Does Aer Lingus Have WiFi

Aer Lingus has WiFi on the majority of its aircrafts. All A330 and the A321neoLR21 aircrafts are equipped with the internet service. The airline offers WiFi and a mobile network with good speed and connectivity. Passengers can chat, use social networking apps or browse on the flight. The price is not included in the ticket fee and the Aer Lingus internet access must be purchased additionally. 

As soon as the flight reaches 20,000 feet height or 20 minutes after the takeoff, the service is available for the passengers. Board the flight and buy the WiFi to enjoy the WiFi service while flying. Check Aer Lingus internet plans and prices in the next section. 

How Much Does Aer Lingus WiFi Cost?

How much Does Aer Lingus WiFi cost

Aer Lingus unlimited WiFi is free for business class passengers. Others need to purchase internet access as per the requirement. There are different plans for chatting and browsing. Also, Aer Lingus internet prices vary according to the number of hours. The service is available for an hour to unlimited time for the entire journey. 

As previously mentioned, Aer Lingus Airlines offers mobile network and WiFi service enabling passengers to stay connected to the outside world without any interruptions. The data packs are the same for both services. For this, it offers different data packs with speed and time limits for different usage and needs of the passengers. Check the price chart to understand how long you can use the internet and at what speed. 

Chat for One hour: This internet plan allows you to message or chat with your near and dear ones. It costs $2.99 to avail of this pack. 

Unlimited Chat: Pay $6.99 to continue the chat throughout the journey. You can chat on all messaging apps using Aer Lingus WiFi.  

Browsing: More Data, More Benefits. With this pack costing 16.49 dollars, buy access to browse, mail, or stay updated using any social media app.

Entire Journey Data Plans: This is the ultimate plan for 24.99 dollars offering you the net speed enough to browse, mail, shop, and other similar purposes.

These prices with the benefits included with each will be reflected on your screen when you will purchase the WiFi. Determine the purpose and for how long you want to use the internet service and pay the prices as per your usage.

How To Buy Aer Lingus WiFi?

Aer Lingus passengers can buy the WiFi after boarding the flight. The cabin crew is there to guide you if any confusion occurs. However, the steps to buy WiFi are really easy. When you connect to the onboard network, it will offer an option to buy the service. You can select any of the preferred data packs and pay accordingly. 

How To Connect To Aer Lingus WiFi?

How To Connect To Aer Lingus WiFi

Aer_Lingus_WiFi will be the name visible in the available networks list. Connect to buy or enjoy the internet connectivity on the flight. Follow these few steps to connect to Aer Lingus WiFi. 

  1. Switch on the Aeroplane mode.
  2. Next, Enable the WiFi router and keep the settings to find the network automatically. 
  3. The network available on the flight will be reflected on your personal device’s screen. 
  4. Select Aer_Lingus_WiFi and connect to the internet.
  5. It will redirect to the online portal of the airline. 
  6. Choose the internet plan you want to buy. 
  7. Pay accordingly

Now, you are all set to use the Aer Lingus WiFi on board. Remember to turn off the updates or any other instant automatic downloads. Also, use the data very cautiously and within the time limit you have purchased. If you are a business class passenger, then you can chat, email or browse for as long as you want with the advantage of unlimited access. 


Does Aer Lingus have WiFi? Yes, the airline offers internet connectivity on most of its flights. The European Safety Agency certifies it as a safe and secure connection. Turn on the Aeroplane mode, enable the WiFi router, and use the internet to shop, mail, chat, or simply browse the screen. The speed is not enough for downloading or streaming purposes. Yet, you will be able to engage in essential activities and stay entertained while talking to your family and friends. You will always be updated with business and work-related updates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Aer Lingus have free WiFi?

Aer Lingus business class passengers enjoy free WiFi on the majority of its flights.

How much does Aer Lingus charge for WiFi?

Aer Lingus prices range between 3.99 to 24.99 dollars. As per the total hours of usage and the speed, the cost increases.

Is there internet on all Aer Lingus aircrafts?

Aer Lingus internet is available on the majority of its aircrafts. You will find the internet on all its A330 and the A321neoLR flights. 

What devices can I connect to Aer Lingus WiFi?

Mobile phones, laptops, Tablets, and other WiFi-enabled personal devices can be connected with Aer Lingus WiFi.
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