How Much to Upgrade to Premium Economy Air Canada

Air Canada, being one of the largest airlines in operation, was founded in 1937 and is based in Montreal, Quebec. The airline is also a founding member of Star Alliance, the largest airline alliance in the world. 

Being the flag carrier of Canada, the airline offers a wide range of classes to its passengers including, economy, premium economy, business, and signature class, with each class providing a different level of comfort and services. 

Air Canada focuses more on giving efficient travel experiences to its passengers than just profiting themselves out of our pockets. In addition to that, the airline focuses on effectiveness and sustainability. 

Let’s read out further to know how much to upgrade to premium economy Air Canada?

About Premium Economy

Air Canada allow to upgrade seat from economy to premium economy in less time than you think, while allowing more benefits than you think, providing an exceptional economy travel experience. 

How Much to Upgrade to Premium Economy Air Canada?

Features of premium economy 

  • Premium economy seats are larger in comparison to economy class, thus providing more space and comfort. 
  • Premium economy seats are designed with a 38 inches seat pitch, thus providing ample space to stretch out. 
  • Premium economy consists of a generation entertainment system, with an attached personal touch screen television.

Advantages of premium economy 

  • Access to a complimentary earbud headset.
  • Access to single pin audio jack for personal headset.
  • A USB port for charging your devices and in-seat power with each seat. 
  • Two free checked bags instead of one, priority boarding and easy check-in.
  • Adjustable headrests, blankets, pillows, cleancare kit, and amenity kit {if flying internationally}.

How much to Upgrade to Premium Economy?

The exact price of premium economy seats provided by Air Canada cannot be assumed as it entirely depends upon where you are travelling to and from. Certainly, the premium economy seats for domestic travelers will cost less than the premium economy seats for international travelers. 

Also, considering the benefits attached with the premium economy seats, you can get them for a friction of price. Whether you are looking for a spacious legroom or want to streamline your time, Air Canada allows you to do so by upgrading your class to premium economy. 

Nevertheless, the passengers can expect to pay at least 30% more than they paid on their economy class tickets. 


Getting premium economy seats with Air Canada is an absolute bang for the buck. You can get easy access to In-flight amenities, larger and spacious seats, in-flight meals and beverages and so much more. Priority boarding, two checked-baggage allowance, and easy check-in make premium economy tickets worth every penny. 


What amenities are included with Air Canada premium economy?

Wider and spacious seats, extended legroom, complimentary meals and beverages, personal headset, on demand entertainment and priority boarding are some of the benefits included with Air Canada Premium Economy, which is worth every penny.

Can we get lounge access with Premium Economy Tickets?

No, Air Canada doesn’t give its passengers access to lounges at the airport with premium economy seats. However, the passengers who are Aeroplan Elite Members can have access to all the lounges, no matter what class they are flying in. 

Does premium economy class serve food?

Yes, food is served to all the passengers flying in premium economy. 

How many checked bags do we get with premium economy Air Canada?

Passengers are allowed to carry two checked bags with premium economy Air Canada. Passengers who are Aeroplan Elite members can carry three checked bags for free. 
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