Can I Upgrade My Aer Lingus Flight

Aer Lingus flights from the United States, Ireland, and Canada are eligible for an upgrade. Also, an email will be sent to passengers who qualify for the same. It is sent after a few days of booking, anytime, 14 days prior to the departure. 

The Upgrade Yourself option of Aer Lingus allows passengers to book vacant seats in the upper class with more benefits. You can bid the price that you wish to pay for the upgrade and wait for the confirmation mail if you were allotted the seat in your desired class. Read more to understand the process and rules for Aer Lingus Upgrades. 

Aer Lingus Airline Contact Information

Airline official AddressDublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland.

Aer Lingus Upgrades Eligibility Criteria And Provisions

Aer Lingus Upgrades Eligibility Criteria and Provisions

Aer Lingus “Are You Eligible” feature on the website allows passengers to check if they qualify for an upgrade. Enter your Booking confirmation number and last name, click on the Submit button and it will show you the results. Not all flights of Aer Lingus, but those originating or landing at the United States, Canada, and Ireland are surely considered for upgrades. 

Additionally, an Email with “Upgrade yourself” will be sent to you. Bid for upgrades on Aer Lingus according to the guided steps. Upon selection, another confirmation mail will be with the amount and travel class details. The money will also be deducted only if you are selected. So, surely it is worth trying for the upgrade on Aer Lingus.

If you don’t receive an email, then chances are high that you are not eligible. Still, you must try the above-defined method and confirm if Can I upgrade my Aer Lingus flight. The final selection is on the basis of shortlisting after you send the final amount statement to the airline. Look out at some other provisions that determine the eligibility criteria for the Aer Lingus upgrade. 

1. One complete reservation including an individual or a group is only applicable for an upgrade. Splitting tickets for upgrading Aer Lingus seats is not allowed.

2. The Aer Lingus bid amount is not fixed and is unique for each ticket. 

3. Application deadline for Aer Lingus upgrade is also subject to a deadline specified in the mail which will be at least 5 days before the take-off day and date. 

4. There are a set of other criteria that decide if you are the right candidate who will receive an upgrade. 

5. The payment is deducted only after the final selection. 

Overview of Aer Lingus Airlines


Can I upgrade my Aer Lingus flight? Yes, you can upgrade the flight if you are flying on routes specified in the content above. Also, an e-mail inviting you to apply for the upgrade will also be sent to you if you will qualify for the same. Bid the price you are willing to pay for the desired travel class and wait for the results. If the price you offered along with other factors is the best suited, then Aer Lingus will send you a confirmation mail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Aer Lingus do free upgrades?

No, Aer Lingus upgrades are based on the bidding system. There are a bunch of points that it evaluates before selecting a passenger for an upgrade.

When can I apply for Aer Lingus upgrades?

Aer Lingus passengers will receive an upgrade invitation at least 14 days prior to the departure. The deadline which is a minimum of 5 days before the schedule must be strict to apply for the upgrade.

Who is Eligible for upgrading on Aer Lingus?

Aer Lingus passengers who are flying on routes in the United States, Ireland, and Canada are allowed a seat upgrade.

How do I check if I can upgrade my Aer Lingus flight?

Aer Lingus passengers can check if they can upgrade their Aer Lingus flights by entering their flight details like the booking confirmation number and the last name in the Are You Eligible section on the official portal. 
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