Does Aeromexico Have 24 Hours Cancellation

Yes, Aeromexico have 24 hours cancellation policy. Last minute plan changes are already messy,to top all of that the flight cancellations can be confusing and hectic. Aeromexico understands your concern and has laid down a detailed crisp policy promising loyalty to its customers. 

Passengers can cancel flights on Aeromexico within 24 hours with zero fine charged. 

What is Aeromexico 24 Hour Flight Cancellation Policy? 

Aeromexico 24 Hour Flight Cancellation Policy

24 hours Policy  requires compliance of two conditions combined that qualify individuals to cancel the flight free of cost. 

  The 24 Hours and 7 Day Policy 

24 Hours Duration?

Note the exact time of booking confirmation and count 24 hours post the booking. Canceling the flight within these 24 hours is applicable for the zero cost charged cancelation policy. 

 7 Days?

Adding to this is the term that the tickets must be canceled 7 days before the departure. 

The 24 hours and 7 day policy combined makes you eligible for ticket booking. Precisely, any flight canceled within 24 hours of booking that had 7 days or more left for departure time are applicable for free cancellation. 

There are restrictions that do not qualify certain passengers for the 24 hour cancellation policy.  Such passengers are excluded from the 24 hours policy. 

Who Can Not Cancel Aeromexico Reservation for Free within 24 Hours

Certain tickets do not qualify for Aeromexico 24 hours cancellation policy. Check who doesn’t qualify for a 24 hours cancellation policy.

  • Basic fare tickets are not eligible for ticket cancellation, neither will there be any refunds. 
  • Tickets purchased through the premier points are also excluded from the ticket cancelation policy, despite passing the above 24 hours and 7 day policy. 
  • Passengers who neither canceled the reservation nor were present at the time of check-in are not eligible for refund.


Tickets can be bought online or from offline ticket counters. Aeromexico offers an array of premium services and seatings. These services keep getting more and more premium as the fare type goes higher. It ensures every extra penny spent on their tickets is worth it.  Indeed, for premium seatings there are selective aircrafts that are state of the art and reduce jet lags and air travel issues. 

Passengers can book from basic to the premium versions. While it is important to remember that the basic seat does not have a 24 hours cancellation policy

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