Why is Aer Lingus so Cheap

Aer Lingus is an airline from Ireland that focuses on offering low cost tickets. It has been serving since 1936 and  was a completely government owned airline until 2006. Within 9 years of duration from 2005-16, the airline was owned by International Airlines Group. Since then it has been operated and managed by this private firm.  

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The airline flies to Asia, Europe, and North America capturing a significant share of the market. Its low price model attracts customers and is one of the reasons for its popularity in the industry.  While many of us enjoy the low cost comfortable rides, there is this big question that keeps popping in our heads- Why is Aer Lingus so cheap. To decipher this big question, we did a lot of research and have prepared this content. Keep reading to know the mystery of the low priced tickets. 

6 Reasons Why Is Aer Lingus a Budget Airline

Why Is Aer Lingus a Budget Airline

Aer Lingus Airlines works on a hybrid model and that is why it is referred to as a low cost airline. With the craze of flying affordable, many passengers are in search of such airlines. With the increase in demand, the model used is also getting discussed. 

Undoubtedly, Aer Lingus is not cutting its profits or is offering charity flights. That is why we need to discuss what is the exact reason behind the economically efficient ticket prices. So, here are a few points justifying why is Aer Lingus so cheap.

1. Same Fleet and Easy maintenance

Aer Lingus owns 53 aircrafts. Out of which majority of these are Airbus series. Due to the same fleet, the steps and training for maintenance is the same and helps in reducing the overall cost. 

The efficiency increases by following the same steps in maintaining the fleet. The air journey remains safe and affordable. This is one of the most common practices adopted by Low fare airlines in order to maintain the cost without compromising on the profits earned. 

2. Less Popular and Shorter Routes

If you observe Aer Lingus destinations and flight network, then you shall find it is aimed at flying to shorter and less popular airports. The rental fee charged by such ports is less and allows it to reduce the operational cost. Also, the fuel cost is maintained by offering flights to shorter distances. 

Moreover, these destinations are less covered by major and expensive airlines allowing airlines like Aer Lingus to gain passengers on this route and capture market share. 

3. Efficient Staff and Shifting Job profiles

This heading might seem confusing and intriguing at the same time. In this, Aer Lingus employees staff and cabin crew that are efficient in handling the work in flight and on ground. This enables it to shift roles of such talented staff and keep the work going without any interruptions. 

Aer Lingus pays them well and extra a bit and gains the work required without employing additional staff. This is the best during peak seasons when more staff that is well trained to serve the passengers is required.  While the extra monetary benefits keep the employees satisfied, low cost for tickets ensures happy customers. 

4. Limited Features

Another common strategy that is discussed and accepted among the passengers is the limited features. With low prices, you can not expect the same comfort and additional features in a cabin. There are limited seats, with adequate leg space but tall people will have to adjust, snacks, complimentary wifi and other services are also removed. 

If a passenger wants to buy these services or features, additional charges are payable. Sometimes, paying additionally for each extra service can even cost equal or higher. So, that is also to be calculated well. 

As Aer Lingus believes that no passenger should pay for other’s comfort and needs. That is why it only charges the transportation fee. Everything beyond that is payable separately. 

5. Hybrid model gains

Aer Lingus is not a completely low cost airline. This might seem unbelievable at first because of the popularity of the airline due to this reason. However, this is a partial truth.

Aer Lingus offers cheap fare flights with limited features. Whereas, for the rest of the other destinations, the features and seating arrangements are better and improved, hence costing more. This is the reason why it is also termed as a hybrid airline. 

This allows the passengers to choose from a range of fare types from low to fairly moderate and fly as per the needs. Moreover, the prices of any of the tickets are not so high that it does not fit  the definition  of affordability. 

6. Online Services and Removal of Middlemen: 

Aer Lingus promotes online bookings and offers great discounts. This is to reduce the requirement of human resource on ground ensuring less salaries credited. The more the airline, the lower prices it is able to offer its potential passengers. Also, online services save your time and make it ideal for both parties making it a win-win situation. 

Furthermore, the services that it offers are the result of codeshare flights and services with the partner airlines. Instead of employing an additional entity or company for providing services, it shares such features and facilities with other airlines, divides and reduces the cost on both the carriers. Indeed, this is a very smart but less discussed move.


Aer Lingus is a budget airline for passengers who are planning for a trip with no additional needs. It’s good for a point to point journey. This is even one of the reasons why it is a budget airline. It offers the opportunity to keep the journey low cost by charging separately for each amenity and facility. While those who will need baggage, wifi and other services might find it expensive. All in all, these above are the discussed reasons why is Aer Lingus so cheap. Review them carefully and get an idea of how the cost is maintained low for your preferred destination. 


  1. Why is Aer Lingus so cheap?

Aer Lingus only charges for the transportation service, does not offer complimentary services and also flies to less popular routes to ensure the low prices to the passengers. 

  1. Is Aer Lingus a budget airline?

Yes, Aer Lingus is a budget friendly airline with minimal price ensured.

  1. Is the Aer Lingus WiFi free?

No, Aer Lingus wifi is not free. Additional fee of €20.49 / $24.99 / £17.99 is applicable for the low fare passengers. 

  1. What are the complimentary services on Aer Lingus?

Generally, Aer Lingus does not offer complimentary services, given the nature of its ticket prices. However, for business class and higher cabins with high rates, the airline offers certain additional benefits. 

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