JFK Airport

Aer Lingus airlines uses terminal 5 at the John F. Kennedy. It is the primary International airport serving New York city. It is easily accessible via public and private transports. There are tons of facilities at this port that are compatible to serve the needs of the guests. 

John F. Kennedy International Airport hosts more than 70 airlines. Aer Lingus is one of them which flies to international and domestic locations from here. Scroll down and find all the details related to the services offered by the airline for you to board the plane, easily. 

About JFK Aer Lingus Terminal

Aer Lingus airlines flies to more than 100 destinations. To fly to these many destinations, it operates from various airports. In New York, its flights are stationed at the John F. Kennedy Airport.  Now that you are familiar with what terminal is Aer Lingus at JFK, keep reading to know more about its lounge and check-in counter location. 

Airport NameJohn F. Kennedy International Airport
Airport CodeJFK
Airport AddressJohn F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Queens, NY 11430, USA

The JFK Airport is spread over 4903 acres of land. Out of which, the Aer Lingus terminal 5 dedicates approximately 55,000 square feet to the food court or area. You will enjoy a variety of options here. There are four levels at this airport and each is equipped with essential services and airline counters. 

Aer Lingus JFK Arrivals 

Aer Lingus JFK Arrivals  

The Aer Lingus Airlines arrivals are at Level 1 and 2 of Terminal 5. After landing and reaching the level, you can easily move to the other using the escalators. Some basic services will be present on your present terminal. While, for the rest others, you can move to the other levels of JFK Aer Lingus terminal. 

Importantly, the Aer Lingus arrivals flights for Manchester only are scheduled at Terminal 7. The departure though is on the same terminal. 

JFK Terminal Aer Lingus Departures 

The JFK Aer Lingus departures are also from terminal 5 of the airport. Board the plane from Level 3 of the terminal. Make sure to reach the gateway before or within the prescribed time limit by the airline to avoid unnecessary chaos or denied entry. 

JFK Check-In Counter for Aer Lingus 

The Aer Lingus Passengers can find the check-in facility at the Level 3 of JFK terminal. There are kiosks and ticket counters available at the airport. While the passengers have the option to carry a printed or downloaded version of Aer Lingus Boarding pass. The check-in counter is on the same level as the departures and makes it faster to reach the gateway.   

JFK Terminal Aer Lingus Baggage Counter

The Aer Lingus Passengers can drop or pick their bags from the Baggage counter at Terminal 5. If you are an arriving passenger, remember to check the bag carefully and confirm if there is any damage. If there is, kindly register your complaints with the airline staff. 

Aer Lingus Lounge at JFK Airport 

The Aer Lingus Lounge is situated close to Gate 26 on JFK terminal 5. Just after the security, you will be able to find and enter the lounge. It is open to all if you qualify the eligibility criteria defined by the airline. Pre check all the details to enjoy access to Aer Lingus Lounge. 

Air Train at Aer Lingus Terminal 

The Air Train station is at Level 5 of the Aer Lingus JFK terminal. It runs throughout the year, 24/7 offering drives to terminals, rental car areas, parking lots, or anywhere within the airport and to Howard Beach station and Jamaica.

 Passengers can use this free transportation service to move anywhere within the terminal. However, it is not free for stations Jamaica and Howard Beach stations. A fee of 8.25 dollars is payable, only via Metro Card,for the respective station as these are outside the airport premises. After arriving at the airport, catch the train and reach the respective terminal or vice versa for the arriving flight passengers. 

Connected Parking Area for Aer Lingus JFK Terminal 

The parking area has a connected way to reach the terminal 5 of JFK Airport from where you will board the Aer Lingus flights. This is a paid service and is fully booked during peak hours and seasons. For the first 24 hours, the cost is 20 dollars. While, after this, every 12 hour time span parking is charged with 12 dollars. Also, make sure to confirm the parking capacity and book early and save some space for your vehicle. Visit the official site to make bookings from the dedicated section for parking. 

Shops and Stores at JFK Terminal 

There are multiple food and stores at the JFK Airport. These are best to keep yourself engaged and buy some light snacks before boarding the flight. There is a lot of time left after finishing the check-in and other formalities. Also, after arriving at the airport, you can  hang out here for a while and eat before you leave. On the JFK Aer Lingus terminal, you will find the following food and shop outlets to spend your rest of the time. 

Retail Shopping Stores 

  • iS Duty Free 
  • CIBO Express
  • is Beauty 
  • Baked by Melissa 
  • CNBC News New York 
  • Where Traveler Books + More 
  • Ron Jon Surf Shop 
  • InMotion 
  • Kylie 
  •  Melt Shop 
  • NY Minute 

Restaurants and Food Outlets 

  • Jamba Juice/Cibo Express 
  • Starbucks 
  • Piquillo 
  • Re:Vive Bar 
  • Aeronuova 
  • Caribbean Kitchen 
  • Artichoke Pizzeria 
  • Custom Burgers 
  • Philly Cheesesteaks
  • New York Sports Grill
  • Dunkin’
  • World Bean Coffee 
  • Vending Machine 

The list is too long. However, the most favored and common stores have been mentioned above. You can use the airport official portal to find more such food outlets at this Aer Lingus terminal. Also, make sure to keep the Airport Map to locate these services present at  different levels of the terminal. If you do not wish to eat or spend time shopping. Then, you can walk towards the JFK International museum. 


The JFK Airport is huge and for passengers the information for what terminal is Aer Lingus at JFK have been described above. You can refer to these details and also confirm via your boarding pass. There is also an Aer Lingus lounge where you can stay and enjoy the benefits before boarding the plane. The only point of caution is your arrival on time to avoid missing the flight.

Aer Lingus JFK Terminal (FAQs)

Which terminal is Aer Lingus at JFK?

The Aer Lingus is at terminal 5 of John F. Kennedy International Airport. 

What airlines use terminal 5 of John F. Kennedy Airport? 

Aer Lingus, Cape Air, jetBlue, are the three major airlines that use Terminal 5 of JFK Airport. 

What Terminal does Aer Lingus use at JFK for international departures? 

Aer Lingus uses Terminal 5 for all its International and domestic flights.

Is there Transportation service at JFK Airport? 

Yes, there is an Air train that transits passengers anywhere at the JFK airport and two more stops. 
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