How Much To Bid For Aer Lingus Upgrade?

Aer Lingus’ bidding amount is specific to each flight and travel class. A range of maximum to a minimum is mentioned in the Upgrade Yourself invitation mail. Price is inclusive of taxes. Choose what suits your budget and enter additional details to apply for Aer Lingus upgrades. 

The passengers flying on routes between the United States, Canada, and Ireland are eligible for Aer Lingus upgrades. You will receive a notification soon after your booking is confirmed. If it takes time, it is generally updated 14 days before departure. So keep refreshing your mailing list if you are flying from any of these three regions. 

How Much Does It Cost To Update Aer Lingus Seat?

How Much Does It Cost To Update Aer Lingus Seat

The price for how much to upgrade to business class Aer Lingus depends on the flight type, destination, and travel class. The range for your flight type will be mentioned in the upgrade application form. You can recharge the value, even after filling it once. 

Aer Lingus is rated as a good airline. Its bidding system is simple and does not charge any fee until the final selection. Follow the steps to fill out the Aer Lingus upgrade form that you will receive via email. After that wait for the message informing if you are selected or not. Congratulations on your selection, if you like to go ahead with the upgrade, then confirm it and the money will be deducted. The Aer Lingus upgrades are made via credit and debit cards. 

In case, you are no longer interested to upgrade your flight seat to business class, then simply inform the concerned staff about the same. The procedure will be nullified immediately. 

Aer Lingus State and Region-Specific Charges and Rules 

The exact prices for how much to bid for Aer Lingus upgrade is different for each flight, destination, and cabin. An approximation for the highest to lowest range is given to the passengers. A gauge will indicate if your bid is strong enough or not to win an upgrade on Aer Lingus business class.

The airline does not charge any additional fee for the upgrade. Also, the amount specified is inclusive of taxes. Early disclaimer, the US Legislation charges additional Air passengers based on the travel class. 

Aer Lingus Airline Contact Details

Airline official AddressDublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland.


Aer Lingus is an Ireland airline that flies to various places across the globe. The upgrade is available for passengers who are flying from a few specified places. You will receive a mail with a link, a range determining the highest and the lowest price will be given. Enter the amount that is best suited to your budget requirements. Depending on the flight, destination, and travel class the value for how much bid for Aer Lingus upgrade differs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do you want to upgrade to business class Aer Lingus?

Aer Lingus upgrades price is subject to destination, travel class, and flight.

Do Aer Lingus upgrades get cheaper closer to the flight?

Aer Lingus upgrades are different for each flight. There is a minimum to maximum price range specified, choose any value between this.

Who can apply for the Aer Lingus business upgrade system?

Passengers who are eligible for an Aer Lingus refund will receive an email. After that, they can bid the desired value for the business class.

Is Aer Lingus business class upgrade possible for domestic flights?

Aer Lingus business upgrades are not applicable for all flights. Those flying from the United States, Ireland, and Canada are valid for an upgrade.
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