How to Check in Air Canada

Air Canada offers various offline and online mediums to check in and board the flight. Air Canada new Electronic Vouchers enable a paperless check-in and boarding process. Upon completing the check-in online, the boarding pass is sent via mail or message. Hence, there is no need to visit the Airport office and stand in long check-in lines. 

Yet, the offline ticket counters are still available for the check-in. There are many group  and special assistance check-in formalities that can not be finished online. Also, there are self-serve Kiosks that distribute the stress of lines in front of the ticket counters. Irrespective of the way you use, remember to finish the check-in process within time.  Else you won’t be able to board the flight without the boarding pass. 

Continue reading to understand how can you Check in online and offline for Air Canada using the various methods.

Four Ways to Check-In For Air Canada?

There are primarily four ways to check-in for Air Canada airlines. All these are sub categories within the offline and online method. Two methods are dedicated for each medium respectively. Firstly, let’s check some easy and more convenient methods on how to check-in Air Canada online

Air Canada Online Check-In

Firstly let’s discuss the various methods and steps to learn how to check in online for Air Canada. 

The online process has two methods that are popularly termed as Mobile Check-in. Passengers who will be flying soon use any of the preferred mediums.

Website Check-in

Air Canada website check-in is a few steps that can be completed without leaving the comfort of home. 

  • Type or directly visit the website link. 
  • Navigate the Manage my Bookings section and click on it.
  • A new page with a Log in section will appear.
  • Enter the last name and booking reference number. Aeroplan numbers can also be used for log in. 
  • After logging, the details of the upcoming flight with options to make changes and check-in will display on the screen. 
  • Select the check-in option. 
  • Follow the instructions and finally add a number of checked bags to finish the required formalities.

Mobile App Check-in

The following steps guide on how to check-in on the Air Canada app

  • Download the mobile application of Air Canada from the Play store.
  • Visit the Manage Booking section and Log in with the last name and identity number.  (Identity number refers to Aeroplan number or the booking reference) 
  • Select the check-in option and follow the steps that will reflect on the screen. 
  • If carrying any bags, enter the number of checked bags and finish the process. 

Electronic Pass: (Enter the email address or mobile number  to receive Electronic pass on mobile or personal devices)

Air Canada Offline Check-in

Kiosks is a self serve check-in facility and the airport office is the age old method to check-in offline. Read steps below for offline check-ins for Air Canada.


Kiosks are self- service boots deployed at the airport to complete the check-in process, and tag the checked bags. Group reservations and  a few other categories not eligible check-in can use the Kiosks for a faster offline check-in. 

  • Visit the Kiosk. (There are more than one kiosk located at each airport.)
  • Log in with the identity numbers like booking reference and last name.
  • After logging in, choose check-in as an option.
  • Next follow the steps in order to finish the required procedure.
  • Also, add the checked bags and any additional service if required.
  • After selecting all the services, confirm the details visible on the screen.
  • This will finalize the check-in process.

Also, passengers can scan their tickets to obtain a tag for their checked bags. Otherwise, the kiosk even prints the boarding pass, so let’s look at how to print a boarding pass for Air Canada.

Airport Ticket Counter

Ticket counters are the age old method for check-in. Everyone is familiar with the associated steps required for the same. Passengers who require special assistance and need to discuss and add the services can rely on this method. 

  • Visit the ticket counter. 
  • Inform the staff about the scheduled flight and the booking details.
  • The staff on your behalf will complete all the steps.
  • You can also detail them about additional services, checked bags, and any preferred seat to be added in the last steps of the check-in.
  • The staff shall hand over the pass after the process is finished.

Final Steps

After following the guide on how to check-in Air Canada, you will be able to quickly finish the rest of the immigration and security formalities at the airport.

To board the plane, remember to carry the boarding pass. The boarding pass can be downloaded after online and offline check-in. Electronic vouchers come with a scan and do not need to be downloaded. Rest other passengers must download and print the pass.

Each method has its own steps to get the boarding pass. Follow those steps, download the pass and leave the checked bag at baggage drop off. After all this you will be able to board the plane and enjoy the journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check-in Air Canada 1 hour before the Departure?

The chances are almost nil that you will be to complete your check-in Air Canada one hour prior to take off and board the plane. The check-in is closed 60-90 minutes prior to the schedule of departure.

How To check-in Air Canada for infants? 

Bookings for infants 2 or lesser can not be checked-in online. Such reservations are termed as exceptions and are only allowed to check-in offline at the airport.

What will happen if I don’t finish the check-in on time?

Late passengers won’t be able to access the check-in if the deadline is over. Else, you can be denied entry in the plane if you are unable to finish the Air Canada check-in.

Can I check in online for Air Canada?

If your the service is eligible for the airport and your booking then you can check in online for Air Canada.

How to check in online Air Canada for group reservations?

Online check-in is not available on Air Canada website for the group reservations.
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