Is Aeromexico a Good Airline to Fly?

Are you considering Aeromexico Airlines to board the flight to your planned destination? If yes, as an informed consumer you must be cautious to confirm if Aeromexico is a good airline to fly. Match the services provided by Aeromexico airlines with your expectations to determine whether it is good or not.

The services offered by Aeromexico Airlines are designed considering the needs of the consumers. Read Aeromexico Airlines’ services and decide yourself if Aeromexico is a good airline to fly.

What are the Services Offered by Aeromexico Airline?

According to Skytrax, Aeromexico is a 3 star airline. Passengers who have flown with Aeromexico have mixed reviews about the airline. While some appreciate the airline, others were not satisfied with the customer service. Such differences always occur due to different expectations of the passengers. In total, it can be promised as a great airline to fly with and experience seamless travel. Here are 12 irresistible features  that are convincing enough that Aeromexico is a good airline.

Standard Free Services 

  •  360 degree service: Aeromexico Airlines’ staff assists from the very beginning of reserving the seat to any help required post off boarding the plane in terms of baggage, security, etc.
  • The True comfort : Experience the luxury of comfort at affordable rates with thousands of seating options to choose from. Its Boeing 787-9 is state of the art reducing the impact of jet lags, humidity and providing quiet cabins. 
  • Free food and beverages: Delicious food with irresistible beverages are served absolutely free of cost. Moreover, these meals are cooked by renowned chefs. 
  • Guaranteed Entertainment: Message even with flight mode on with the Wifi service provided by the world’s fastest internet-providing airlines. To top it all, watch movies, and series to keep yourself away from boredom. You can also switch to magazines as a medium of your entertainment.
  • Fly with your pet: You can fly with your pet in the flight by reserving a space under the emotional support animal category. You are required to submit the documents 72 hours before the flight and your pet will accompany you on your trip.
  • Zero rebooking charges: Change of Plan? The airlines’ policy makers understand your reasons and give a free rebooking option for the first-time change. It is for both domestic and International routes. Also, it covers all seating options excluding the basic fare type seating.
  • Involuntary cancellations:Claim complete refund or rebooking facility for the trips that were canceled due to any emergency or government orders. Either rebook the new scheduled flight or simply cancel and demand your refund.
  • Cancel and pay nothing: Zero charge will be levied if you cancel your flight 24 hours prior to the departure with 7 days or more left for departure.
  • Digital Check-in: While online bookings are very common these days. Aeromexico has gone a mile ahead and has rolled out a touchless digital check-in that will be completed online. It does not involve any formalities at the airport and makes boarding a flight easy and less time consuming. It even works for connected Delta and Aeromexico flights.

Special Services 

Passengers boarding with special requirements can avail the exclusive services catering to them. 

  • Unaccompanied minors or senior citizens are accompanied and assisted by the staff until the guardians or caretakers arrive to receive them. There are special playrooms for the minors for their entertainment during the waiting hours.
  • Unaccompanied or accompanied passengers suffering from health issues or pregnant ladies receive every required assistance from the staff.

Assured Medical Supplies 

The medical requirements such as oxygen supply, wheelchairs, emergency kit, and oxygen cylinders are all set up by the airlines to assist the passenger during their journey. 

Other medical appliances such as incubators and stretches can be pre submitted for the staff to supply in case of requirement. 

Specially cooked with care!

In case your food requires to be cooked as per medical prescription, airlines’ chefs cook it as per the documents submitted by you.

Ease of Enquiry

To avail any of the services and solve queries, one can make a call, visit online, email the query  or directly enquire at the physical counters. 

Happy Journey 

Aeromexico has a safe track record with minimum of accidents. The passenger feedback and good reviews also determine the quality of services offered by Aeromexico. Those planning to book tickets from Aeromexico can use various online and offline ways. On arriving at the airport, complete check-in through kiosks. 

Even better is to use the Aeromexico digital check-in that ensures a touchless boarding process. It is a recently launched new feature. The airline keeps working to add more services and improve the quality of the existing ones. 

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