Can You Buy WiFi on Air Canada?

After you settle in the plane and it takes off, you can buy WiFi on Air Canada. The prices vary on ground and when flying in the sky. However, the opportunity to buy the internet services still remains. 

Since the WiFi is not included in the fare price, it is an additional service. The prices begin from 6.50 Canadian dollars. Air Canada offers various packs starting from an hour to a monthly plan. 

Frequent flyers can buy the monthly plan while the long haul flights passengers can opt for the one day plan for 19 CAD. The exact cost of how much the Air Canada WiFi costs depends on a few factors. The pricing list will be reflected while buying. Choose the best offer suitable. 

Air Canada various ways to buy WiFi on Air Canada. The process for the online ways is the same and for offline, passengers need to request the airline staff at counters. When using Kiosks, log in and confirm details to add and get WiFi on Air Canada. 

How To Buy WiFi on Air Canada? 

The purchase of the WiFi on Air Canada via website or mobile application is defined in points.

  • Visit the Air Canada website or open the mobile application. 
  • Click on the Book tab and enter the to and from location.
  • The list of flights will appear with ‘WiFi available or not written’.
  • Select the flight with internet connection and pay for the charges as the per pack required.
  • Air Canada lists three major packs, select one and pay the charges with the ticket fee.

How to Get Air Canada WiFi in Flight? 

The charges will be more for buying the WiFi after settling in the flight. The cost will depend upon the type of aircraft and the speed required. Air Canada offers 9.6 mbps speed. Too many passengers using at the same time lowers the speed. Buying a higher priced internet plan will give a higher and better speed.

Follow the steps if you did not purchase the WiFi before boarding the plane.

  • Enable the WiFi mode.
  • The WiFi will automatically search for and present the available networks list.
  • Select the “ACWiFi” or the ‘RougeWiFi’.
  • Upon selecting either of the two networks available, a new link will open in the browser.
  • There will be plans to buy. Choose one as per your needs and pay for the same.

After purchasing the access to use the WiFi will be given to your device. Each passenger can connect WiFi to one device only.

To get WiFi connectivity on another device, the previous device needs to be disconnected. 

Charging portals are beside every seat to keep the device battery full. Air Canada also offers a news reading app complimentary. There are more than 7000 magazines and papers to keep you updated with the outer world.

More Options of Entertainment in Air Canada 

Firstly, customers can easily get Air Canada WiFi when flying. Almost all aircrafts of Air Canada do have WiFi. Only a select few that do not have yet the access to internet connection. The price will always vary based on the usage, total distance and type of aircraft.  

People buy WiFi for entertainment and work purposes. Working and business passengers might stay busy in their work. But those traveling and are on fun trips can also use the TV screen to keep the entertainment going. Tv shows, music, audios, and videos are installed in the TV and are best for long flight passengers. 

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