Is Aer Lingus a Safe Airline

Aer Lingus Certified as a 4-Star Airline. It has a good safety record with the least number of accidents. Apart from the 1968 massive 712 plane crash that led to all 61 passengers and other crew members’ deaths. This incident is a matter of mystery till today. However, Aer Lingus dedicated itself to improving its safety standards and ensuring that no accident is ever repeated. 

If this will be your first flight with Aer Lingus then speculating its safety is a must. Fortunately, you need to worry because of its tremendous performance in maintaining safety the highest priority. It follows all the international and regional authority laws and protocols that guide the airlines on how to handle unprecedented situations, protecting the people who are flying with a safe landing. Surely, this limited information must not be enough for you to trust whether or nor is Aer Lingus a Safe Airline. After thorough research, key points have been described in this article for you to evaluate if the airline is safe as per your expectations. 

Aer Lingus Airlines Contact Details

Airline AddressDublin, Ireland.

Compare And Evaluate If Aer Lingus Is Safe 

Compare And Evaluate if Aer Lingus is Safe 

Aer Lingus is an IATA-certified airline. International Aviation Transport Association is an independent and recognized organization that audits an airline’s performance from manufacturing, and assembling, to operations and maintenance. Certification and membership is given for 2 years if an airline qualifies for the audit. 

Recently, Aer Lingus has also won World’s top 10 safest airlines based on customer feedback and ratings. There is no doubt about it as the airline has not met any accident in almost 55 years. It has incorporated practices that led to such a good safety record. Not only this, Ireland as a country has not seen many massive air accidents because of the attention towards aviation guidelines and its operations. Read a few more detailed points to understand why and how Aer Lingus is safe. 

1. Aer Lingus Fleet Maintenance and Repairs: Aer Lingus fleet consists of Airbus aircrafts. In total, there are 53 planes owned by the airline. Airbus 330 and 200 are the largest and modern fleet members. The average age is 9.6 which is quite young when compared with other successfully running airlines.

2. IATA Certification and Membership: As already discussed, IATA certifies Aer Lingus as a safe airline. The airline’s voluntary participation in the audit also signifies its focus on the safety standards.  

IATA uses the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation set benchmarks in order to evaluate the performance of an airline ranging from plane manufacturers, installation, to crew and staff capabilities to handle the unprecedented situations. 

3. Aer Lingus Follows Irish Aviation Authority: Aer Lingus is also regulated by Irish Aviation Authority which is a local semi-state level organization that guides and audits the air safety measures taken by an airline. 

Aer Lingus Follows Irish Aviation Authority

Overall, Ireland’s air accident history has been really good with minimum incidents of major fatalities.

4. Crew and Staff Members: Aer Lingus trains and employees rightly experienced staff and crew who can safely land an aircraft without causing any damage to the people traveling. 

Many external factors like weather conditions, air traffic are beyond control. However, the pilots must be well equipped with skills to handle and manage the situation well with utmost safety.   

5. Safety Record and Real Incidents: Aer Lingus safety record is really applauded in the industry. It has had no major accidents for the last 50 plus years. 

The only incident that leads to suspicion in passengers’ minds is due to the Flight 721 plane crash. The reason for the crash is still not identified. Yet, Aer Lingus has taken all necessary precautions to rectify past errors focusing on passengers’ safety.


Aer Lingus is a good airline that focuses on passenger convenience and safety. It works on both factors and its team dedicatedly employs their efforts to join and stay as top ranking airlines in the industry. Those who are concerned about Aer Lingus being a safe airline can refer to this detailed content to gain their trust on the airline’s safety measures. 

All the above points are written after evaluating the recent news, data, and customer experience of flying with the airline. Its safety track record is trustworthy to fly to any domestic or international destination. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Aer Lingus a safe airline to fly? 

Aer Lingus is completely safe to fly with recognition as World’s Top 10 airlines. 

How many accidents has Aer Lingus witnessed? 

Aer Lingus has witnessed major 4-5 accidents. Its most infamous incident is the crash of 721 aircraft that caused the death of 61 passengers plus the staff. 

What is the reason for the Aer Lingus Flight 721 plane crash? 

Despite various investigations, there is no clear evidence of why the Aer Lingus plane crashed in 1968. The airline since then has ensured to work more towards safety standards.    
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