Does Aer Lingus Charge To Print Boarding Pass

No, Aer Lingus does not charge to print the boarding pass. Passengers of the upcoming flight can download and print from the convenience of their homes. Confirm your details and finish the check-in to save or print the pass. 

Do I need to print a boarding pass for Aer Lingus is a very common concern amongst travelers. While it is not necessary, it is suggested to either keep a downloaded or printed format of the boarding pass as it might be required in the flight to review seats and other details. Know the step-by-step procedure to print or save online. 

How to Print Aer Lingus Boarding Pass?

Aer Lingus boarding passes can be printed by checking in online on the mobile application or the website.  It can also be printed using the kiosk counters at the airport. For online, the check-in time begins 48 hours prior to the departure for flights within Europe. While, for Transatlantic flights, the online portal opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure. 

It is free to check in or print the Aer Lingus boarding pass. A special benefit of free check-in online starting 15 days prior to the departure is available for Saver Fare, Advantage, Plus, and AeroSpace ticket holders. The exceptions of those who can not avail of the online service are defined in the later section with other terms and conditions. Before that let us learn how to print an Aer Lingus boarding pass offline and online. 

Print Aer Lingus Airlines Boarding Pass Online 

Visit the official website or the mobile application to print the pass online. You can print the pass more than once using it if you lose it before departure using your smartphone or any other device.  The timings for different flight types are stated above. For Free check-in service, log in accordingly. Check the steps to get a printed format of the pass. 

  1. Navigate the Aer Lingus site online or open the app on your personal device. 
  2. Find the Manage Trip section.
  3. Log in by entering your last name and the booking reference. 
  4. Your flight summary will be reflected on the screen. 
  5. Check carefully every information and click on confirm.
  6. The Boarding pass containing your details is ready. 
  7. Select the View Boarding Pass button. 
  8. Use the Print option to get a  hard copy of the Aer Linus pass.

You can also use the Save option to store a PDF version on your personal device. It is equally acceptable to the airline. Most Importantly, Acrobat Reader must be downloaded to your smartphone or laptop to view the boarding pass. 

Terms and Conditions to Print Aer Lingus Pass Online 

Passport cards are not allowed for online check-in. 

Passengers via a third party can only use the website( for check-in. 

Group bookings including or excluding infants can also access the online feature to print the pass.

The boarding must be downloaded or printed within the prescribed time limit by Aer Lingus. The opening hours of check-in vary to the flight type. The closing hours differ based on the destination, airport, and flight type. Check the Details below. 

For Example: European Flights Destinations Check-in Closing Hours 

Europe Check-in online closes 4 hours 30 minutes before the flight takes off. While these following destinations’ closing hours are different. Take a lot at the table to verify when can you print boarding passes for Aer Lingus.

Destination Check-in closing hours 
UK/ Ireland/ Amsterdam 1 hour prior to the departure 
Rome 6 hours 30 minutes before departure 
Malaga/Faro This is specific to departures via A330 aircrafts 8 hours 30 minutes prior to the departure 

Print Aer Lingus Boarding Pass Offline

Print Aer Lingus Boarding Pass Offline 

Use the Kiosk to print the Aer Lingus boarding pass offline at the airport. This is the best and the only alternative option for those tickets that are not permitted for online check-in. Read the steps to get the pass offline. Remember to arrive at the airport early considering the time required for other formalities like the checked bag, security, screening, and others. 

  1. Select Aer Lingus if it is a common kiosk for a few airlines at the airport. 
  2. If it is not, then directly Log in with the Family name and booking reference number. 
  3. Your details will be shown on the screen, read carefully and confirm.
  4. Use the View Boarding pass. 
  5.  The pass will appear, Click Print to get the boarding pass. 

You might also be able to add the seats during the Kiosk check-in. Remember to add services if the option is available for your ticket. 

Terms and Conditions for Printing Aer Lingus Pass Offline 

Except for the ETSA, all routes with visa requirements E are not valid for kiosk check-in.

Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Amsterdam, the U.S., and Canada also do not qualify to check in and print the service online.

VeriFly travel passes are also not complete for online check-in on U.S. routes.

Lastly, passengers from various routes must arrive at the airport early to finish before the following deadlines for specific destinations. 

Destination Check-in closing hours 
Europe 45 minutes prior to the departure 
To and From North America 75 minutes before the departure 

Exceptions to the Timelines for Certain Travel Class 

  • Business class passengers traveling to and from North America check-in closes 60 minutes before the scheduled departure. 
  • Also, flights from Manchester to North America have check-in closing timings 60 minutes prior to the departure. 
  • At Shannon Airport, the check-in service is active after 5:00 am only. 

Concluding Passage 

The Passengers of Aer Lingus can print the boarding pass for free from the ease of home. Else, refer to the offline kiosks or the age-old ticket counters. There are four ways to get a Aer Lingus pass. Keep the booking reference number handy to share with the staff or simply enter it to log in on the mobile application or the website. The terms and conditions of each method along with a detailed explanation on Does Aer Lingus charge to print boarding pass have been covered in the content, above. Remember to reach before or within the prescribed time. The airline suggests passengers reach 30 minutes prior to departure gateway to avoid denied boarding. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When can I print my boarding pass with Aer Lingus?

Aer Lingus Airlines boarding pass can be printed anytime 48 hours prior to the departure for European flights and 24 hours before take-off for transatlantic flights.

Do I need to print a boarding pass for Aer Lingus?

It is not mandatory to print Aer Lingus. Though, you must have the saved PDF version of the same to show your flight details to the crew during or after boarding the plane.

Can I print my Aer Lingus boarding card at the airport?

Yes, Aer Lingus boarding passes can be printed using the offline kiosks stationed at the airports. 

Does Aer Lingus charge to print a boarding pass?

No, there are no additional charges for check-in and pass printing by Aer Lingus Airlines.

When can you print boarding passes for Aer Lingus?

Aer Lingus boarding passes must be downloaded or printed within the defined timeline. The opening and closing hours vary on the flight type and destination, respectively. 
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