Is Premium Economy Worth It Air Canada

The flag carrier of Canada is also one of the world’s largest Airlines offering a beneficial range of classes, providing top-notch services and comfort to the passengers. The airline is committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and efficient travel experience to its passengers. So, if you are wondering, Is Air Canada premium economy worth it? It is worth it, given the benefits it provides. 

How Is Premium Economy Compared To Business Class?

Although business class is an upgraded form of premium economy, it’s still a better and comfortable alternative to business class, it’s better than economy, and lower at cost than business class. If you are looking for beneficial features such as priority boarding, two checked bags, comfortable seats, and more comfort, then premium economy is worth it. 

The difference between premium economy and business class is that premium economy doesn’t include lounge access while the business class does. 

Premium Economy Benefits, Air Canada

To further, back the answer of is Air Canada premium economy worth it? We’ll talk about some of the benefits of the premium economy. 

  • Air Canada provides a variety of delicious food which is better in quality than the food provided to the basic economy. North American flight passengers can have access to cold meals while the international passengers can have access to a three-course meal. 
  • While the premium economy doesn’t offer expensive wines to its passengers, it does provide them with other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. However, if the passenger wishes to drink wine in the flight, s/he can order the same. 
  • Premium economy seats are specifically designed for providing extra comfort to the passengers including adjustable headrests, footrests, additional legroom, wider seat pitch and lumbar support.
  • Passengers can enjoy extended entertainment options provided by the airlines with additional comfort. International passengers can have access to amenity kits, cleancare kits, etc. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, is premium economy worth it Air Canada, we have mentioned some of the benefits that will benefit the travel journey of the passengers. You can have a look at the mentioned information and choose your desired class for travelling to different destinations. 

Is Premium Economy Worth It Air Canada (FAQs)

Does premium economy allow priority boarding?

Yes, premium economy passengers of Air Canada are allowed for priority boarding, easy check-ins, and to carry two free checked bags.

 Are the premium economy seats more spacious?

Yes, the premium economy seats are more spacious than the basic economy seats. The seats provide additional legroom, wider seat pitch, and headrest as well. 

Is it worth paying for premium economy?

Yes, paying for premium economy is worth every penny spent, as it provides additional benefits to enhance the travel experience of the passengers. 

Can you sleep in Premium Economy?

Although premium economy seats don’t have lie-flat seats, it still has enough space for the passengers to sleep. It has adjustable leg rests, arm rests, and additional features such as upgraded bedding and noise-cancelling headphones. 
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