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Aer Lingus Airlines is at Terminal B or Tom Bradley of Los Angeles Airport. Call on (800) 474-7424 to connect with the terminal staff. This is the primary International airport in Los Angeles serving the passengers of the city and nearby areas. 

Aer Lingus is a renowned airline that flies to various national and international locations. Flying to or from Los Angeles, it uses LAX Airport. Find all the information about its services at this airport. 

Detailed Review of Aer Lingus LAX Terminal Services

The LAX Terminal has nine terminals, 1, 3,4,5,6,7,8, and Tom Bradley. Instead of the 2nd, there is Terminal B which is a hub for international airlines. Aer Lingus also uses this terminal. It has dedicated places for all the shops, restaurants and other stores at the Great Hall. When visiting this terminal to board your Aer Lingus flight, you can also buy the food, snacks or products from these stores.  

On the other hand, Aer Lingus also offers all its services at terminal B. Its ticket counters, check-in zones, baggage and other facilities are here. These are located on Five different levels of the LAX terminal. The numbering goes as 1,3,4,5, and 6. The Number 2 is not used for the terminal levels also. Scroll down to find the exact location for Aer Lingus terminal services. 

Aer LingusEITBIT (Terminal B)
AeroflotSUTBIT (Terminal B)
Aeromexico (Check-in at Terminal 3 – will be bused to Terminal B – Arrivals at Terminal B)AMTerminal 3
Air CanadaACTerminal 6

Aer Lingus Departures and Arrivals 

The departing and arriving aircrafts of Aer LIngus operates from Terminal B of the Los Angeles Airport. Passengers can board the flight from level 4 after printing  a boarding pass and submitting their checked bags at the counter. 

Aer Lingus Baggage Counter at LAX Terminal

Aer Lingus Baggage Counter at LAX Terminal

The Aer Lingus passengers can drop their bags at Level 1 of Tom Bradley terminal. It is important to pack the bags as per the airline’s guidelines. Else, you are asked to remove the harmful or items that can leak during the screening process. It wastes a lot of time along with the money loss for the items thrown at the airport. Also, seal the products tightly to avoid any damage. 

Aer Lingus Check-In 

Aer Lingus Check-In 

The check counter is located at Level 3 of Aer Lingus LAX terminal. There are kiosks that passengers can operate on their own and print the boarding pass. For this, make sure to log in with your Aer Lingus credentials like the booking confirmation number, and name. The screen will reflect all the booking details, confirm those, and finally click on print command to get a hard copy of the boarding pass. 

Restaurants at LAX Tom Bradley Terminal 

The Tom Bradley terminal has a variety of eateries or restaurants located at Level 5. Aer Lingus passengers can wait here before the departure time and enjoy some snacks and beverages from their favorite stores. An entire list of the shops and stores is also available on the Airport website and map. 

FlyAway Bus Service at Los Angeles International Airport 

The FlyAway Bus service is a paid transit system at LAX airport that drives anywhere within the premises. Also, it offers rides to two additional locations, Van Nuys and LA Union Station. Online bookings are also available via mobile application and website. American or Discover credit/ debit cards, Visa, Master cards are accepted for payments at the offline ticket booth. No cash payments are permitted. It is advised to check the bus schedule and pre book a seat as it is over occupied during peak seasons. 

Parking Service for Aer Lingus LAX Terminal 

The Aer Lingus terminal LAX has a connected parking area. Passengers can park their vehicles and catch the FlyAway bus to reach the terminal and finish all the necessary formalities. On the Tom Bradley terminal, there are escalators present for smooth movement from one level to another to reach the boarding gateway on time. 

Sum Up!

All information has been summarized about what terminal is Aer Lingus at LAX. Individuals with upcoming flights can refer to this content to find their respective terminals and services located at different airports. Here, for Aer Lingus passengers all services related to the Terminal B or Tom Bradley have been provided above. Reach early at the check-in counter, finish the formalities and board the plane. 

Aer Lingus Lax Terminal (FAQs)

What terminal is Aer Lingus at Los Angeles International Airport

The Terminal B or Tom Bradley is used by Aer Lingus airlines at LAX.

What are West Gates at TBIT or LAX terminal B?

The West Gates of Tom Bradley airport are beautifully built, modern doors with advanced features and facilities.

Does Aer Lingus fly international routes from Los Angeles?

Yes, AerLingus direct flights to various international destinations from Los Angeles airport.
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