to Cancel a Westjet Flight and its related guidelines. 

How to Cancel a Westjet Flight Online?

Cancel WestJet Flight Online

Now that we understand the basics of the Cancellation Policy by Westjet Airlines, we can proceed further. These are easy steps to follow to ensure hassle-free Westjet Flight Cancellation Online:

  1. Visit the Westjet Website: Open your browser and enter, the authorized portal.
  2. Login: Secondly, go to the “Manage trips” drop-down option and click on the “Manage flights” options. Now, enter your reservation number and last name on the loaded page.
  3. Select Westjet Flight to Cancel: Afterwards, navigate the list of your upcoming flight options and select the flight.
  4. Westjet Flight Cancel Options: Now, few options will be available according to your fare type and cancellation policy of Westjet Airlines. Follow the online instructions to proceed further. 
  5. Cancel Westjet Flight: Confirm your cancellation and pay the cancellation fee, if applicable.

Once you cancel the Westjet flight, you will receive an email regarding cancellation details and applicable refund. If your fare is applicable for Westjet Cancellation Refund then the amount will be credited as per the fare rules.

WestJet Airlines Flight Cancellation Via Phone Call

Another way to cancel a Westjet Flight is through Customer Care service. Passengers can directly contact the customer representative and request for flight cancellation. The customer care number is specified as per destination. Refer to the tabulated information below and cancel Westjet Airlines Flight:

LocationToll Free Number
From Canada1-888-937-8538
North America 1-844-213-5239

Westjet 24-hour Cancellation Policy

The airline provides you with Westjet 24-hour Cancellation Policy to avoid penalty fees. Here, passengers can cancel flights within 24hrs of booking. The full price of the ticket is refunded to the passenger in the original source of payment. Nevertheless, this policy does not imply in the case where a booking is made 24hrs before scheduled departure. Passengers will be charged Westjet Flight Cancellation Fee per person and direction. Afterwards, the cancellation refund will be made to their travel bank.

Cancellations more than 24 hours after the time of Booking

Westjet Flight Cancellation after 24 hours of origin booking will cost a penalty fee. Passengers may pay Westjet Flight Cancellation Fee and fare difference on new flights. The fee is charged per head and direction. However, flights from and to Europe will cost a cancellation fee per transaction, per head. Afterwards, the amount is refunded on selective fares except for Basic fares. The Westjet Cancel Policy does not imply on Basic Fare neither cancellation refund policy nor travel credit facility.

Westjet Cancellations within 24 hours after Booking

Passengers with EconoFlex fares can Cancel a Westjet Flight for free. Similarly, PremiumFlex and BusinessFlex fares are also eligible for WestJet No Fee Flight Cancellation. The Westjet Cancellation Refund is credited to the original source of payment for only PremiumFlex and BusinessFlex fares, whereas a refund is added to the travel credit for EconoFlex fares.

Westjet Flight Cancellation Fee

A Westjet Flight Cancellation Fee is levied on tickets when canceled outside 24 hours of original booking. It may vary as per the selected destination, origin of booking, and fare type. As many Westjet Fare are refundable and incur no cancellation fee while others are non-refundable and levy Westjet Flight Cancellation Fee.

Westjet Flight booked on or before 1 September 2022 will incur Westjet Airlines Cancellation Fee as per the following table:

Trip within CanadaC$100-118No feeC$100-118C$100-118
Canada to anywhere
(except Europe & Asia)
C$100-118 (USD accepted)No FeeC$100-118
(USD accepted)
(USD accepted)
Canada to EuropeC$150-177 €99 £83 No FeeC$300-354 €228 £192C$600-708 €386 £336
Canada to AsiaC$150-177 ¥15,794 C$300-350 ¥31,587 C$600-708 ¥63,174

FAQs Related to Westjet Cancellation Policy

Do you have 24 hours to cancel a flight WestJet?

Westjet flight canceled within 24 hours after booking is applicable without fee. However, you cannot cancel when the flight is booked 24hrs before scheduled departure.

How late can you cancel a flight WestJet?

A WestJet Flight can be canceled within two days from scheduled departure.

How can I cancel my Westjet flight without cancellation fee?

You can cancel a Westjet Flight for free within 24 hours of original booking.

Can I get a refund from WestJet?

Yes, Westjet refund the full amount to the source of payment of cancellation done within 24hrs. 

How do I contact WestJet customer service?

Visit and click on “Contact us” option, a toll-free number (1-888-937-8538) will be provided.

Is Westjet Basic Fare Cancellation possible?

No, Westjet basic fares are not applicable for cancellation. You can cancel it as per Westjet 24hrs Cancellation Policy. 
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