What is Digital Check-in For Aeromexico

Let’s Explore ‘What is Digital Check-in For Aeromexico?’ Digital Check-in for Aeromexico is a touchless check-in process introduced recently. It is a collaborative effort by two airlines, Delta and Aeromexico. Both are members of the Sky Alliance.  

This new technology is introduced in order to ensure a less time-consuming process with zero involvement with the staff and long waiting lines. 

Aeromexico already rolled out this feature for its customers. Later this Delta Airlines followed the same path. The Digital Check-in process of the Aeromexico airlines can be completed on the phone or other electronic devices. 

The ease increases surely. Importantly, the COVID virus has made such a seamless procedure to be added for the passengers as a necessity. It avoids contamination and assures a safe and healthy journey.

Aeromexico has been dedicatedly working since the wake of the pandemic. Although it has relaxed protocols regarding the COVID mandates, it still abides by local authorities regulations for compulsory COVID vaccination and testing

What are Features of Digital Check-in by Aeromexico?

What are Features of Digital Check-in by Aeromexico

Coming back to the Digital Check-in offered by Aeromexico. It is a digital platform, accessible from the comfort of home. It is developed using the Skyteam technology. It is a technology used by the Sky Alliance members to digitize the process for connecting flights and their related procedure.

Currently, Delta and the Aeromexico Airlines are using it by offering digital check-ins. If a destination is covered by connecting flights of these two respective airlines, then the passenger can check-in for both of them from the same platform without the hassle of separate procedures at the airport. 

To use the digital check-in passengers must download the mobile applications and follow the mentioned steps to complete the check-in process before arriving at the airport.

Benefits of using the Digital check-in are that the luggage check-ins, seat selections and other formalities are confirmed simultaneously. If any additional service is required, passengers can scan the boarding pass at Kiosks and add the preferred service. 

There are still offline ways to download the boarding pass and check-in. It is easiest and the most relaxing as it is very fast and needs no early arrivals at the airport. Passengers who are getting late can finish the process while reaching the airport to catch the flight. Remember though that there is a time limit for check-in procedures in Aeromexico.

Just download the app or visit the site for web check-in or mobile check-in. The booking information like the reservation number and the last name of the flying passenger will be required. Detailed steps are written in the above-linked article. 

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